Fitting it Right – How to Know Your Perfect Ring Size?

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If you wish to buy a ring or resize an old one to fit a different finger, you first need to know your ring size. Although most jewelers can assist you in determining it accurately, you can also figure it out for yourself in a few steps. Easing you into the process, our handy guide below gives you the lowdown on the perfect ring size and everything related that you need to know.

Find Your Correct Ring Size - At Home & In-Store

Finding your perfect ring size is slightly more complex than it appears. This is because your fingers’ widths vary depending on factors like the season, body temperature, diet, age, and so on. A cold-water dip makes the fingers shrink, while a hot bath makes them plump. And if you eat a high-sodium meal the night before, your fingers will most likely swell the next morning.

Undoubtedly, the finger size does not always remain constant. However, you should choose a ring that fits snugly on your finger. So, is it even possible to achieve your ideal size? It is, indeed.

Option 1: Try on Actual Rings

Yes, you read that right. Try on engagement bands or wedding bands at a local jewelry store to assess your ideal ring size. Bands have a straighter shank with no curves or accents. As a result, you will be given a perfectly circular-shaped ring to try on. Since an engagement ring sometimes has a stylized shank (twisted, criss-cross, etc.), it is important to try on the exact style you are planning to buy. Engagement rings with thicker shanks may fit slightly tighter than those with thinner shanks.

ring size chart

Option 2: The Ribbon Method

If you’re too lackadaisical to visit an actual store and get your size assessed, here’s an ‘at home’ method for you: the Ribbon Method. For this DIY, wrap a ribbon or thread around your ring finger or any other finger on which you intend to wear the ring. Next, make a mark where the ribbon meets itself. Afterward, place the ribbon next to a ruler to take the measurement and use the conversion chart below to determine your correct ring size. Easy as child’s play, isn’t it?

Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Chart

Option 3: The Mandrel Method

Do you have doubts about your judgment? Seek the assistance of a professional. Bring any ring that fits you perfectly to a jewelry store and have it measured with a Mandrel—an elongated cone with ascending width. You can also try new rings at the store to ensure that your current ring size is correct. Once you’ve found a ring you like, have it measured with a mandrel to confirm the exact size.

Know Your Ring Size

A Mandrel, used to measure ring size at a retail store.

Option 4: Buy a Ring Sizer

Using a ring sizer is an at-home solution for determining your ideal ring size. They are available for purchase online, and the best part is their reasonable price. Keep your ring sizer handy, so you can use it whenever you want to buy a new ring or resize an old one.

A ring sizer to measure your ring size at home

Wondering where and how to find an accurate ring sizer? Gabriel & Co. is happy to send you a ring sizer as a complimentary gift. Visit our ring sizer page, fill in the details, and have one delivered right to your doorstep. No hassles, no costs. 

Knowing the Right Size for Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Let us debunk the myth: rings never fit the same all the time!

Yes, you read that correctly. Why? Because your fingers’ size fluctuates. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an ill-fitting engagement ring or wedding band.

Here are a few tips to gauge whether your ring is too loose, too tight, or fits snugly on your finger. 

1. If someone can easily remove your ring without much resistance, the ring is too loose or too large and needs to be resized. Check to see if your ring comes off way too effortlessly. If it does, it is a red flag.

2. You may have a large knuckle, meaning most rings will slide on with difficulty but will have extra space once they pass over the ridge. This is normal, but living with a spinning ring can be a total turn-off. In this case, the simplest solution is to reshape the ring into an oval rather than a complete circle. The widest part of the ring can be turned to allow it to slide smoothly over the knuckle before positioning it to sit snuggly on the finger.

3. The size is unquestionably, too tight for you if your engagement ring or wedding band leaves a lasting indent on your finger. It will help if you size up or resize your ring for a better fit. However, sizing up your ring may be easier if you have a simpler band with a less intricate design. Resizing a pave diamond band or an intricately designed shank may jeopardize the integrity of the layout.

Fitting the Ring Enhancer

A ring enhancer or ring guard is used to accentuate the overall appearance of a bride’s ring. Enhancers are intended to be worn with engagement rings rather than wedding bands. A ring enhancer should fit comfortably on your finger and around the bends of your ring for a cohesive appearance.

Ring enhancers come in various shapes, such as open, chevron, and so on. Whichever shape you choose, two factors must be considered: whether the enhancer complements your ring and comfortably holds the ring firmly in position; and how the two rings look as a unit. It is pointless to select a ring enhancer that is smaller or larger than your original ring. Always keep in mind that the enhancer should hug the contour of your ring to create an integrated style. 


The best thing about rings is that their sizes can be personalized and tailored as needed. Our fingers, like us, are all unique. So, it should not be the end of the world if your ring no longer fits you. It can always be customized to a ring size that perfectly suits you. Remember, if there’s a ring, there’s always a way (to resize it)

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