Guide to Styling Pearl Jewelry for a Delicate Elite Look

Pearl Jewelry

Admittedly, many accolades to the iconic Audrey Hepburn for revolutionizing how we look at pearl jewelry in high fashion. She created some unforgettable visuals with her pearl jewelry in the 1960s with both her on and off-camera appearances, pairing them with her classic dresses. Apart from her, our generation must always be indebted to megastars such as Grace Kelley, Coco Chanel, and even the former First Ladies, Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama. These notable women have often made pearl jewelry a part of their looks and flaunted it on public platforms. Radiating a nonchalant air of grace, elegance, and substance, they have paved the way for modern women to exhibit their class through their dressing.

Historically dating back to the times when precious pearls were gifted to Chinese royalty in 2300 BC, pearls have also known to vastly fascinate ancient Romans and Egyptians. Interestingly, in the current day, China is the major contributor of freshwater cultured pearls to the world. Earlier, the mystical pearls were thought to have been derived from mythological sea-creatures like mermaids, containing strong healing properties. But now, it is well known that natural pearls grow in species of oysters, mussels, and clams, making them both a luxurious and a rare gem to find.  

These timeless jewels fittingly redefine the modern woman, who is all about strength, beauty, and refinement, just like these gemstones. From glamorous red-carpet events to casual dinner dates, styling your statement designer gowns or a dainty dress with pearl jewelry can elevate your entire aura manifold.

How to Wear Your Pearl Jewelry with Panache?

If you still do not own a piece of pearl jewelry, we give you ample reasons to change your mind and make a worthy purchase. Pearls signified royalty and affluence in women in olden times, and they continue to do so for modern women as well. A symbol of eternal sophistication, pearl jewelry can easily transition from a day-to-night look.

Our in-house stylists recommend the most flattering pearl jewelry styles that can upraise your style with little to no effort.

1. PEARL NECKLACES : Redefining Chic

Whether you’re attending a picture-perfect wedding, a formal corporate event, or relaxing at cocktail hour, nothing screams of exuberance and class like a gorgeous pearl necklace. Depending upon the vibe one may want to create – elite formal, edgy semi-formal, or chic casual, one may adapt the wearability of the necklace accordingly. Overall, pearl necklaces add oodles of character and bring together qualities binding women throughout ages- poise and undeterred grace.

Expert Advice: We strongly believe that every woman should own a pearl necklace – just imagine a rope of pearls string together on your collar bone! Gorgeous, right? Imparting a fun fact, pearl necklaces differ with length, with each size constituting a unique kind, apt for a certain occasion. The names starting from minimum to maximum length are as follows: Collar, Choker, Princess, Matinee and Opera.

Pearl Necklace

Raising the style quotient, this incredibly sophisticated 14 K lariat gold necklace abounds with encrusted pave diamonds and a glossy Y knot outline. However, it is the luminous white pearl pendant that will help transform any ensemble completely. Whether you wear it solo or pair it with complementing earrings, this piece of pearl jewelry will grab all the adulation.

Pearl Necklace

While representing the inherent strength of a woman, this necklace encapsulates all her other qualities, too, beautifully. With the right amounts of feminine, delicate, yet sturdy, the necklace is a flawless combination of sparkling diamonds and a luminescent round pearl. The beauty of the June birthstone is brilliantly highlighted by the dispersed diamonds and three dainty marquise petals. Replete with an adjustable 14 K white gold chain, this statement pearl jewelry stands up to its name ‘Grace’ and more!

Pearl Necklace

It is a piece of jewelry so regal that we can only fathom how royal one will feel after adorning it. The luminous white round pearl makes for a mystical contrast against the 14K yellow gold chain and Bujukan beaded frame encircling the stone. Isn’t it pretty synonymous with the way life is patterned- the differing highs and lows that modern women face unflinchingly and courageously taking challenges in their stride while seizing every opportunity that comes their way?

2. PEARL RINGS: An Indulgence in Luxury

A delicate ring with a pearl atop it emerges as a fine piece of revered, stand-alone statement jewel. The pearl ring has relevant significance for all astrological lovers, but trust it to help you rock a Saturday night with your girls or wedding attire like no other.

Expert Advice: Depicting an astute definition of power, pearls truly change the vibe of a ring, be it an occasional purchase or a life-long engagement ring. We love the idea of incorporating a pearl in your diamond engagement ring because not only does this combination look charming together, but it also represents the intricacies of true love. Pair it with your little black dress or an elegant bridesmaid’s dress for an unmissable elite look.  

