Symbolism and Unique Features of Cross Necklaces

Cross Jewelry

The cross has been a constant symbol throughout history, whether you’re a devoted adherent of a specific religion or spiritually. The sign is quite commonly visible in our daily lives if we observe it. Be it in the movies, in church, home décor, or literature, or often worn as meaningful jewelry. The symbol of the cross serves as a source of fortitude, hope, and compassion.

That said, jewelry and cultural or religious symbols are closely related. The latter are incorporated into jewelry to enhance its visual impact and add a dimension of meaning to it. We must remember‌ that these accessories often have deep cultural connotations that vary from one culture to the next. This is important when the wearer decides why they wish to add cross jewelry to their collection.

The cross, a simple geometric shape, is one of the most popular universal symbols in the world. Widely seen in spiritual artworks and jewelry, it is a powerful and traditional shape with many design and embellishment variations. Many celebrities are spotted donning the traditional crucifix, from Vanessa Hudgens, who wore Dolce & Gabbana cross earrings to Uma Thurman’s 19th-century amethyst Riviere and cross pendant.

While it is true that everyone is free to hold individual religious and fashion opinions, it is often vital to recognize what cross jewelry entails. Let’s understand cross necklaces better, their symbolic meaning, and distinguishing features.

What Does a Cross Symbolize?

Any necklace with a Christian cross or crucifix is referred to as a cross necklace. Therefore, the focal point of this jewelry design is the cross. But have you ever considered its significance?

The cross has long been a symbol for Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Moravian, Anglican, and Lutheran Christians. It is most commonly used as a crucifix in public services. In BC (before Christ) time, the cross was widely used in ancient Babylonia before it spread to ancient Middle East cultures. It is most often aligned with the Christian faith in the crucifixion’s representation of Jesus Christ.

Wearing a cross is thought to stave off evil spirits or powers. Furthermore, a cross represents love and compassion in Christianity, and a cross necklace personifies this.

As more people developed a penchant for the sign, owing to its meaning and stylish appearance, the cross came to be widely used in jewelry, especially as a necklace pendant. The necklace has grown in popularity among fashionistas and evolved into a statement piece. While a few find this use of the cross as an aesthetic asset objectionable, others are fine with the symbol’s renewed recognition.

A Brief History of Cross Necklaces

Throughout history, women (as well as men!) have worn jewelry to beautify their appearance. However, jewelry only occasionally expresses people’s individuality beyond being an embellishment piece. Only a few designs represent the wearer’s faith, belief, and hope. And one of the torchbearers of such fashion is cross necklaces.

Although cross necklaces existed before the time of Christ, they gained momentous popularity once Christianity was established as the Roman Empire’s official religion in the second century A.D. They were worn to commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice as they symbolized the suffering following his crucifixion.

The cross is closely associated with Christianity today and is a key component of the Christian style. Cross necklaces, however, have evolved beyond religious references and become an integral part of a broader fashion statement. Since the 1980s, these necklaces have been popular in precious and fashionable jewelry, and their fetish continues to grow.

Different Crosses and Their Meanings

Although crosses on necklaces are a fashion staple, not all crosses have the same appearance. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you might wonder how these variations affect the meaning of a cross.

Keep in mind that a cross is not the same as a crucifix. A crucifix shows a picture of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross, whereas a cross is only a figure made of two line segments. Regardless of location or background, crucifixes have always symbolized the same thing.

Here, we shall discuss the significance of different crosses instead of crucifixes. Let’s concentrate on some of the most popular cross kinds frequently used in fashion necklaces.

● Latin Cross

A Latin cross, by far the most well-known type, represents Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and his passion.

● Inverted Cross

Although not a typical design, an inverted cross is primarily encountered in pop culture. In contrast to how the media portrays it as being associated with Satanism and the occult, an inverted cross is also known as St. Peter’s Cross and stands for modesty and sincerity.

● Celtic Cross

During the Middle Ages, the Celtic Cross became prominent in France, England, and Great Britain. It stood for wholesomeness, inclusivity, and unity.

● Templar Cross

The Templer Cross was mainly adorned by knights, who believed it to symbolize martyrdom. But in today’s culture, the original symbolism has mysteriously faded, leaving only the beauty and allure of the cross’s aesthetic.

● Cross with Trilobed Terminals

Typical of the Russian Orthodox Church, the cross with Trilobed Terminals stands for the Trinity—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Six Bestselling Designs of Cross Necklaces

Do you like your jewelry expressing an aspect of your personality without you having to talk about it aloud? In that case, a cross necklace is a fantastic pick for you. The cross, a universal symbol in the world, unites people of similar faith and belief. Whether the symbol aligns with your religious sentiments or finds favor with your style sensibilities, adding a stunning cross necklace to your collection is a good idea. However, consider gifting it to someone on an occasion only if you are sure of their inclination toward the symbol.

This cross-pendant necklace from the Lusso collection is an understated design, yet dazzling with class. Those who favor minimalist fashion find this cross pendant supremely attractive in its plain style and simplicity.

Purchase this magnificent 14K white gold diamond cross necklace with small diamonds from our Lusso line. This classy necklace is enhanced with subtly splendid diamonds that sparkle and shine with sophistication. Wear this necklace daily as your signature style or to occasionally amp up your glamour.

Yellow gold is classic. And nothing compares to the look of a vintage cross necklace paired with yellow gold. Add this gleaming religious icon to your regular wardrobe, uplifting your style with some glitz and glamour. This necklace stands out because of its five polished 14k yellow gold beads and the bezel-set center diamond. Wear it daily or occasionally, suiting your personal preference.  

This jewelry from the Faith collection is a gorgeous design, pairing a yellow gold chain and a diamond cross necklace. The sublime pendant features petite round-cut diamonds that add a luxurious brilliance to the jewelry piece that is hard to miss.    

Here is a simple sideway cross design as the focal point of this minimal chain necklace. This style offers effortless style and ease. A twist on the traditional pendant can be worn by itself or accessorized with multiple necklace styles. This 14K white gold necklace incorporates the pavé diamond cross into its chain. It gives the wearer a bit of asymmetry in their jewelry accessorizing rather than a standard pendant.  

Want to make a glamorous statement? Make a bold move with this bright yellow gold cross necklace adorned with beauty and brilliance. The unpretentious necklace is crafted with expertise, not to mention the retro-inspired design turns heads with its style.  


There are many variations of the cross in faith and our relationship to what the cross means to us. Numerous jewelry designs bear the cross, each depicting and evoking the sentiment behind it in its own way. There are vintage-inspired designs, antique art nouveau, art déco-era jewelry, and more. Gabriel & Co. has a collection of gorgeous cross designs reminiscent of the faith they symbolize, blended with style and charm.   

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