Bridal Earrings – What Earring Design to Wear on Your Wedding Day?

Bridal Earrings

Women should never go without earrings. Passing up on them is an opportunity missed.” When the nonpareil style diva, Jennifer Lopez, says this, there is not much left to question. Earrings are style enhancers and can transform any look from drab to dazzling without much effort. For a bride, adorning a pair of statement, eye-catching earrings is almost vital – they can magnificently pull her entire look together. The right pair accentuates your jawline, highlighting your prominent facial features and making you look like the ravishing, million-dollar bride you are meant to be!

Whether you are a classic, conformist, or bold bride, there is a perfect earring design for every preference. Let’s decode the most popular earring choices that are out there for modern-day brides.

Different Bridal Earring Silhouettes

DROPS: These earrings ‘drop’ just below the earlobes, giving the appearance of extended studs. Drop earrings come in many shapes, ranging from vintage-inspired teardrops to glitzy chandeliers.

EAR CUFFS: If you wish to make a bold, unconventional statement with your bridal accessories, then do not miss out on the ear cuffs; they frame the outer edge of your ear, as opposed to the earlobe. They are trendy and do not require ear piercing. Additionally, pair them with your regular earrings for an explicit bohemian vibe.

HOOPS: Much like a hoop itself, hoop earrings are circular in shape. It appears as if a circle has passed through your earlobe.

TASSELS: Tassel earrings contain many strands of metal or gemstones, which are free-flowing at one end, and come together at the earlobe. Ultra-glamorous, they are a celebrity favorite for their red-carpet looks.

HUGGIES: Again, the clue is in the name. These small metal hoops come close to the earlobe and give the appearance of hugging the ear! A superb choice for a minimalist bride.

J HOOPS: Another variant of the hoop, J hoops do not go all the way round to form a circle, but instead form a J shape and stop at the downward curve.

STUDS: A classic earring silhouette for brides, you can never go wrong with classy, diamond stud earrings. As they sit snugly on the earlobe, they might be small in size but never not noteworthy. Fastened using a screw behind the ear, they don’t move once set in place.  
EAR CLIMBERS: These are an extension of stud earrings. They fasten themselves like studs but then climb up the earlobe to create a more dramatic impact.

Since no two brides are the same, their jewelry choices are also as distinct. Popularity-wise, however, a few designs score over others. For brides who like to make a statement, opulent drop earrings with a bit of flair and drama have always been in vogue. An extension of drop earrings is chandelier earrings, mainstream for OTT brides who want their earrings to capture as much attention as their outfit. At the other end of the spectrum, stud earrings are popular among understated and classic brides. A simple pair of pearl or diamond studs is gorgeous in a conventional sense. It lets the wedding gown stand out and leaves scope for further accessorizing – with a statement neckpiece or a tiara. Of all silhouettes, choose the one that resonates the most with your natural style – or even if experimenting, stay closer to your authentic self. Deviating too widely on such a significant day is not a great idea, lest you go absolutely wrong with your choice.

These 14k white gold earrings with graduating diamonds in a linear drop design ensure you’re the cynosure of all eyes on your wedding day!

This design never grows old! A pair of diamond halo stud earrings set in 14k white gold is delicate and goes with almost every bridal gown imaginable.

Should the Bridal Earrings Match the Wedding Outfit or Wedding Ring?

Most modern brides prefer to keep their bridal jewelry palette eclectic rather than picking pieces from the same set. If you’re not confident about styling or carrying off distinctive styles, stick to a harmonious selection of earrings, a necklace, and maybe a tiara. But if breaking norms is your intrinsic personality, then why be mundane? Go all out. We suggest matching your bridal earrings with your wedding gown. And if you plan to wear a delicate necklace, then ensure that all three synchronize. Let the wedding and engagement ring stand out and not be overshadowed by any other aspect. After all, they are the sentimental high points of the entire occasion; why overshadow them with the rest of the look?