Sitting amidst a glittering14K diamond clustered leaf band, the pearl looks radiantly glorifying! While it makes an attractive choice for an engagement or wedding ring, this ring is truly a marvel to own.  

Diamond Pearl Ring

An ode to minimalistic class, this classy 14K yellow gold open wrap ring with pearls and diamonds shows us that sometimes less is truly more. Pair it with your jeans and a casual tee or a cocktail dress, and the ring will draw all eyes on you.  

Diamond Pearl Ring

Reaching for the stars, this diamond-encrusted halo surrounding the pearl brings out the beauty of the stone with an air of luxuriance. Deemed as a must-have, this highly versatile piece is like a love story to remember- magical. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  

Diamond Pearl Ring

3. PEARL EARRINGS: Flaunt Them, Always

A passageway to numerous compliments, pearl earrings look exquisite and fashionable. Irrespective of your skin tone, they celebrate the inner beauty of all women. Be it studs or droplets, they look ravishing and go with everything. The best aspect of owning a pair of pearl earrings is that you may wear them every day, complementing all your attires, or reserve them as occasion wears for those specially dressed soirees.

EXPERT ADVICE: Though fragile in demeanor, pearl earrings lend equal suaveness to one’s appearance. If you wish to let your hair down on a casual Sunday afternoon, just put on a pair of pearl earrings with a pretty dress. If an occasion deems extravagant dressing, match your attire with the flashing whiteness of a pearl neckpiece.

Boasting a contemporary design, these 14K White Gold earrings make for a voguish moment. Team with a reception couture wear or for an engagement affair, this pairing is unforgettable.

Pearl Earrings

Personifying grace, these 14K white gold pearl stud earrings accented with diamonds make for a perfect option for your wedding trousseau. There’s a surreal charm to it, and its one-of-a-kind makes it a dream to possess.

Pearl Earrings

4. PEARL BRACELETS: Luxury on Your Wrists

Pearl bracelets represent an elegant ornamental embrace to the wrists of the determined and courageous women of today. Worn solo or as part of a combination, pearl bracelets look majestic, exuding a satin finesse.

Expert Advice: Whether you team it up with easy-going attire or workplace finery, pearl bracelets denote an outpouring of power and confidence. 

Pearl Bracelet

This Bujukan bracelet accentuated with numerous pearls is the perfect gift to give your loved one. This 14K yellow gold adds the right dash of color, uplifting this piece of pearl jewelry. Whether you stack it up with relatable trinkets or wear it as is, it is worthy of wondrous rapture.

Pearl Bracelet

Representing an eternal love saga, the Bujukan beading of the band encapsulates us in a charming rhapsody. Its delicate and simple design is very enchanting. A classic piece, you can wear this pearl jewelry with almost everything.

Pearl Bracelet

Minimal and sleek, this alternative is defined by the tiny Bujukan beads suspending into the encircling diamond halos and pearl caps. This ornament is the working woman’s best friend as it looks both pretty and practical. Whether you sport a doctor’s coat or a blazer, a tote or sling, they give an understated, luxurious feel and glamour to it.

Pearls of Wisdom - How to Maintain Your Pearl Jewelry?

As delicate as it is, pearl jewelry requires care to help it last for long. To keep its color and quality intact, you must:

1. Only store them by themselves or with other pearls in a container to avoid scratches or corrosion.

2. The natural pearls need to be kept away from water and chemicals like hairspray, makeup, and perfumes. If you happen to err, clean them with a soft cloth.

3. Avoid sleeping with your pearl jewelry on, for you may hamper its setting.

4. Don’t lock up your pearls for longer periods as they are meant to be worn and have fun in. Saving them for “special times” may defeat its lustrous beauty.

Loved over centuries, pearls are meant for real-life wonder women who are influential and leading style enthusiasts. Kamala Harris, Kate Middleton, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna top the list of celebrities who prove that retro power pearls are back!

From the Victorian age to the 21st century, natural and cultivated pearls have evolved to keep up with changing trends. Transcending across daytime business-casual or easy-going resort and loungewear and black tie-nights, Mrs. Kennedy’s words reverberate widely today: “Pearls are always appropriate”. While they are mixed and matched with other stones, their neutral colors strike the right balance of urbane vigor.


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