Choosing a wedding band for your engagement ring?

A very popular question, and one which we get asked often is: should your wedding band match your engagement ring exactly? The answer really comes down to personal preference.  Tradition has long dictated that your engagement ring and your wedding band should be worn together on your left ring finger and fit perfectly together, like the two of you lovebirds.  However, we are learning that these days many brides choose to forgo the “status quo” and create their own unique looks.  Luckily, whichever way you choose to go with your wedding band, thankfully there are many options to choose from.

For a solitaire engagement ring, any wedding band looks great whether it be a plain metal band or one with sparkling diamonds in any shape or size.  Think of the solitaire as the little black dress or jeans. Very versatile when it comes to matching complimenting accessories with ease.

For engagement rings that have diamonds on the shank, a wedding band with diamonds looks best.  For a long time the width of the wedding band had to be the exact width of the shank of the engagement ring, but these rules are thankfully long gone, along with not wearing white after Labor Day. (most definitely allowed and greatly encouraged).

For halo engagement rings it’s important to consider the position of the head. You want your wedding band to be comfortable and not slide down and away from your engagement ring. If your halo sits high, then follow the suggestions above, but if it sits low, it’s best to get a curved wedding band which will sit nicely to accommodate the halo.

Engagement rings with twisted shanks will often have matching wedding bands with exactly the same form as the engagement ring, so that is a great option. But if you want to really live on the edge, you can wear whatever wedding band you choose on your other hand.  This allows your engagement ring to really shine and your other hand to get some love as well.

Engagement rings with a split shank look best with curving wedding bands unless you don’t mind a gap in which case a straight wedding band is also a fine choice.

Engagement rings with thick shanks can also be worn with their counterpart thick wedding band.  We however don’t recommend this for ladies with short fingers, as half of your finger will be covered, and will prove to be quite uncomfortable, not to mention not aesthetically pleasing.  You can of course choose to wear the thicker band on your other hand.  Another option is to wear a thin complimenting pave wedding band or even one on each side of the engagement ring for added sparkle.

Vintage ornate engagement rings look best with the same vintage feeling wedding band. If your engagement ring has milligrain on it, your matching wedding band would look best with milligrain as well.

Consider the setting on your shank when choosing a wedding band. For example, channel set engagement rings look best with channel set bands.  Unless you plan to stack a few bands together in which case you have a lot more leeway in settings. (see our blog post about bridal stacks)

Amavida 18K White-Rose Gold Straight Engagement Ring ER7217T83JJ

Most women prefer to have their wedding band metal color match their engagement ring color. This is no longer a requirement as white gold or platinum both look great matched with rose gold or yellow gold. Two tone looks have gained popularity in the last decade and mixing metals is now quite the norm.

Miley 14k Yellow/white Gold Round Halo Engagement Ring ER6873M44JJ


Above all, worry less about rules, and find a wedding band that will make you happy and make you smile every time you look down. Make your own rules and be confident in them. Discover our extensive collection of engagement rings and wedding bands by browsing our website.

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