What Are Huggie Earrings and How to Style Them?

Huggie Earrings

Passe are the days of fitting into a mold or keeping up with the raging trends. These days, girls and women alike want their individuality to shine through. And accessories, especially jewelry, are a powerful statement to let your fashion sensibilities take the lead and carve your niche firmly. Huggie earrings have soared to glory in recent times amid fashionistas, and very rightfully so. For women, who are confident, commanding, and non-conformist – even in their jewelry choices – Huggie Earrings are a perfect fit. The name may sound snug and delicate, but when it comes to their impact, these earrings are the roaring powerhouse of style. We can’t be more thrilled to present our take on huggie earrings—a dainty but stunning piece of jewelry that spells peerless oomph. Read on, and you will agree with us better, assured!

What Are Huggie Earrings?

Huggie earrings is a relatively newer earring style that has caught the attention of celebrity stylists and Instagram’s ubiquitous influencer brigade over the last few years. Not overwhelming in appearance, they are great for an everyday wear. No wonder the rest of us are also following suit and rather drooling over this flattering silhouette. 

Usually, 5 to 7 mm in size, huggie earrings are metal loops that fit snuggly around the earlobe, almost as if “hugging” the ear. They typically have a hinge or a lever that allows them to open and close without using an earring back.

Huggie earrings are also called the huggie hoop earrings as they are the smallest and more graceful rendition of hoop earrings. While hoop earrings command attention more authoritatively, huggie earrings are unassuming as they radiate a charm – unmissable by the onlooker. Moreover, huggie earrings are extremely effortless and versatile to wear.

Different Designs of Huggie Earrings

Contemporary, demure, and stylish, huggie earrings come in different designs, each just as enthralling. From classic small hoops to those with a more sculptural design – like our Gold Floral Huggie Earrings, or those epitomizing glamor with pave diamond settings – like our Bujukan Diamond Pair.

Classic 14K yellow gold huggie earrings, this pair is a perfect example of intricate jewelry design. These earrings are subtle enough to amp up your overall outfit. Keep your neck free of ostentatious neckpieces to let these huggies take the spotlight! Pair these beauties with a flowy evening gown and a high bun. If you are not a fan of all-an-all gold, the following diamond studded huggie earrings perfectly add a layer of sparkle to your style sense.

With its sleek and glam looks, this pair makes a statement on its own. These Bujukan pave-diamond huggie earrings give the traditional earring style a subtle twist. Combining these with an updo hairstyle will add elegance to your overall look—finally, a new icon to add to your wardrobe.

Jewelry designs that draw inspiration from geometric shapes are consistently in style, whether curves, vertical lines, hexagons, or triangles. And our next pair of earrings also follow this ongoing fashion trend.

This pair of yellow gold diamond huggies with a diamond cut texture is shimmery and seamless to style. The luxurious silhouette of these huggie earrings snugly hug your earlobes, giving you a casually elegant look. The yellow gold diamond cut texture is also available in necklaces and bracelets, which can be easily paired with these earrings to complete your soirée ensemble.

While you have the chance to shop for any style of huggie earrings, how about selecting a subtle and dainty pair for your casual outings? Gabriel & Co. has a huge collection of nonchalant huggie hoop earrings that oozes a whispering elegance. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following two varieties.

Our favorite huggie hoops from the Lusso collection redefine poise. These petite 14K white gold hoops are ideal for adorning your earlobes and helix. Pair them with a curved bar diamond neckpiece, and you are all set to pose a pretty picture for your Instagram posts.

The final huggie design we recommend consists of three simple curved hoops studded with gleaming diamonds. This set of triple-row huggie hoops earrings is the perfect standalone accessory for your jewelry collection. With its distinct design, this pair will become an instant favorite that can be worn with both casual and lavish outfits.

Huggie Earrings vs. Hoop Earrings: The Differences

Huggie hoops are hoops that have shrunk in size!

The typical distinction between huggie and hoop earrings is that the former are smaller versions that hug the ear. Huggie hoops can be as small as 5 mm, while hoop earrings can be anywhere from 6 cm to 1.5 cm in size.

When it comes to style attributes, hoop earrings make a conspicuous statement marked with unabashed glamour and a bold style. Huggie hoop earrings, on the other hand, convey an au natural fashion taste, understating feline and subdued beauty.    

While both can be worn every day and easily transition from day to night, hoop earrings have a sharper style undertone compared to huggie earrings, which can be classified as gentle and tasteful style bet. 

Why Choose Huggie Earrings?

Inspired by the minimalistic styling trend, huggie earrings bring home several favorable aspects.

– They are comfy to be worn day and night.

– The style goes well with almost all clothing styles.

– Huggie hoops can be worn on almost any ear part, including the tragus, helix, and earlobes, since they are either hinged or lever tucked at the back.

– Huggie hoops are lightweight, so your earlobes won’t droop.

– Simple to clean and maintain.

How to Style Huggie Earrings?

Already in love with huggie earrings? Here are some of our favorite ways to style these eye-catchy designs.


Are you planning a brunch with your BFFs? Wear your huggie hoops with jeans and a T-shirt or ribbed top for a #casual OOTD look. The fuss-free style will complement the minimalist design of the huggie hoops and attract attention anywhere you go.


Want to add some drama to your dinner date look? Diamond huggie hoops look stunning with a long flowing or black cocktail gown. Layering the huggie hoops with other jewelry pieces such as studs, necklaces, and bracelets results in a heightened stylish different look and feel, apt for special occasions.


Office parties necessitate subtle dressing. Nothing beats a delicate pair of silver huggie hoops with sleek silver jewelry, such as a silver chain necklace and a bracelet.


With huggie hoops, experiment with different combos to see which ones suit you the most. We suggest stacking various huggie hoops or combining them with studs and ear cuffs for elevated style. Alternatively, you can off-beat by moving the hoops to the tragus or helix, depending on how cool you want to play.

Which Huggie Earrings to Choose - Gold, Silver, or Diamond?

Why not all?

Huggie earrings will never pull down your style or harp the virtuoso reputation you carry through your public appearances and social media posts. Why restrict yourself to the metal choice? There is the perfect earring for every occasion and mood. Gold earrings are an unquestionable pick for any look. Silver adds that chic, bohemian vibe, while diamond huggie earrings reserve their spot when you wish to create an elite impression with your style. Whatever style you choose, wearing these petite hoops confidently is the key to looking luxe. Huggie earrings, combined with your personality, will set you apart.

Are you ready to spice up your ear game? Take a look at our collection of hoops and huggie earrings at Gabriel & Co. And if you’re looking for earpieces to complement your huggie hoops, find matching studs, ear cuffs, and drops here.

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