Father’s Day Gifts – Surprise Him with These Jewelry Pieces

While a mother carries a child in her womb for nine months, a father carries them in his heart. We celebrate our mothers with immense affection – and rightly so – but we often overlook the strong man who has always had our back. To ensure we acknowledge his quiet love and towering impact on our lives, Father’s Day is an apt occasion to make him feel special with a thoughtful gift. Though a single day can never be enough to celebrate Dad, a meaningful gift speaks volumes of our love and affection for him.

The Beginnings: How Father’s Day Came into Existence?

In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd, a thoughtful daughter from Spokane, Washington, had the brilliant idea to dedicate a day to fathers. She had witnessed her father, a Civil War veteran, painstakingly and diligently do a tremendous job raising his five children after the passing away of his wife. With the nod of the local religious leaders, the first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910. 

Today, Father’s Day continues to be celebrated with mammoth zeal and splendor on the third Sunday of every June. Several English-speaking countries around the globe have also chosen to honor fathers on this day and shower them with gifts as a token of heartfelt appreciation.

Father’s Day Gifts – Men’s Jewelry at Gabriel & Co.

Picking a gift for Dad can require a little extra effort and thought. Providing for everyone in the family, he seldom expresses what he wants. Apart from spending quality time with him, elegant jewelry pieces like chains, cufflinks, bracelets, and sturdy pendants make the best Father’s Day gifts.  Here are some great options for a superb Father’s Day selection.

If you want something special for Dad but are on a tight budget, this classic wheat chain (NKM7011-22SVJJJ) will convey affection without digging too deep into your pockets. Help him up his style game by recommending that he teams this radiant gift with a solid, round-neck, black T-shirt. Considerately priced at $350, this 22-inch long sterling silver chain is a versatile piece that can be sported as is or be paired with his favorite pendant. 

The perfect family man deserves something extra on a day celebrating him as a Father. As a unique add-on to the classic chain, we recommend a sophisticated pendant that echoes his personality.  Whether it’s the Black Spinel Dog Tag, the Compass Pendant, or the Cross for a more spiritual dad, pick a pendant that beautifully reflects his way of life and beliefs.

Even after spending years together, we all secretly strive to impress our fathers. So let’s do it! These graceful Sterling Silver Cufflinks (CL37SVJJJ) are well-suited to the Dad who loves sporting a suit, whether at the office or out on the town. His taste is subdued, and he appreciates the finer details in jewelry. This Dad doesn’t shy away from wearing his style on his sleeve (quite literally!). Choosing this sophisticated square-shaped magnificent accessory for your dad will undoubtedly wow him and make him appreciate your great taste.

If your Dad is a stylish ‘dude’ who loves to keep up with trends, receiving one of these exclusive bracelets will certainly make his day. The two-tone cuff bracelet (BGM4514-72SVJJJ) enhanced by a central row of black silver grommets will thrill a stylish and up-to-date man who enjoys indulging in luxury. Each of these sterling silver bracelets comes in the affordable price range of $275-$375. Their intricate details give each piece a personality of its own.

Explore our wide collection that also features a simplistic bracelet with elongated chain links. The bracelet (TBM4516SVJJJ) is remarkable for its classic charisma, making it very work-appropriate. This minimal bracelet has a masculine magnetism ideal for dads who adore statement jewelry designs. Again, the cuff bracelet (BGM4513-72SVJJJ), flaunting a string of little beads, is cut out for a working dad donning business suits or formal full-sleeve shirts for the better part of the week.

We know the tradition of men sporting sturdy rings dates to ancient times, and these masculine must-have signet rings are a nod to antiquity. Make your role model father feel special by surprising him with a silver signet ring (MR52069SVJJJ) encasing a round center station, atop a chiseled band. If your dad gravitates towards the latest fad, secure the sleeker ring (MR52083SVJBS) fashioned with a captivating geometric silhouette. More suited for a modern dad who’s always dressed to kill, this sassy ring emblazoned with a stream of black spinel stones will undoubtedly become one of his favorite accessories.

For all the times he fielded our scraped knees and carried us on his shoulders, Dad deserves a meaningful gift that shows our boundless love for him.

Though he appears tough and self-reliant, a gesture of love makes every Dad’s heart swell.  A few affectionate words, a warm hug, or phone call, paired with a precious accessory from Gabriel & Co., are a perfect way to make him feel like the absolute king he is. 

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