Bujukan Bracelets: The Perfect Accessory to Gift Yourself

When it comes to gift giving, so many of us tend to accidentally leave someone very important off the list: ourselves! Self-purchasing is one of my personal favorite ways to not only grow my jewelry collection, but also help to ensure I receive the pieces I really want.

While gifts from my friends and family are always treasured and appreciated, they don’t hold a candle to the times I’ve deliberately celebrated myself. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are the ones I’ve purchased for myself to celebrate my achievements, mark an important occasion, or even to just gift myself for absolutely no reason at all. 

Whether you’re celebrating a work promotion or just celebrating you and how amazing you are, it’s time to give yourself something special. When it comes to choosing a new gift for myself, I love the options in the Gabriel & Co. Bujukan Collection! The Bujukan collection includes earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in 14K yellow, white and pink gold. The styles are accented with diamond clusters, and are perfect for layering.

I personally love the incredible selection of bracelet options. Delicately strung on a solid 14K gold flexible spring wire, the bracelets come in 11 different sizes at one-quarter of an inch intervals to accommodate every shopper’s wrist. With added flexibility, an oval shape, and their weightlessness, the Bujukan collection is a favorite for those of us who love to stack, layer and mix and match our jewelry looks.  

I first fell in love with the Bujukan line when planning for my wedding day jewelry. I knew I wanted something gorgeous, but not over the top. I chose to finish my look with multiple beautiful Bujukan bracelets. For my wedding day, I chose a few Bujukan bracelets to create a dreamy stack that made me feel like a princess and perfectly put together.

These three bracelets were the perfect dreamy addition to our backyard elopement:

Split 14K White Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Pavé Spikes

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Pavé Diamond Connectors

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Bypass Bangle with Graduating Diamond Caps

These were the perfect pieces for my big day! This Bujukan line is also incredibly versatile. I love that these bracelets are fine jewelry that I can not only wear on a date night with my husband, but that I can also easily wear every day. One of my favorite parts of the Bujukan bracelet collection is how easy it is to create a totally new look depending on how I choose to style my stack! 

As a mom, I also love that these beautiful Bujukan bracelets can almost instantly make me feel more put together. They’re trendy while still remaining classic, are easy to mix and match, and go perfectly with a little black dress or dressed down with jeans and a great tee. 

For an everyday look, I choose some more casual options to layer, like these gold ones. These bracelets are some of my favorites to wear every day, and look great as individual bracelets or combined in a fun stack with other jewelry in my collection!

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Flower Stations

14K Yellow Gold Alternating Bujukan Bead and Plain Bar Cuff Bracelet

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Pyramid Stations

I also love that Bujukan bracelets are something many of my favorite celebrities are also wearing these days, like Vanessa Hudgens! 

Vanessa has been photographed out and about several times wearing some of the iconic Bujukan line, and has even shared photos on her Instagram of layering some of her favorite pieces!

Here are a few of her favorite go-to Bujukan bracelets that she’s been photographed wearing:

14K White Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Pavé Bars

14K White Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Pavé Stations

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Split Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Pavé Hexagon Caps

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Cluster Diamond Hexagon Stations

The Bujukan Collection is made up of so many perfect pieces to gift not only to someone special, but to yourself! From glitzy pieces that are perfect for your most important days, to casual bracelets that are easy to wear with jeans and a tee, Bujukan bracelets are the perfect addition to your own jewelry box.

While you could choose to be responsible with your money and save it, sometimes it just feels good to treat yourself. Whether you prefer simple, glam or a mixture of something in between, you’ll find a beautiful new piece you’ll cherish with the Bujukan Collection!

Gabriel & Co. creates timeless and well-made jewelry that not only stands the test of time, but makes you feel beautiful and special every time you put them on. Check out the full Bujukan line here. The options are endless for creating new and fun looks! 

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