Pear Shaped Engagement Rings – Are They for You?

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds look ethereal irrespective of the cut and shape. All cuts have individual attributes that make them attractive – whether it is a simple round cut, a fancier cushion, or a princess cut. Pear-shaped diamonds look beautiful in engagement rings. They are elongated in shape and make your fingers look slimmer and longer. But wait, what exactly is the pear shape?

What Is a Pear-Shaped Diamond?

We get the beautiful pear shape by combining the brilliant round cut of a diamond with the stunning marquise drop. One end of this shape is round, which tapers off to a pointed marquise at the other end.  Featuring a total of 58 facets, the shape is distinguished for its brilliance and sparkle. It is full of paradoxes in its appearance –symmetric yet irregular, classic yet modern, delicate yet sharp. But one thing is for sure! With its innocent looks, this teardrop-like shape always looks charming as the center stone on an engagement ring.

A pear-cut gem is flexible in size, shape, and color – everything about it is customizable to fit individual preferences. What makes the shape further fascinating is the array of symbolism behind it. With so many positives in its favor, it is hard not to fall for a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. If you’re enthusiastic about having this beauty, let us get you better acquainted with this charismatic diamond shape!

The History of the Pear-Shaped Diamond?

To know the origins of this shape, let’s go back to the mid-15th century in Flanders. The year was 1475 when Lodewyk van Bercken, a Flemish (now Belgium) diamond cutter, invented Scaif. It was the polishing wheel that sped up the process of shaping diamonds. This wheel helped discover several unique diamond cuts, including the now much-loved pear cut. He cut the diamond in an intricate pattern of 58 stunning facets. While the other shapes have evolved, the teardrop style is still cut exactly the same, in 58 facets.

Today, even after more than 500 years, pear-shaped diamonds are loved and pursued like never before. In fact, a symbolic blood bath took place over a distinctive pear-shaped diamond in 1969. The gem is the now infamous 68-carat Taylor-Burton diamond. Keeping aside its competitive history, Richard Burton finally won the diamond at the 1969 public auction. He fought to covet the diamond to gift it to his wife. In his diary, he wrote, “I wanted that diamond because it is incomparably lovely … and it should be on the loveliest woman in the world”.

This obsession with the diamond only strengthens the belief that pear-shaped diamonds symbolize love and relationships. Or maybe, the Taylor-Burton diamond started it all?

Pear-shaped Diamond Engagement Rings at Gabriel & Co.

At Gabriel & Co., even rare is accessible! This unique design adorns several of the brand’s rings, which are flawlessly elegant. Gabriel & Co. has ensured that every pear diamond in these rings is of the utmost quality – so be assured and select your favorite engagement ring design.

CHATHAM – 14K White Gold Pear Shape Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is delicate yet classy, perfect to declare your love for your partner! The 14K White Gold ring features a split-shank design, studded with brilliant little diamonds. A diamond halo in the middle encompasses a scintillating pear-shaped diamond as its center stone.

ALINA – 14K White Gold Hidden Halo Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

This darling 14K White Gold Engagement Ring is called ALINA and is from the Classic collection. The band is three-fourths covered with accent diamonds while a pear-shaped diamond shines in the center. But the most remarkable thing about this ring, adding to its splendor, is the sparkling hidden halo under the center stone! There’s no such thing as too many diamonds – this ring proves that.

EVALEE – 18K White Gold Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

A marvel from Gabriel & Co.’s Contemporary collection – the EVALEE is a mesmerizing engagement ring with many brilliant features! A delicate pear-shaped center diamond is accompanied by two horizontally placed pear diamonds, thus completing the 3-stone setting. The upper shank and gallery are encrusted with pavé diamonds, giving them a subtle flair, while the twisted shank completes the ring.

MaABEL – 14K White Gold Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

Combine the vintage charm of Victorian-inspired design with a pear shape diamond. What do you get? This glamourous 14K White Gold Engagement Ring! The pear-shaped diamond sits in a 6-prong-setting attached to the Victorian-inspired shank. The band features shimmering pavé diamonds surrounded by milgrain borders. Propose your love with this ring and let her feel like a queen!

