Curved Wedding Bands Are Getting Their Turn in the Spotlight

By Tanya Dukes, INSTORE magazine, Guest Editor

The straight and narrow has its appeal, but it can be delightful to be thrown a curve every once in a while, to take a detour from the traditional choice. That’s certainly the case when talking wedding bands. A subtly contoured band has benefits that might be the best fit for some brides. For one thing, they are ideal companions for ever-popular halo engagement rings. Instead of being partially concealed behind a halo, a curved band will hug its shape so that the full band is visible in all its glory. The same goes for an engagement ring with a low profile that rests very close to the hand; only a curved band will fit snugly against its shape. And because the bands match the silhouette of their accompanying engagement ring, they’ll also stay put rather than rotating around the finger willy-nilly, an important quality for anyone who wants a tidy, seamless jewelry look. Consider the following options if you think a shapely wedding band might be a perfect for you. 

A Twist on Tradition

Without a doubt, you’ll have no trouble finding a curved wedding band fitting any description, from over-the-top opulent to the most classic of designs. If the latter is your preference, look for bands that trace the shape of your engagement ring with a streamlined row of diamonds. They’ll be an elegant accent that never goes out of style. Simple bands also allow engagement rings with elaborate designs to shine.

It’s the subtle details that count here, whether that means engraving, milgraining or choosing between prong-set and channel-set stones. To give an unexpected twist to an otherwise classic pairing, consider mixing metals. Anything goes — white gold with rose or yellow, yellow and rose gold together — as long as you’re thrilled with the ultimate combination.

Crowning Glory 

For those that favor more extravagant design, there are abundant options to accommodate your taste. Bands with a vintage flavor offer highly decorative flourishes that flatter simple solitaires and look like they could have been passed down from one generation to the next. 

Play with placement when you want to update the appearance of your rings. Inverting the usual order of an engagement ring and wedding band will transform their look completely. Wearing the band above the engagement ring has a regal, tiara-like effect that’s a little unconventional and captures a princess bride attitude, especially in the case of ornate, antique-inspired designs. 

Extra Embellishment

And if you love the look of a shapely curved band, consider doubling down on the style. With a curved enhancer that flanks an engagement ring on two sides, top and bottom, outsize impact comes from a single piece. Enhancers are particularly popular with women who want to give a nontraditional look to their engagement rings. They magnify the scale of petite rings and can make even the most understated ones look dressed up and ready for a special occasion. Breaking out an enhancer for a date night is another way to have fun with your jewelry wardrobe. What’s more, they can be worn on their own as a piece of fashion fine jewelry. How’s that for multitasking?

Beautiful styles and a more comfortable and practical fit? As these designs show, you can have the best of both worlds. It’s no wonder, curved wedding bands are getting their turn in the spotlight. Browse these and the rest of our curved bands collection here. 

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