Gold Beaded Bracelets Are in Vogue – Who Should Wear Them?

Gold Beaded Bracelets

Beauty is who you are; jewelry is just the icing on the cake.” If there is one jewelry piece that breathes life to this quote, it is beaded bracelets. Simple, charming, and soaked in aesthetic allures, beaded bracelets are graceful. And no bracelet is as versatile as a gold beaded bracelet. 

Beads are rounded pieces of glass, plastic, wood, or metals. The majestic charm of the tiny beads entices anyone with a subtle yet glamorous fashion taste. So, if you have a penchant for chic, urban style, grab a cup of coffee, and read this piece as we walk you through the current era of ‘beaded jewelry’ fashion.

Is Beaded Jewelry in Vogue in 2022?

Absolutely YES! 

Beaded jewelry is very much in fashion currently. Dominating the new decade, it evokes both the glitz of the 2000s and the pop culture of the 1920s. With designs inspired by these periods, beaded bracelets are particularly making a comeback. The jewelry is taking center stage, serving more than being a fashion accessory. There are varied styles of beaded bracelets and equally diverse reasons to wear them, including spiritual and healing purposes. For their richness and bling, gold beaded bracelets are particularly a hot jewelry trend, a go-to piece for celebs like Zendaya, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner, to name a few.

Although typically associated with women, beaded bracelets appeal to men as well. The football heartthrob, known equally well for his off-field style, David Beckham frequently stacks beaded bracelets for a unique fashion statement. Similarly, Chris Hemsworth has never feared showing off his love for beaded bracelets. He pulls off the look flawlessly every time by stacking three or four different bracelets.

Unlike the dazzling diamond tennis bracelets or gold cuffs, gold beaded bracelets are unpretentious. They’re excellent if you want to elevate your otherwise elegant appearance with a touch of mystique and effortless glamour.

Gold Beaded Bracelets

Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

Regardless of the size, every piece of jewelry we wear is uniquely ours. And this holds for the gold beaded bracelets as well. Despite being conspicuously subtle, they are popular owing to their ability to symbolize the wearer’s nuanced and distinctive fashion sense.

These bracelets not only emanate an appealing design but also stand for a sophisticated appearance and an adaptable look. They are perfect for accessorizing any look, from casual summer dresses to androgynous looks, power dressing for corporate settings to a sexy, appealing silhouette for a date night. A gold beaded bracelet always amps up your look!

Bujukan Bracelets – The Beaded Bracelets Collection at Gabriel & Co.

Our Bujukan collection is designed to please the visual senses. Bujukan refers to “the Balinese act of persuasion, performed by that one perfect phrase delivered in a whisper, a delicate wink, or a gentle touch.” Drawing inspiration from this, the collection carries delicately crafted beaded jewelry infused with subtle grace and attraction. The beaded bracelets convey a lot of splendor and shine. They are poised to enhance the wearer in every regard. A hot-selling line, Bujukan bracelets frequently grace the wrists of many Hollywood stalwarts, models, and social media influencers. Transitional and versatile, we have handpicked a few of our favorite designs that make an impressive style statement. Whether you are looking to buy for yourself or to gift someone, these bracelets are a fantastic choice, both from the style and the price point of view.

This is a timeless design for anyone who likes wearing bangle bracelets. This bracelet from our Bujukan line, rooted in the traditional aesthetic, has 11 round brilliant diamonds strategically placed in the center to command attention. The bangle exudes a rich appeal without going overboard; it is noteworthy without being too flashy or overbearing in appearance. To add more of your personality to the jewelry, add it customized in yellow, white, or rose gold. Size can vary between 5.0 and 7.75 inches.

Modern design with a traditional vibe – that’s how we describe this gorgeous diamond bracelet with a gold beaded band. Crafted in 14k yellow gold, this Bujukan collection design is an ode to the tastes of a minimalist woman. Wear this piece to celebrate your passion for gold diamond beaded bracelets, and don’t be befuddled by the bevy of compliments coming your way! Cheers to its aesthetic diamonds arranged in a dazzling quartet of octagons.