HARTLEY – 14K White Gold Pear Shape Three Stone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

One word to describe this 14K White Gold Engagement Ring – stunning! A gleaming halo of diamonds surrounds the pear-shaped stone in the center. The adjacent pear-shaped diamonds on each side form a three-stone setting, also encircled by a halo of diamonds that meet at the ends over the shank. A marvellous design that exhibits the best of a pear-shaped engagement ring. 

What Does a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring Say About You?

Believe it or not, every diamond cut has a deep meaning, including the lovely pear shape. They are associated with joyful tears because of their similarities to a teardrop. They give a positive and beautiful twist to tears as sparkling drops of profound love and emotions. In a broader perspective, a pear shape symbolizes relationships, selfless love, and gratefulness.

Women who love pear-shaped diamonds on their rings are usually said to be full of elegance, confidence, and an intense urge to live their life vivaciously. They are full of life, carry themselves gracefully and do not hesitate to stand up for themselves. The elegant shape of the design symbolizes an endearing woman who is focused, compassionate, and multi-talented.

The pear diamond represents love and enthusiasm when embellished into an engagement ring design. The diamond cut is ideal for the couple who love a dash of vibrance and excitement in their relationship and try to keep it alive with surprises. So, if your partner proposes to you with such a ring, know what to expect ahead! Loads of romance, adventures, and playful sophistication!

Are Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings in Style?

Of course, yes! Honestly, pear-shaped rings did face a little setback in the past as their popularity took a slight dip. But they were back in demand sooner than anyone realized. Most buyers think of this shape as a recently discovered modern, contemporary diamond cut. But in reality, the shape originated a few hundred years ago and has an unmissable old-world charm to it. The versatility of the shape allows it to accentuate both the modern and vintage designs with equal flair. It looks its best with the Victorian floral and leaf patterns and the geometric styles of the Art Deco period.

Pear diamonds are rare – only 4% of the diamonds in the world naturally have this shape. These diamonds display impressive versatility; they could fit in any jewelry piece, from standalone solitaires in engagement rings to a three-stone setting. They look particularly fascinating in teardrop earrings and pendants. These gems can be paired with several ring settings and fixed on the band both ways – like a teardrop or upside down. Whatever the style is, these rings ensure that you are never out of style.

Celebrities Who Wore Pear Engagement Rings?

The diamond cut has been catching everyone’s eye lately, thanks to the celebrity appeal. Stars like Ariana Grande, Kaley Cuoco, Victoria Beckham, Emily Ratajkowski, Cardi B, and even Princess Charlene of Monaco have been seen sporting pear-shaped engagement rings. Especially after Grande’s engagement announcement, the love for these rings blew up! Understandably, people with a fetish for antique, vintage-style rings love a pear-shaped diamond.

1. Ariana Grande – While Grande’s relationship with Pete Davidson was short-lived, the world did get to experience the prettiest pear-shaped engagement ring. The design is simple yet elegant– a pear diamond set in a shimmering diamond halo – but is impactful in its stunning appearance.

2. Victoria Beckham – As astounding as it sounds, over 20 years of their marriage, David Beckham has gifted 15 engagement rings to his famous singer and fashion designer wife, Victoria Beckham. But her most-worn ring is a pear-shaped diamond ring with an impressive 17-carat diamond resting on a thin band of pavé diamonds. Simple, yet powerful!

3. Cardi B – A quirky woman like Cardi B needs an equally distinctive ring. So, it makes sense for Offset to propose to her with a beautiful pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. The 8-carat diamond is surrounded by a rose-gold double halo and two pear diamonds on either side. Unsurprisingly, the beauty costs half a million!

4. Paris Hilton – We all know how much Hilton loved to flaunt her pear-shaped engagement ring from Chris Zylka. The pear diamond on the ring is a whopping 20-carat fixed on a split shank. The diamond halo totals up to 22 carats! This stunning ring is worth $2 million if the rumors around it are true.

How To Choose the Perfect Pear-Shaped Diamond?

Pear-shaped diamonds are rare, despite being a popular and pursued style. Since it is not common, most people are uninitiated on what an excellent pear diamond looks like. So, if you desire this diamond shape for your engagement ring, you should know some key points. These include the symmetry of the facets, the 4Cs of the diamond, and the length-to-width ratio.

