Cufflinks – The Subtle Men’s Accessory to Elevate Your Personality

Prince William. George Clooney. Daniel Craig. Pierce Brosnan. What do these four men have in common? While one may hail from the most prominent royal family in the world, the others are not far behind. Celebutantes or fashion icons in their own right, these high-profile celebrities have millions swooning over their dashing style quotient. From the regal walls of Buckingham Palace to the glamorous sets of Golden Globe Awards, an accessory donned popularly by most men with sophisticated elan are cufflinks.

While women have many fine jewelry styles to accessorize their look, cufflinks are one of the predominant accessories for men. A stylish pair of cufflinks is excellent for adding details to your look, reflecting impeccable grooming. An effortless adornment piece, cufflinks are easy to style and wear, letting you live your James Bond moment. For men with great style and refined class oozing through every bit of their persona, this accessory shall be integral to your debonair disposition.

Men's Cufflinks

As per historians, the first evidentiary cufflinks originated during the medieval ages, made of cloth or leather strings. However, it wasn’t until the 1600s that gold or silver button-clad tiny chains became a style craze, whereby the button was sifted through the cuff’s hole to secure them. An accepted prototype of cufflinks, during the privileged Victorian era or the 18th century, these accessories became the quintessential piece of a besuited man’s ensemble. Over time, their designs evolved to consist of an array of valuable gemstones, metals, fabrics, and intricate artistry influenced by the Art Deco and Renaissance periods.

Earlier, only the wealthy and affluent would support cufflinks on their attires, but the onset of the Industrial Revolution helped narrow this gap. Less fancy and economical cufflinks received wide acceptance amongst the community for their functionality. They swiftly emerged as an affordable accessory amongst the newly formed middle-class. Synonymous with flamboyance until the twentieth century, the appearance of dress shirts in fashion circles did reduce their popularity for a short while. But surviving this fall gloriously, the cufflinks trend revived during the 80s business wear revolution. Since then, wearing cufflinks continues to be a timeless, sophisticated fashion statement for men.

Like women, men too love to indulge themselves in the joy of fine-grooming and graceful dressing. And cufflinks are a powerful accessory to realize that passion. For the uninitiated, cufflinks are pieces of men’s formal jewelry used to lock the sides of shirt cuffs together. A cufflink has three parts, adding nonchalant sharpness to their otherwise minimal appearance. The face is what we mostly see, the shank comes in the middle, and finally, the foot faces inwards along with the T-bar cufflinks.

Some pleasant news for those who think cufflinks are boring with a single shape and mundane design. They come in many artistic silhouettes and brilliant designs that you would be left amazed and craving to stock up most of them. There are a few styles: whaleback, bullet back, stud or button style, chain link, ball return, knot, fabric, and locking dual-action cufflinks.

Cufflinks are an indispensable accessory in the wardrobe of the urban, sophisticated man who wants his impeccable dressing to do the talking before he does. Defining a perfect way to wear your style on your sleeve, isn’t it?

Cufflinks can effortlessly transcend from a day to night look with the ease to style them with almost any outfit. Reminiscing the words of a renowned fashion icon, “Men with style are great because they have a sense of self”. Adding these accessories to the cuffs of your formal or semi-formal shirts adds a powerful and commanding aura to one’s appearance. They are flattering on men of all sizes and shapes. You will surely be heralded for your stylish elegance regardless of professional hierarchies and social statures. These effortless pieces enable men to express the graceful, sartorial edge to their personality while projecting an image of a courteous demeanor.  

The unsaid gentlemen’s code states that special events require you to wear exuberant cufflinks. For instance, a ceremonial event such as a black-tie, white tie, or wedding, would primarily need you to choose formal gold or silver designs that look classy and refined. While a bespoke tuxedo and French cuff shirts look apt for the occasion, adding some sleek cufflinks shall only enhance the look. With formal white shirts or the ones in a single monotone color, the timeless, silver, or neutral colon cufflinks look effortlessly resplendent.

Gabriel Style Guide: Our Favorite Picks for you to Flaunt

EXPERT ADVICEA vintage wonder, choose your variety of formal and informal cufflinks wisely as they are supposed to be your cherished accessory. Understand your characteristic style, and purchase a pair that reflects and resonates well with it. Some sartorial advice, less is always more in this case.

Square Roped Cufflinks
Men's Cufflinks

These sterling silver square cufflinks with twisted rope trimmings are classic for a driven, ambitious man who prefers an understated style. Lead with both your leadership attributes and your style with this cutting-edge look.

Men's Cufflinks
Square Cufflinks

925 Sterling Silver Geometric Square Cufflinks

With their stark square silhouette, the 925 sterling silver geometric cufflinks pay homage to a man who loves structure and is a go-getter. After all, there’s no time to shine like today, right?

Round Cufflinks
Men's Cufflinks

It is no surprise that the shape round finds favor with most of us, just like the round-cut diamond shape. As a twisted rope structure encircles the round base, there are almost indefinite ways to style these simple yet noticeable sterling silver cufflinks. They look absolutely flattery on a modest black shirt as much as on a rich, navy-blue one.

Men's Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Cufflinks

These double knotted cufflinks commemorate your pure love for your soulmate as they symbolize the unbreakable bond of love with their design.  An ornate depiction of luxurious dressing, this pair is perfect for elegant outings such as weddings, family gatherings, and probably a fine dining experience with your date.  

Sterling Silver Cufflinks
Men's Cufflinks

These sterling silver square cufflinks with pave black spinel stones are designed for men who have an unabashed sense of style. Known for his sartorially unique tastes, they seek thrill from experimenting with their bold fashion choices. This particular pair can uplift any look, be it a black-tie event or a casual outing. Play around by mixing them with diverse print shirts and unique color palettes.


These silver cufflinks with crisscrossing twisted ropes are for the fashion-forward. They boast a unique design, complete with an illustrative X silhouette. These are for men who like to keep their style game strong and do not mind some glaring attention, seeking style cues from their dressing.  

Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Influenced by the maximalist Victorian Era, these blue Bujukan cufflinks are a fine balance between elegance and stepping out of the comfort zone. They are fancy, colorful, and bear a vibe of joy and happiness to them.  

Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Unleashing the magic of mysterious drama, these classically round cufflinks attached with black mother of pearls look absolutely flattering. Some men do not prefer too much metal or accessories showing off in their look. These subtle cufflinks should do absolute justice to your taste while adding a tinge of edginess to your attire.

While you may be tempted to treat yourself with this exquisite accessory, it’s important to maintain its shine and essence over time. Some simple tips to ensure the same are:

1. Clean your brass, copper, and steel cufflinks with a metal cleaner.

2. Precious metals such as silver do not fare well with water or humidity and therefore must be stored properly to avoid oxidizing. A polishing cloth is ideal for maintaining its luster. 

3. Investing in a cufflink box can be a useful option. 

To conclude, cufflinks have unfolded themselves as men’s best friend. Whether looking to complement your tuxedos, business suits, or light shirts, Gabriel & Co. has a pair of cufflinks just perfect for you.  

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