History and Meaning Behind the July Birthstone- Ruby 

July Birthstone Ruby

Noted for its enchanting red hue, the July Birthstone Ruby is one of the most coveted gems known to humanity. It owes its name to Ruber, a Latin word translating to “red” – a color that signifies love and passion. With a flush of deep red betraying a hint of purple, traders often refer to this lovely gem as “pigeon’s blood”. Few objects strike the eye like this unmatched gift of nature. 

You’d be surprised to know that the precious jewel is a variety of the mineral corundum and gets its arresting color from chromium; the more the chromium, the deeper the red. The journey of the ruby is full of such enigmas; read on as we unravel all of it, one at a time. 

Origin and Historical Background of the July Birthstone, Ruby

Our quest for understanding the origins of this precious red stone takes us to Myanmar. Myanmar’s Mogok area, remarkable for weathered marbles and ancient Buddhist establishments, also reserves a place in historical documents for producing some of the most treasured rubies discovered over five centuries ago. 

During the late 20th century, the Luc Yen region in northern Vietnam emerged as another hub for sourcing rubies bearing a rich purplish-red hue. Some of the most splendid rubies have been mined from the Quy Chau district in the southern end of Vietnam. Mozambique in Africa is also home to some of the most prolific ruby mines; the gem quality found here can be compared to those unearthed from Mogok. Vast ruby deposits were also found along the Thailand and Cambodia border in the 1900s. 

Do you know that the ruby, for its rarity, beauty, and seemingly mystical powers, was anointed as the “king of precious stones” in ancient India? While Burmese warriors trusted the ruby to bless them with invincibility, the rubies were associated with increased wealth, wisdom, health, and luck in love in medieval Europe. Moreover, in some cultures, the gem was believed to have the power to predict misfortune or sense danger.

July Birthstone Ruby

Symbolism and Meaning Behind Ruby

Cultures throughout history have leaned towards rubies for their bright red fluorescence. Many also considered them a powerhouse that brings in fortune. The crimson color of the stone was likened to that of blood. The vibrant red stone thus represented the force that drives life. It is known to ward off evils, command authority, attract luxuries in life, and stimulates health conditions towards betterment. Vedic astrologers from India opine that the ruby boosts mental strength and improves parental relations.

The gem blessed with the color of love is believed to enrich marital harmony. Experts say it ushers in a gust of warmth between the wearer and their romantic partner.

Jewelry Collection Featuring Ruby at Gabriel & Co.

The May birthstone, Ruby, is believed to be the nobilities’ best friend.

The world knows that the Royals of England have no shortage of jewels, but the ruby holds a place of honor in their collection. A favorite of Queen Elizabeth and her mother, the celebrated Black Prince Ruby sits grandly at the center of the Imperial State Crown. The Crown Ruby Necklace is a prominent set in the jewelry collection of the Queen that illustrates her love of the red rock. She is also the proud owner of the treasured Ruby Brooch designed for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert. In 1964, the Queen got the Baring Ruby Necklace and fondly flaunted it with her Burmese Ruby Tiara set on significant occasions.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is also building her collection of envy-evoking ruby jewelry. The most renowned of her jewels are the Boucheron diamond and ruby necklace, which she inherited from the Queen Mother.

The royalty, Camilla, too, has showcased her fondness for the July birthstone. She has often been caught on camera redefining elegance with ruby brooches and spectacular neckpieces.

Now that the royals are so fond of the red delight, why must you elude its allure? Allow yourself to indulge in the ecstasy of precious ruby jewelry at Gabriel & Co.

July Birthstone Ruby

Gift yourself these luxurious 14k white gold earrings if you are a July-born. The appeal of these studs with their vibrant round rubies is time-defying. Guarded by a halo of glistening diamonds, this ruby jewelry will work like magic dust to enrich your persona instantly.

July Birthstone Ruby

This 14k white gold ring can be a perfect surprise for the July-born lady or a gift for the tenth or the twenty-fifth anniversary. A halo of dazzling diamonds encircles each of the three compelling rubies. The luxurious design instantly elevates one’s style quotient. As a fine companion for lavish dinners or exuberant cocktail parties, this striking ring vows to bring all eyes to its wearer.

July Birthstone

Look no more if you are looking for an awe-inspiring yet minimalist pendant design to wear daily. True to its name, this Ruby and Diamond Snowflake Pendant Necklace is just as unique as you. Crafted from 14k white gold, the delicate pendant transforms from a classy piece of everyday jewelry during the day to a showstopper in the evening when teamed with some added layers of chains and coordinated earrings.

July Birthstone Ruby

This assertive tennis bracelet, distinct for its charisma, redefines the concept of power dressing. Featuring an altering display of square-shaped fiery red rubies punctuated by shining round-cut diamonds, this classy bracelet is an impressive piece of accessory to be carried to work. Slip into silk shirts with quarter-length sleeves, preferably in cool-toned colors, and show off your gems as they sparkle with all their might.

Care and Maintenance of the July Birthstone

Second, in hardness only to diamonds, rubies are resistant to scratches. The May birthstone Ruby scores an impressive 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale. But it is advised to store them away from your diamond jewelry as diamonds may put scratches on the red gemstone. Always store rubies in separate pouches and place them in a jewelry box in a dark, cool corner of the house. Try to save them from exposure to extreme temperature conditions.

When dirty, you may clean them with a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Avoid the direct use of harsh detergents on the gem as well. If it has collected a lot of dust, you may reach for a soft toothbrush and gently scrub it away. After the cleaning ritual, don’t forget to wipe the stone using a lint-free cloth.

Regularly check if the gems on your jewelry have grown loose and assure that the mountings are secure. You would not want the precious gem to come off the jewelry unguarded. It is recommended that you remove this dainty jewelry piece when you are busy with domestic chores, occupied with gardening, playing sports, or are around outlets of washbasin, showers, or kitchen sink. 

Because the July birthstone is extremely hard, foreign particles tend to gather on its surface and give it a withered cloudy look. Keep your ruby jewelry away from perfumes, lotions, creams, or other make-up or skincare products to evade such occurrences.

You may procure a precious gem in a day, but preserving it is a lifetime commitment. To ensure your ruby jewelry’s longevity and everlasting beauty, you must care for it mindfully and enjoy the company of your rubies forever.

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