Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs, As Majestic as Your Love

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire setting has been one of the most sought-after and envied engagement rings for decades now. The exquisiteness of the solitaire center diamond is what distinguishes this setting and makes it an absolute must-have for most couples who want to go that extra mile for their engagement. Diamonds are said to last forever; as a result, diamond solitaire rings represent an eternal and unbreakable bond between two individuals. As far as popular belief goes, there is no better option than a solitaire to symbolize commitment, passion, and affection. Here’s to answering all your solitaire-related questions before you make this memorable purchase.

What Is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Solitaire engagement rings are stunning and strikingly modest in design, with a single elegantly-set center stone. The stone is traditionally set alone in a yellow, white, or rose gold setting, with small claws or prongs anchoring it in place.

Who Was the First Ever to Receive a Solitaire Ring?

Proposing with a ring was once a privilege and joy restricted to the exceedingly rich – most notably royalty. Diamonds were relatively rare at the time and were therefore incredibly expensive and a significant investment. The earliest engagement ring was made in the second century BC. A married lady received two rings during this era. The first was a gold ring to be worn out in public, while the second was an iron ring to be worn at home. Although it seems inconceivable, until 1477, it was uncommon to present a diamond ring to one’s betrothed. We owe this particular tradition to Maximilian of the Habsburg Dynasty, Archduke of Austria, who proposed to his soon-to-be wife-to-be, Mary of Burgundy, with a solitaire.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire style was one of the first to catch people’s curiosity owing to its sheer simplicity. It wasn’t until technological developments in the Georgian and Victorian eras, particularly the development of more complex cutting and faceting processes, that solitaire engagement rings became tremendously popular. These rings provided the ideal blend of heritage and innovation, which is still used today.

As a result of World War II, the late 1930s and early 1940s were a period of transition for jewelry. When the limitations enforced during the war were eased, jewelers were allowed to resume trade. As a result of De Beers’ “A Diamond Is Forever” campaign, diamonds were the most sought-after stone for engagement rings in the 1950s, and the white-on-white style gained prominence with the entry of platinum into the market. Consequently, the most popular engagement rings include a solitary diamond prong-set in a platinum setting.

Why Do Women Love Solitaire Rings?

In “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” showgirl Lorelei Lee surprised her fiancé by appearing onstage in a pink satin gown sparkling with diamonds. Lee, as played by Marilyn Monroe, then bursts into melody, singing the now-iconic “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – a sequence that has been frequently reproduced over the years, from Madonna’s “Material Girl” song to Margot Robbie in “Birds of Prey.” It is probably the first visual you had when someone asked you to imagine your engagement ring! As their depiction and references within popular culture increased, the demand for solitaire diamonds was created, making it every woman’s dream.

A contoured band of smooth white gold curves that deftly enwraps the round diamond and a design with the extra twist of a delicate floral influence in cathedral style 14K white gold shank:

Aspects to Look for While Purchasing a Solitaire Ring?

1. Select a suitable style: You may choose from various styles that fit you, such as sleek, modern, vintage, art deco, and so on.

2. Identify the four Cs: Choose an excellent or ideal cut diamond to guarantee that your stone has the maximum brightness and fire. Go for a nearly colorless diamond with no visible inclusions or imperfections for the chosen grades. Finally, because beauty and sparkle are more important than a carat weight, focus on selecting a brilliantly cut diamond rather than a specific carat weight.

3. Select the appropriate diamond shapes, which include round, emerald cut, and princess cut, among others.

4. Decide on a metal for the band: options include yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as platinum.

5. Pick the correct side stones that don’t overpower or undermine your center stone.

What Leads to the Increase in a Solitaire Ring’s Price?

Because of its basic form and lack of additional diamonds or jewels, the solitaire setting is generally the most economically flexible setting. However, depending on the size, shape, clarity, color, and cut quality of the diamond, the price of a solitaire ring increases. A solitaire diamond ring can cost as little as $500 or as much as $25,000.

What Are Some Well-Known Celebrity Solitaire Engagement Rings?

Despite growing tendencies toward uniqueness and customization, most women still favor diamond solitaire rings for their elegance and refinement. Even with the constraints imposed by a single stone on band design, a stunning and one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring is attainable. Celebrities have also experimented with solitaires in a similar manner, and the following are some methods you might use to get a look similar to theirs for your big day. Here are some ways how to get the style of your favorite celebrities:

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Known to lengthen the wearer’s finger, emerald and elongated cushion-cut diamonds have a timeless and attractive appearance. If you are looking for something similar to that of ‘Sex and the City’s’ Sarah Jessica Parker, the 14K Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring from Gabriel & Co ought to make you look like a million bucks, accentuating your slender fingers:

Solitaire Engagement Rings

2. Lauren Conrad

Looking for designs that express unrivaled versatility with a contemporary touch, such as beautiful and simple round diamonds in four-prong settings? Take a cue from MTV reality show actress and designer Lauren Conrad, who received a gorgeous ring from William Tell. These Round Diamond solitaires crafted in 14K Rose Gold, White-Yellow Gold, and White Gold make your 1-1.5ct round center stone the star of the show with this iconic setting:

Solitaire Diamond Ring
Solitaire Engagement Ring
Solitaire Diamond Ring

3. Lily Allen

If you want the overall minimalism of a single stone band to complement the spectacular brilliance of a single diamond, Lily Allen’s engagement ring should be your cue. Her perfect bridal match is a round brilliant cut diamond solitaire with diamond shoulders set in white gold or platinum, paired with a traditional diamond single stone ring with a diamond set wedding band. Styles similar to Lily’s are:

The 14K White Gold Round Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, which has a hidden diamond choker, and the 14K Rose Gold 6 Prong Round Solitaire Engagement Ring, perfectly complement any skin tone.

Solitaire Diamond Ring
Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another style that has today’s modern women hooked onto the solitaire is a sleek and streamlined princess cut diamond. Crafted from lustrous 14K white gold and an unusual 1.5ct horizontal oval center with a tapered shank and criss-crossing gallery, the ring in white gold with four prongs to hold:

Solitaire Engagement Ring
Solitaire Diamond Ring

A solitaire diamond ring’s simplicity and symmetry appeal to brides. It is not only easy to accessorize but also subtle while perfectly framing and displaying the precious stone. Solitaires have remained ageless and will continue to be popular and exquisite in the coming years, despite the diverse shapes, settings, and metal types that are partnered with them. However, bear in mind that when you choose a solitaire engagement ring, you are investing in the diamond rather than simply the band, which is why it is so popular among women. It’s also desirable since it allows the ring to be further adorned with extravagant wedding bands. Explore the above styles and more at Gabriel and Co.

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