Be Engaging – Engagement Rings by Personality

Author: Beth Bernstein Guest Editor from INSTORE magazine

In honor of National Engagement Day on March 20th, we have developed this handy guide for the personality types of different brides and the rings that are perfect for each. There are many more engagement ring styles than the ones pictured here, but one’s got to start somewhere.

The Timeless Traditionalist

She prefers simple quality and tasteful styles in everything from her home décor to her dream engagement ring. She loves neutral colors and natural fabrics — cashmere in winter and 100% cotton in summer — and the timelessness of a structured leather bag like her style icon, Grace Kelly. Her favorite jewels are staples such as a pair of everyday diamond stud earrings and a perfectly matched strand of pearls. She would choose a brilliant-cut round solitaire in a simple prong setting or one with a streamlined pavé diamond shank.

Joanna, ER7224W44JJ
Dane, ER7389PT3JJ
Cleopatra, ER7341W83JJ

The Feminine Romantic

She’s inspired by the past and believes that the beauty of everything shows in the smallest details. Her home is a mix of vintage décor and modern touches, so everything is homey, comfortable and full of charm. She has an affinity for the hidden meaning behind jewelry and flowers and will include certain touches that signify these sentiments into her wedding theme. She likely streams Downton Abbey for inspiration. Her desire to blend something old with something new will influence her choice of gowns and her engagement ring, a style that will have an heirloom quality, reminiscent of old-world craftsmanship and character.

Annadale, ER12579R4W44JJ
Finch, ER14432R4W44JJ
Bellamy, ER14451R4W44JJ

The Elegant Sophisticate

Think Audrey Hepburn in movies such as Roman Holiday, Sabrina and the bridal gown modeling scene in Funny Face. Her style is all about graceful refinement — just the right touches of timelessness and elegance in everything from her clothes to her accessories. She has a closet full of LBDs, in different styles for all occasions and accents them beautifully and effortlessly with fine diamond and gemstone jewelry, designer handbags, scarfs, and shoes. She has thought about her wedding since she was a young girl and she has always instinctually acted out a stylized, perfectly planned affair. Her gown will captivate but not overpower her. She will wear a diadem or headband instead of a veil and her ring will exude a chic sophistication that will withstand the test of time yet will never look dated.


Ryland, ER14526R6W83JJ
Hazel, ER12761R4W44JJ
Sanaa, ER14745R6W44JJ

The Modern Minimalist

Streamlined and minimalist describes her approach to home design as well as her lifestyle. She’s into no-fuss, no-frills fashion yet with an edge that says she’s a metropolitan woman, independent, empowered and secure in her choices. She’s well-traveled and cultured and has a career that has taken her around the globe. Her wedding will be pared down yet perfectly executed because she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s strong-willed yet sensitive on the inside, especially when it comes to her one true love who she is marrying after years of dating and finally finding “the one.” Her ring will reflect her confidence with a design that is compelling and equally as strong as she is.

Carrington, ER14508R4W44JJ
Kalima, ER14535R6W84JJ
Hayley, ER4309W44JJ

The Free-Spirited Artisan

She has a flair for finding the unique in all aspects of her life. She’s a bit of a rebel, unconventional and individualistic in all of her choices. She likes fine art, indie films, and live music venues. She has chosen to be free from the constraints of the status quo and throughout her life, she’s followed her dreams and taken a more creative path. She loves deeply, believes in soulmates and has found hers. Like her fashion, which is on the fringe, the ring will be a little daring and she will steer clear of anything similar to her friends and peers. Her wedding will be in a distinctive location that is outside — perhaps on a beach or mountaintop. Whatever the case, expect the unexpected from our artsy girl.

Mackenzie, ER10204W44JJ
Aurora, ER12644M4W44JJ
Umbrielle, ER15401R4W4JJJ