History and Symbolism Behind the November Birthstone – Citrine

November Birthstone - Citrine

The birthstone citrine immediately suggests the imagery of bright sunshine and the late autumn glow. The November birthstone carries the shades of a sunrise and the sunset when the Sun is gleaming in its stark yellow glory, surrounded by flaming orange hues.

If you are born in November, consider yourself lucky because you have got this magnetic stone as your birthstone. With its amber-infused charming beauty, citrine jewelry can captivate anyone in the blink of an eye. The richly hued citrine gemstone looks full of life and vigor and is reasonably affordable, making it a much sought-after and appreciated gemstone.

History Behind the November Birthstone

Citrine is a clear yellow to a brownish-orange type of quartz, carved into beautiful jewelry for thousands of years.

Because of its color, the gemstone is often confused with the yellow topaz, but the two stones are vastly different. Interestingly, the November birthstone’s name was changed from yellow quartz to “citrine” in 1556. Citrine takes its fiery name from the French word citron, which means “lemon,” because of its brilliant yellow hues that sparkle like sunlight skimming through the orange fall leaves. The beautiful citrine is celebrated as the official November birthstone and a worthy gift for the thirteenth wedding anniversary celebrations. 

Though the stone itself looks quite fiery, it was believed to calm tempers, alleviate situations, and manifest overall prosperity in ancient times. The Greeks created permafrost-like decorations out of citrine rock crystals. Ancient Romans carved beautiful rings out of them while Egyptians wore them as talismans to keep the evil energies away. The stone was very popular in Victorian Scottish jewelry because of its bright colors. 

Citrine pendants were thought to protect against the plague, bad skin, and evil thoughts, among other things. Citrine was even thought to heal snake bites from Scotland’s only venomous snake, the Adder, by medieval Scots. Such was the glory that Scottish soldiers would use citrine on the hilt of their swords and daggers for ornamental purposes.

Citrine Gemstone – Symbolism and Meaning

Citrine represents the spiritual qualities of joy, richness, and transformation because of its cheery yellow tones. Citrine is thought to provide rapid, energetic, approachable vibes, similar to a refreshing sip of lemonade on a hot summer day.

The November birthstone is also believed to extend several health benefits, including improving digestion, the pancreas, and the spleen, as well as aiding in the treatment of eye issues, improving blood circulation, and reversing degenerative diseases. Its dazzling warmth aids people suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

Some Interesting Facts:

Natural citrine is generally always pale yellow and is far more expensive than refined or touched citrine. Citrine gemstones with a clear, dazzling color reflecting the fall leaves are the most sought-after, although this color is extremely rare in naturally sourced citrine. Because of their scarcity, natural stones in this shade have a relatively high price tag. Madagascar, Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay, and Spain have the highest concentrations of natural citrine.

Now that the history, folklore, and significance behind the glorious citrine gemstone have been discussed, let’s dive into the stunning jewelry pieces made with the November birthstone. So, without further ado, we are eager to walk you through the collection carved by none other than the skillful hands of designers at Gabriel & Co., always trying to bring their best to you!

November Birthstone Collection at Gabriel & Co.

If you are a November born or have a family or friend born in the month, these jewelry pieces can be the most thoughtful and awe-inspiring gifts to choose from. Let’s read ahead and know them better.

The scintillating citrine jewels on this 14K Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet placed alternatively amidst diamond stations will adorn your lover’s wrist as a worthy ornament. The interplay of the yellow and the whites makes this jewelry piece very soothing. It is an exceptionally transitional piece that looks stylish from day into night.

As gorgeous as it can get. Surely your partner would appreciate your more delicate tastes in life and jewelry selection when you gift this whopping 14K White Gold Oval Citrine and Diamond Halo Ring. This Lusso Color ring is crafted in a 14K white gold band that complements the overall setting. The oval-cut citrine center stone has been placed horizontally for a modern touch.

A beautiful sentiment, this 14K White Gold Round Citrine and Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace is a perfect gift for your beloved. Adorn the neck of your dearest with this heart-shaped pendant on her birthday, making it a memorable moment for her. 

This ravishing yet subtle pair of earrings complements your every attire. Wear it every day or on special occasions; the classic 14K Yellow Gold Citrine and Diamond Leverback Earrings go with everything. It is no wonder that people would gasp and gush over these beauties every time you wear them.

November Birthstone – How to Clean and Care?

Given that jewelry needs to be handled delicately for its luster and brilliance to remain intact forever, it is fairly important to clean and care for them from time to time. The citrine gemstone is typically resilient enough for regular wear and maintenance, with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and good hardness. Warm, soapy water can be used to clean it safely. While ultrasonic cleaning is normally safe for your valued November birthstone, steam cleaning is dangerous since intense heat might cause the stone to break.

These were just a few; there is an exquisite collection of the citrine jewelry at Gabriel & Co. One glance at the stone will leave you spellbound! So, wait no more; if you want a less expensive option yet a jewelry piece that can add a royal touch to your collection, the November gemstone is your best bet.

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