As you observe and savor the beauty of this fantastic piece, allow time to stand still. This bracelet is a little more elaborate than plain, minimalist beaded bracelets, intended for those who don’t mind sophisticated bling! This versatile design from our Bujukan collection transitions as a bracelet and bangle. With its dual gold beaded rows and 11 sets of diamond clusters in between, this beaded bracelet will quickly be your go-to accessory for all occasions.

This bracelet is a glamorous choice for occasion wear jewelry. This Bujukan product in 14k yellow gold with white gold diamond stations has a wraparound design. There are special outings when you wish to slip into a satin dress, tie your hair in an updo and wear a bold red lip. No other accessory accentuates such a look better than this flattering bracelet, with an unconventional silhouette.

If elegance had a face, it would certainly look like this 14K yellow gold beaded bracelet with pave diamond stations. This incredibly gorgeous bracelet comes in sizes ranging from 5.00 to 7.75 inches. The bracelet stands out in a stack; you may choose the metal type from yellow, white, or rose gold, depending upon how you wish to style the bracelet. The bracelet perfectly accentuates every outfit, from a pantsuit to a ball gown.      

This intricately designed Bujukan beaded cuff bracelet in 14k gold answers your quest for the perfect bracelet. A fine balance between modern, luxurious, and classic aesthetics, there are just so many ways you can style it. The two-tone metal element adds a further exotic undertone. If your preference tilts to the romantic rose gold hue, opt for the metal instead of the yellow gold.

This beaded bracelet bears a hard-to-miss retro charm. In addition, its unique design and functionality make it even more alluring. If stacking is not your natural vibe, wear the bracelet alone for an understated yet impactful statement.

What is the Origin of Beaded Bracelets?

Beaded bracelets have a long history that dates back to 3100 B.C., mostly in the Egyptian dynasty, when stones and bones were utilized to fashion the bracelets. The first beads were made of eggshell, bone, and glass, frequently found in African countries. The bracelets changed over time, and the Native American Indians were the first to adopt the beaded bracelets that we know today. They created beaded bracelets using natural metals and polished gemstones. Today, beads are available in a wide range of styles. Several options range from wood and natural stones to precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

Can You Wear a Gold Beaded Bracelet Every Day?

Both yes and no. The kind of gold beaded bracelet you choose determines how frequently you can wear it. For instance, you can wear a single-row diamond-studded beaded bracelet every day. On the contrary, we won’t advise wearing a wrap-around style or pre-stacked cuffs. However, fashion is a personal matter. Wear your chosen beaded bracelet daily if that’s how you feel, but be mindful if the jewelry is delicate and highly precious. But sure to clean it regularly to maintain the brilliance.

Can You Wear a Bead Bracelet with a Watch?

Yes, why not? Wear your gold beaded bracelet with a watch but not on the same hand. As a thumb rule, you should wear your watch on your dominant hand and the bracelet on the other. It is also recommended not to wear any jewelry on your watch’s hand. There are two primary reasons to do so- firstly, it makes the whole look very clumsy. Secondly, your watch or the precious stones in the jewelry may get scratched. 

Can You Stack Gold Beaded Bracelets?

Of course, you can stack gold beaded bracelets. However, it’s a good idea to refine your style. Pick a striking central piece for the spotlight, and then add a few sleek bracelets for enhancement. Keep the statement bracelet or cuff in the middle and evenly add a couple of coordinated bracelets on each side. Visit our Bujukan collection to select from the striking statement gold beaded bracelet options. As you stack to your heart’s content, also remember, “less is more“. No matter how tempted, avoid wearing too many statement bracelets all at once.

Gold Beaded Bracelets


Bracelet is one jewelry style women across demographics love unequivocally. It is a classy and sophisticated way to accessorize your look and transition it from day to night. Hold no bars while buying and styling gold beaded bracelets. You can wear them single or stack as many to showcase your unique style.

Discover passionately designed and crafted gold beaded bracelets at Gabriel & Co. As they cater to the aspirational mindset and evolving tastes of modern women, these designs catch the fancy at the very first glimpse. 

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