History and Symbolism Behind the February Birthstone – Amethyst

Those born in February deem your stars fortunate, for you are born in the eternally epitomized month of love. Referred to as the month of Saint Valentine, it is the time of year abundant with love, romance, and wishful fantasies inundating our worlds. If you are still wondering what to gift your beloved, we highly recommend considering amethyst jewelry. It is the traditional birthstone for those born in February or celebrating the 6th or 17th wedding anniversary. Brimming with enthralling beauty, the rich purple hues of the amethyst stone aptly emote the very profound emotions of love. Given how stunning the jewelry looks, no second thoughts on giving it as a Valentine’s Day gift or a gesture of love any time of the year. For all we know, your partner would swoon over your pleasingly rich tastes in jewelry.   

Historical Tales Around the February Birthstone, Amethyst

The February birthstone is a variety of minerals, quartz. Ironically, as intoxicating as the beauty of this purple stone is, its name actually means ‘a remedy against drunkenness.’ Amethyst derives its identity from the Greek word amethystos, which means ‘guarding against excessive inebriation or indulgence’. Legends say that the Greek Gods would prefer having their drinks in royal chalices embedded with amethyst stones. They believed the balancing prowess of the rock would keep them from getting excessively drunk. It instead seems so that the Greeks were quite fascinated with this unique gemstone. Owing to its rich wine-like color, they attributed the gem to Bacchus, the god of wine. The medieval Greek soldiers would wear amethyst rings to the battlefields to keep them focused and well protected under unforeseen attacks from the enemy. 

 As further testimony to the stone’s semblance with deep love, Saint Valentine himself used to wear an amethyst ring with Cupid’s image carved in the center. These are folklore and fancy narratives passed on over generations, but it still amuses the heart to believe in them. If Cupid’s arrow has struck you hard, with sweet rhapsodies of romance taking over your world, we say amethyst is the gemstone for you. 

The stone was rather far too expensive for the not-so-affluent to afford up until the 19th century. But once enormous quantities of amethyst were discovered in Brazil, the costs became reasonable. Earlier, it was just as valued as the precious gemstones, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Only the royalty and the high-ranking would have amethyst stones adorning their crowns, robes, and other fine accessories in the British. Queen Mary of the United Kingdom royal family had the most exuberant amethyst tiaras and necklaces. Later on, she passed the prized jewels to her daughter-in-law, Queen Elizabeth. In 1953, the precious gemstone again created a whirlwind of excitement when the much-celebrated Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, wore a stunning amethyst-studded necklace to a Versailles gala. The images of the extravagant necklace can be seen all flared over the Internet, leaving one awestruck with its exceptional beauty.

Symbolism And Rich Meaning Behind Amethyst

An effective healing stone, it is said that amethyst has the powers to heal the crown and root chakras of our body, aligning our whole system to a perfect state. Since its very name means refraining one from deprecative indulgences, wearing an amethyst is believed to keep the wearer balance-headed. It calms the senses and helps one stay focused on their goals. For those suffering from low confidence, and depression, wearing amethyst restores faith and belief in life, bringing us back to a state of normalcy. If you feel that your life has tilted to some sort of extremes, wear amethyst to get clarity of thought and a definitive direction. Extending to personal life and relationships, the February birthstone grants both the partners a clear perspective and mutual understanding, enhancing their alliance.

Colors And Hues Of the Luxuriant February Birthstone

There is no denying that most of us find the color purple luscious. When worn in jewelry, the classic appeal ascends even higher notes. Amethyst is found in vast shades of purple from pale, lilac to lavender and deep rich purple. It also bears some very delicate undertones of ultra-light pink, candy light blue, deep violets, and more, almost like a rainbow kaleidoscope of sorts.  

If looking to buy the amethyst stone jewelry for yourself or to gift someone close, it is interesting to have an insight into how this sparkly purple quartz gets its color. Most natural amethyst has some earthy brown inclusions in its composition, visible to the naked eye. To lend more uniformity and fineness to the stone, they are exposed to artificial radiation and heat. This propels the stone to change its color and transform into the beautiful variations of the purple hue that we finally get to see. In fact, amethyst has a propensity to change its color under irradiation, from a translucent light pink or blue to an opaque, saturated deep purple. A miraculous stone, to say.

Amethyst Jewelry That is Sure to Steal Your Hearts

Gabriel & Co. houses an impressive selection of amethyst birthstone jewelry that is stunning in its designs, craftsmanship, and the brilliance of the stones used. If looking for statement jewelry, look no further. We bring to a few of our bestselling February birthstone pieces that are much admired and boast of being the finest in the class.

Set in 14k white gold, this halo-setting amethyst diamond pendant necklace is seductively ethereal. The prominent center amethyst stone forms the highlight of the piece, with shimmering 0.04ct diamonds forming a halo around to accentuate its appearance further. Gifting this to someone born in February or as a valentine’s day is sure to win you more hearts with them for such an unbeatable choice. For husband’s planning to surprise their better halves on the sixth wedding anniversary, we cannot think of a more apt gift than this gorgeous necklace.

Swanked by accented diamonds on both sides, this faceted, rich amethyst stone takes away all the limelight in this Victorian-inspired ring. Set atop a slim 14k yellow gold band, the purple color of the gem is complemented by glittering diamonds of 0.02ct on each side, crafted in a milgrain frame. As much as it is birthstone jewelry, the lush setting makes this ring the perfect stylish accessory for those special occasions.

