Gabriel & Co.’s Serial Number System Helps Police in Jewelry Store Robbery

In the early hours  of the morning on December 20, 2016, JSR Jewelry, located at 201 N. Main Street in Waterloo, IL, was robbed of an undetermined amount of merchandise. Several of the jewelry store’s display cases were smashed and investigators say the robbers took jewelry, some of which was Gabriel & Co. jewelry.

Throughout Gabriel & Co.’s 25 years of business, the company has always maintained a tracked inventory system of all jewelry pieces designed, produced and shipped to retailers and purchased by consumers.  A unique identifying serial number is engraved onto each new Gabriel & Co. piece from the start of the production process. The serial number is tracked through the entire production cycle starting from the designer who initially worked on the piece to the retailer all the way to the final consumer who purchased the product and registered it through the warranty process. Gabriel & Co. maintains tight control on its inventory which includes sourcing information on raw materials (diamonds, metals and gemstones), and keeps all style serial numbers recorded, which is an added bonus for retailers who carry their jewelry and consumers who purchase their jewelry.

Gabriel & Co. is working with the Waterloo Police Department to help track down the thieves by providing the serial numbers for all of the stolen merchandise. Please be on the lookout for Gabriel & Co. jewelry and feel free to reach out to Gabriel & Co. for the list of serial numbers on the pieces that were stolen. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Waterloo Police Department at (618) 939-3377.