Facets of Life: Norma Kamali

With the world beckoning you to come out, come out, come out, the days of sweats being your prime wardrobe staple are waning.  But are you really going to go back to zipping into everything you wore before we were all housebound?   Our guess is you’re thinking the way Norma Kamali, this month’s featured Designer Flash subject, is thinking – “I won’t wear anything that doesn’t make feel good or make me look good” – and to prove her point, Kamali is presenting an array of eye-catching clothes that are as easy to slip into as donning a onesie.  “Clothes should make you happy,’ says Kamali, and the key to evoking a smile (which happen to be the designer’s favorite accessory) is reaching for clothes that offer timelessness and comfort.  

Every woman present on our Kamali photo shoot wanted every outfit we shot.  But what generated equal excitement in this diverse group of women was how effortlessly our selected Gabriel jewelry enhanced the spirit of Kamali’s collection.  Lighter in both weight and attitude, more infused with ergonomic grace, Gabriel jewelry is not only in harmony with our current collective desire for ease, but the attention to detail every option exhibits allows you to wear one Bujukan bracelet with distinction or stack multiples of them or rings or necklaces without ever feeling your freedom compromised.

Equally important for us is that just as Kamali feels you don’t need separate wardrobes for work, play and weekend if your clothes are versatile, Gabriel’s continued commitment to Fine Jewelry Everyday means that the pieces we show with Kamali’s perpetually favorite goddess gowns (“for all those weddings that have been postponed,” she cried) will be equally appreciated when paired with a jumpsuit at home or a maillot by the pool.  

Life is finally humming again.  Spring’s a bloom again.  So go, get back out there, and with Norma Kamali and Gabriel’s help, you can do it with such ease and confidence, that those who have missed you are likely to say, “Wow, where have you been, you’re simply glowing.”   You’re welcome.  

View Hal Rubenstein & Norma Kamali’s Interview and shop the look at https://www.gabrielny.com/designer-flash-norma-kamali-2021

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