This versatile pair of 14k white gold hoop earrings is ideal for the bride with luxurious, refined tastes. Featuring diamonds inside out, it effortlessly complements most other jewelry pieces. 

Pull out all the stops with this gorgeous pair of bridal earrings, perfect for the confident, flamboyant bride. It boasts 3.30 carats of emerald cut diamonds, running down 18k white gold wide hoops. The detailing on the inside is equally exquisite.

Do Bridal Earrings Always Have to Have Diamonds?

Diamonds, glamour, and glitz go hand-in-hand. And for the D -day, which bride does not want to glimmer head-to-toe in radiant class and shimmering beauty. This makes diamonds, undoubtedly, the most precious and coveted gemstones to feature in bridal earrings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear anything else at all. Pearl earrings are a very sought-after choice among brides; it is said that wearing pearls on your wedding day brings joy to the rest of your marital journey. Not only do pearls radiate a certain exclusivity, regal charm, and elegance, but they also beautifully accentuate the tranquility of the white wedding gown. Another striking choice is to wear earrings crafted in gold and platinum with no gemstones at all and let the metal enthrall with its simplicity.

Bask in yellow gold’s soft, ethereal glow with these wide hoop earrings, which sport just a hint of diamond glitter around the edges. Set in 14k yellow gold, these are perfect for the bride who wants to keep it subtle but elegant.

Can Bridal Earrings Feature Gemstones?

Absolutely! Bridal earrings can and should feature gemstones. Most brides wear white, so a tiny bit of color is always welcome on the wedding day. Envision a bride wearing a flared wedding gown in white with sparkling ruby earrings catching fancy even from a distance. Splendid and classy, right? For a royal undertone, pick sapphire earrings, and for a more red-carpet, celebrity visual, emerald earrings are a fantastic choice. You can also use semi-precious stones like aquamarines for an ethereal, subdued look without breaking the bank.

How To Style My Bridal Earrings Well into My Post Wedding Life?

Sustainability is the watchword for fashion choices these days; plan your bridal wardrobe keeping it in mind. Wearing your wedding gown again may sound like a cumbersome idea, but trust us, you will be rearing to wear your bridal jewelry pieces well into your post-wedding life. If your earrings are large and flashy, they are best suited for an occasion or party wear. Whether it’s a friend’s wedding, an evening out with friends, or a formal black-tie dinner, style bigger earrings with cocktail dresses, evening gowns, or with a pair of smart trousers and a blazer. Keep the clothes sleek and minimalistic to focus on your earrings. Studs and smaller hoops are wonderful keepsakes. Not only can you quickly transform your day-to-evening look with them, but they are effortless with most outfits. Lastly, buy a pair of earrings you would like to keep or pass on as an heirloom piece.

These 18k white gold stud earrings cascade into a linear geometric structure, making them ideal for the Gen Z bride who resists no unfamiliar terrains.

Another set of earrings to covet are these 14k yellow gold linear diamond station studs. They’re so delicate and feather-like in their appearance, perfect for the gracefully bride.

Which Are the Most Iconic Bridal Earrings Worn by Our Favorite Celebrities?

Grace Kelly, the Hollywood royalty, married a bonafide European prince and became the Princess of Monaco in 1956! No wonder her earrings were reflective of her royalty status. Pearl studs, flanked by two curved rows of emerald cut diamonds, and a center row of five perfect marquis cut diamonds on each earring. The effect – feminine and chic! Teardrop earrings never go out of vogue, and who knows this better than the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton? Tasteful and timeless, it balanced both the size and impact beautifully. If you look out for a bride with blinding sparkle, Kim Kardashian wore similar teardrop earrings but statement pieces with solitaires and tonnes of bling!

Wedding Earrings

If you like Grace Kelly’s curved earring silhouette and marquis-cut diamonds, look no further than this contemporary version. These earrings, encrusted with brilliant diamonds throughout, are set in 18k white gold.

For a collection of exclusive bridal earrings high on design and craftsmanship, head to Gabriel & Co. We’ve got something spectacular for every budget and personality type.

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