The 4Cs of the Pear Cut Diamond

1. Color:

Pear diamonds are cut in triangular and kite-shaped facets. So, even though its shine is brilliant, the pear shape can display a stark body color. The color may get condensed at the ends, decreasing the wow factor of the gem. Look for a consistent color throughout while choosing your pear diamond. Diamonds with a color grade of G and above look beautiful when paired with platinum or white gold. The metal color choice also boils down to your personal preference.

2. Clarity:

Pear diamonds are blessed with many appealing qualities. The first and foremost is its ability to hide any imperfections of the gem through its remarkable shape. A well-cut diamond has many facets that easily hide most of the inclusions. Pear diamonds with SI1 or SI2 clarity appear almost perfectly flawless. If you have a tight budget, a diamond with I1 clarity will work too!

3. Carat Weight:

Pear-shaped diamonds display a peculiar phenomenon between the cut and the resulting carat weight. For instance, a 0.95-carat diamond looks almost similar to a 1-carat diamond. The depth, the measurements, and even clarity feel the same because of the pear shape. But there is a considerable difference in the resulting price, only because of the carat difference. If you don’t want to burn your pockets, go for a pear diamond with a lesser carat.

4. Cut:

The cut of the pear-shaped diamond is rather exceptional. The rounded end is called the head, followed by the shoulder. The middle part of the gem is called the belly, then tapering off to the wing. The entire design is brought together by the signature pointed end. The shoulders and wings should be similar and gently rounded on either side. All these parts are uniformly cut in a perfectly cut and faceted stone, featuring a depth of under 68%.

The Pear-shape Ratio

The pear shape has three length-to-width ratios – 1.30, 1.50, and 1.70. While the 1.40 shape is shorter and wide, the 1.70 is elongated and narrow. The higher the ratio, the longer the diamond appears. However, there are no good or better designs. The final selection always depends on personal preference. If you and your partner love a shorter stone, go with the lowest ratio – and vice versa.

The Best Setting for a Pear-shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing the perfect center diamond is as crucial as selecting a perfect ring setting for it. The delicate design, especially the pointed end, can easily chip or tangle in your clothes. Therefore, it is vital to secure the stone in a protective setting. The suitable ring designs for the pear shape include prong, bezel, halo, and tension setting. All of these settings are different from each other but serve a singular purpose – holding the pear shape diamond firmly.

The Bow-tie Effect

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not always flawless. When diamond facets are not cut properly, the light casts a bow-tie-like shadow at the bottom of the stone. This imperfection is called the bow-tie effect. While all diamonds can experience this, the pear shape is more likely to have a bow tie due to its intricate and complex facets. Since the bow-tie effect is always present to some degree, choose a stone where it is barely visible.

A fancy cut like a pear diamond requires an equally in-depth selection process. Now that you know the factors to look for, you can easily choose your dream pear-shaped diamond engagement ring!

Which Way Do You Wear a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring?

Fashion that does not abide by any rules is the most playful. This is where the real beauty of a pear diamond lies. There is no right or wrong way to wear it. You may wear it with the pointed or marquise side facing the fingernails or the other way round, though the former is more preferred. While pairing it with your wedding band, wear the band first and then the engagement ring so that the round side of the ring faces the wedding band. The elongated shape of a pear diamond makes it layering with your eternity or wedding bands even more stylish. The final appearance looks grand and royal.

Are Pear Shaped Diamonds Expensive?

Did you know that all other diamond shapes are considered fancy except for the most popular round-cut diamond? It is natural to believe that a fancy shape would cost more, but that is not true. A pear-shaped diamond ranks fourth in pricing, with round cut in the lead, followed by oval and marquise in that order. In general, a fancy shape saves you almost 25 percent of the cost of a round-cut diamond. However, it is still a combination of the 4C’s that determine the final cost of a diamond. But a 1-carat diamond costs much more for a round cut shape than for a pear diamond.

The pear shape’s rare and intricate design makes it truly sui generis or unique. At Gabriel & Co., these pear-shaped engagement rings are endowed with brilliant beauty, a heavenly aura, and emotional quality, a staple in every Gabriel piece. Propose to your partner with any of these pear-shaped diamonds, and we guarantee the ring will be her most prized possession forever!

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