All About Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Both modern and romantic in feel, rose gold engagement rings are a beautiful choice for today’s brides. Rose gold has a long and rich history dating back to the early 1800’s. In recent years it has become even more popular among brides who want a ring that exudes romantic feminine charm with a modern feel.


Rose gold is an alloy, which means it is a combination of different metals including pure 24 karat yellow gold, copper, silver and other metals. The copper is what gives it that unique, blush appearance. How much copper is added to the mixture will affect the intensity of the hue; the more copper added the rosier the metal will appear. Due to the strength of copper, rose gold is the strongest of the three gold tones as it contains the most percentage of copper. The strongest metal is platinum followed by rose gold, then white and yellow gold.

Which Center Stones Look Best?

Almost all center shapes look great with rose gold but stones with step cuts such as asscher and emerald cuts are not ideal. These cuts pull light and sparkle from the bottom, or pavilion part of the diamond. Due to their shape, step cut diamonds are held closer to the metal in the setting; the result is they reflect more of the rose toned metal than other diamond cuts do. The diamond will appear to have a pinkish color; not exactly what you want for a diamond.

Modern Settings

Rose gold looks great with simple classic designs like solitaires which really make the center stone pop.

Simple halos look lovely as well. In a halo it’s best to have the prongs rhodiumed in white so that the diamond blends in with the prongs more and allows a more continuous visual diamond look.

Vintage Inspired

Rose gold looks delicate and feminine on vintage type styles giving the ring a very soft and romantic feel. Milligrain details really show up great against the blush tone and floral elements look especially lovely.

Two Tone Combinations

Rose looks amazing when combined with white gold for those who appreciate two tone designs. In fact, this combination has become popular in men’s rings as well, making for beautiful his and hers complementing bridal sets.


Though rose gold is a gorgeous backddrop for diamonds, they are not the only stone that looks amazing with this romantic tone. Morganite, which has a peachy blush hue looks lovely as the two colors complement eachother perfectly. Morganite has become a popular and affodable diamond alternative in the past few years, embraced by many brides.

Who Should Wear Rose Gold

Rose gold looks great against almost every skin type from lightest to darkest. However, pale skin with red undertones does not wear rose gold well as the rose really accentuates the pink undertones of the skin and blends instead of standing out.

Another point to consider when buying an engagement ring is that rose gold is not hypoallergenic. Some people are allergic to copper and so for those ladies, rose gold is not an ideal choice. Before choosing rose gold for an engagement ring, you should make sure that your partner doesn’t have sensitive skin.


As with every gold alloy, rose gold needs regular maintenance and upkeep to maintain its sheen and luster. Though it does not tarnish, rose gold can begin to appear darker and slightly redder after years of wear. Some people actually like this, especially if you have a real antique looking setting, as this makes it look even more so. But for those that prefer a shiny clean look there is an easy at home DIY cleaning regiment that can be done every other week.

Combine 3 parts warm water to 1 part dish soap. Soak your ring for 20 minutes and run a very soft bristled toothbrush gently over all parts of the ring. Rinse in regular water and wipe with a lint free cloth. Repeat the process if needed. See your jeweler once a year for regular maintenance such as a professional cleaning, tightening of any loose prongs and replacement of cracked diamonds.

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