Choose a Pendant Necklace That Highlights Your Personality

Pendant Necklace

A woman’s wardrobe comprises not only her outfits but also her accessories. And one crucial accessory that speaks volumes about her personality is jewelry. The jewelry she wears says much more about her than one can fathom. Especially a pendant that adorns the neckline and swiftly catches the onlooker’s attention. Women across the globe unequivocally love jewelry, and one can never have too many pendants in her collection. There is always a design that has caught your fancy, and you can’t wait any longer to make it yours. 

 A piece of pendant jewelry speaks. Yes, it does. It conveys the wearer’s taste, highlights her disposition, and tips the onlookers about her mood. A pendant that you casually throw in to dangle by your neck can double up as your persona and influence people’s perception of you. So while shopping for pendant jewelry, put some more thought into picking the pieces that are not just stylish but also resonate with the person that you are. Jewelry isn’t just there to accentuate your outward demeanor but also a manifestation of your inner being.

A Classics Lover? – Pendant Styles for You

For long, the quintessential elegant lady has favored a roundish pendant loaded with sparkling diamonds that resemble a cluster of blazing stars in the night sky. You can never falter with these classic designs; they go with all looks and are suitable for every event on your calendar. For the same reason, they enjoy immense popularity amongst the 21st-century boss divas who have no time or inclination to indulge in any complicated or hard-to-style jewelry. These white gold pendants, boasting a central diamond amidst a halo of fine jewels, are easy to carry. Slip them into a coordinated white gold chain and secure them around your neck. You are impeccable and gorgeous to go.

Chic and Free-spirited? - Pendant Styles for You

If you are a free-spirited damsel daring to experiment with novel and contemporary creations, get your hands on these exclusive designs by Gabriel & Co. Our first pick for you is a layered 14k White Gold necklace dotted with a dozen round diamond charms suspended from the dainty chains. Complete with an adjustable claw closure, the innovative neckpiece is customizable to any length. It is a versatile piece that will curate a style statement when styled over a turtle-neck shirt. Alternatively, use it to accessorize an off-shoulder flowy dress that keeps the neck and shoulder bare for the necklace to cast its spell.

You can also turn heads with the Chevron Y Necklace drafted from 14K yellow gold. With sleek gold chains meeting in a diamond-encrusted V and extending as a beaded tail, it makes a stellar impression at formal events. Reach for a collared button-up shirt, preferably in warmer tones that complement the yellow tone of the gold. Keep the first couple of buttons undone and allow this elegant necklace to peep and gleam.

Stylish yet Effortless and Casual? – Pendant Styles for You

If you lie somewhere at the midpoint of a spectrum ranging from the classy lady to a daring diva, pick pendant necklaces that are neither very basic nor exceedingly over-the-top. Humble pieces with a flawless fusion of Victorian exquisiteness and contemporary design will complement your subtle personality. Our bar-shaped necklaces bejeweled with flickering diamonds perfectly illustrate what suits you the best.

Try the delicate diamond necklace detailed with five luxurious diamond-encrusted square stations linked horizontally in the pendant. These sophisticated minimal designs never fail to leave a modest mark. They look as elegant during the daytime as they look stunning post sunset. No other fine jewelry can elevate the appeal of your everyday jeans and basic tees. These graceful pendants also effortlessly match a dressy look comprising silks and satins.

Urban & Sophisticated? - Pendant Styles for You

As a sophisticated urban woman, you are outgoing and don’t want your style restricted to any predefined category. You are in awe of the trends of the bygone eras; yet, maintain a modern outlook. You are someone more likely to gravitate towards cross-over styles in jewelry. A commanding yellow gold pendant adorned with a constellation of diamonds will blend well with your arresting personality. Harboring a taste for more refined things in life, you will also be fascinated by the baguette necklace. It is a piece of uniquely charming jewelry with hexagonal diamond-laden stations and alternating singular round gems. Its matchless synthesis of the past and the present showcases your layered personality to perfection.

Seeking Something Unique? - Pendant Styles for You

Have you ever met an enigmatic soul with no patience for things that are tried and tested, written and repeated? She doesn’t belong to the past or the present. She is timeless. Are you bewildered? Lo and behold! She is the new horizon seeker, always looking for something unique! Only jewelry pieces that are singular and distinctive can keep up with her zeal. Even with something as basic as a pendant, she wants to throw a challenge. We recommend signature pendants like the Diamond Chevron Necklace in 14k white gold or the Open Diamond Star Pendant Necklace for such an enchantress. These striking jewelry pieces will melt in her warmth and become an extension of her charismatic aura.

Out of all the treasures they have amassed in their jewelry boxes, it is the pendant that has won a special favor of women across geographies. It is not for nothing that a petite pendant outdoes even the most extravagant and often more expensive jewelry items. A lot of thought and consideration must go into buying a pendant as it hangs the closest to your heart. Discover the selection of thoughtfully designed pendants at Gabriel & Co. that appeal to women of all tastes and personalities.    

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