Supremely elegant, this white gold pendant necklace features a precious round-cut amethyst stone held in the center with stylish oval prongs. A burst of shimmering 0.09ct diamonds surrounds the February birthstone, elevating the magnificence of the jewelry piece. What makes the neckless a classic is its timeless appeal and the versatility to wear it individually or layer with more white gold necklaces from the collection. Wear it daily or on occasions to match your outfit.   

This February birthstone bangle is the most suited accessory for women who prefer their jewelry graceful and not overbearing. Best defined as an elegant station bangle with faceted amethyst stones and shimmering round diamonds woven craftily into a 14k yellow gold band. The purple hue of the stone spaced between the yellow of the bangle, with diamond stones glittering in between, reflects a perfect play of rich colors. Subtle yet commanding of attention with its appearance.

Care And Cleaning Of the February Birthstone, Amethyst

As your birthstone, feel free to wear amethyst jewelry every day. Since the gem ranks a decent 7.0 on the Mohs scale, it is not the hardest of stones we know but is still durable enough for everyday wear. Slightly prone to withering away and rough edges, ensure that it does not rub against the other solid gems like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or rubies.

The February birthstone changes color when exposed to radiation or chemical solutions. Take your amethyst rings and bracelets off while engaging in any household activity. Also, while you wear fragrances, mists, or sprays, cover the jewelry or take it off beforehand. For cleaning purposes, it is best suggested to use lukewarm water and a mild soapy foam to clean the amethyst jewelry at home. The professional cleaning retailers sure do a good job but refrain from steam cleaning the amethyst stone. The fact rather holds true for all the birthstone jewelry.

Amethyst is a delicate stone. The stone’s color may fade and alter with prolonged exposure to intense heat and light. Its edges and facets may become more brittle than before. Wear it regularly, but take care of the jewelry while being out on vacations or engaging in strenuous routines such as gymming, swimming, or hiking.

Facts And Trivia Around the February Birthstone

The gem celebrates a time-honored reputation through history, and there are some fascinating facts about its existence. Let us unveil a few of them for you.

1. Before large amethyst quantities were discovered in Brazil in the 19th century, Russia used to be the primary source of the gemstone. 

2. In the current day, Africa and South America provide most of the world’s amethyst. 

3. In Africa, the Zambia mines are renowned for the excellent quality of amethyst crystals sourced from them. They are highly pigmented with color and possess a bright luster. 

4. Though the February birthstone is usually purple, the variety with striking red and violet hues imbued with purple is highly valued. 

5. With the abundant reserves of the gemstone all over the world now, their price points have substantially lowered. One can own some real fine jewelry featuring amethyst without worrying too much about the costs. 

6. Easy to craft, the stone can be cut, creased, and shaped in many ways. It can be maneuvered into a cabochon or a faceted appearance with much ease and finesse. 

7. Amethyst tends to take on a yellowish tinge with excess heat treatment or prolonged exposure to direct sun, almost resembling the citrine stone. 

8. Celebrated artist Leonardo Da Vinci also favored the stone, claiming it to enhance intelligence and ward off evil thoughts.

9. Given its calm-inducing effects, the Buddhists use the gemstone in their meditative and praying string of beads. 

10. Catherine II was obsessed with the February gemstone, the popular empress who reigned over Russia for 34 years. She would adorn magnificent necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, heavily embellished with lustrous amethyst stones. 

FAQ’s Around February Birthstone

#Ques1 – How valuable is an amethyst stone?

Amethyst is a highly affordable gemstone, costing between $20 – $30 per carat for a reasonably precious gemstone quality. The factor that impacts the pricing the most is the stone’s color hue. The deep rich purple stones with a rose red tinge cost are the most expensive and valued variety. Apart from the carat weight and color, the other two C’s – clarity and cut- do not significantly influence the costs. The highest quality gemstone might cost you as much as $50 – $75, but nothing more.  

#Ques2 – How to know if your amethyst is real?

There are a lot of fake, lab-colored stones and crystals that some jewelers and sellers try to pass on as real amethyst stones. The best test is to check for the gradation of color. Real amethyst has varying color hues and consistency. If you see a color block or a single color throughout, then the stone is not real. Real amethyst shows ingrained threads or color pigmented in a linear form when looking under a magnifying glass or bright light. If you notice any bubbles, then the stone is not a quartz variety and definitely not amethyst. Real amethyst never has bubbles.

#Ques3 – Which jewelry metals are best for amethyst stone?

The February birthstone complements both the warm and cool color tones of the metals. For its gorgeous color, a shining purple amethyst looks glorious in all three variations of the gold metal – yellow, rose, and white gold. Many people prefer having the gemstone studded into a sterling silver design, keeping the whole jewelry piece reasonably priced.  

#Ques4 - What finger does one wear amethyst ring on?

Amethyst, the February birthstone that is known to bring balance and sanity in life, is worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

Are you already feeling fascinated with the stone? Well, it is never the wrong time to gift a loved one some gorgeous jewelry. Or to give it to yourself. Browse our range of amethyst rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that would blow your mind away with their splendid beauty. Thank yourself duly for making that rightful purchase.

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