Engagement Rings in Mixed Metals – A Hot Trend to Follow

Engagement Rings in MIXED Metals

To all the ‘head over heels’ couples in love, waiting to make a promise till eternity, or as is popularly vowed, ‘Till death do us apart,’ we’d like to congratulate you on this joyous milestone. Indeed an ecstatic moment, you want to gift your partner an engagement ring that signifies the strength, endurance, and purity of your relationship.

Contrary to what our previous generations believed in, gone are the times of playing it safe by opting for a classic ring made of singular metal. While such designs continue to have an alluring charm, today’s women are unafraid to experiment and think out of the box. Dating back to Egyptian civilization, the concept of engagement rings has evolved over the centuries. From simplistic diamond rings to exquisite solitaires, colorful gemstones, and vintage rings made in either yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum, the trend of adorning a unique, two-toned, or mixed metal engagement ring has caught on like wildfire in recent times. Read on to know more about this stellar combination.

What are Mixed Metal Engagement Rings?

With the advent of social media, the 21st century is all about embracing uniqueness and defining attributes that set one apart. Whether as an individual or a couple. And, the trend of customizing engagement rings by using separate or contrasting elements from two or more metals to give it their novel look, color, and of course, those enviable glances does just that! This generally constitutes merging an illuminating metal such as white gold or platinum with a more neutral metal such as yellow or rose gold. Often referred to as two-tone engagement rings, people even opt for more metals to give it a one-of-a-kind appeal.

As a brand of innovation, we at Gabriel & Co. are constantly striving to not only create a statement through aesthetic bridal jewelry but symbols and stories of triumphant, everlasting, and true love.

Get ready to be dazzled by our shining picks, an assortment curated especially for the dashing grooms and brides-to-be, to ease the effort of finding their ultimate engagement ring.

Diamond Encrusted Engagement Rings in a White-Rose Gold Finish

LOVE – 14K White-Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

SANDARINE – 14K White-Rose Gold Diamond Twisted Engagement Ring

While it harbors a timeless, understated, elegant aura, the revered Love ring never goes out of style. With the white gold prongs strongly encapsulating the precious center stone, the rose-gold slim straight shank brings out the sparkle of the diamond exuberantly. This artifact can be donned on all occasions, giving it an unpredictable minimalist twist.

Another glittering option is the twisted layers of rose and white gold ribbons entwined by a dozen diamonds. The Sandrine beautifully depicts the various shades of a fulfilling marriage, symbolizing this exciting journey with your soulmate, a promise to stand by and support each other forever.

RONNY – 14K White Rose Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Paying homage to our sparkling bride, who believes in either ‘going big or going home’, whilst maintaining a dash of grace, the ‘Ronny Ring‘ makes for a voguish choice. Featuring an intertwine of two-toned ribbons leading up to the center stone, amidst the pave diamonds, this ring accentuates the round stone magically and sits ravishingly on one’s finger.

MYSTIC – 14K White – Rose Gold Pear Shape Halo Diamond Engagement 

Staying true to its name, the Mystic radiates a delicate enchantment. The angelic diamond sheathed halo highlights the shining brilliance of the stand-alone pear-shaped stone. It sits bewitchingly on the two-toned crossover wedding band, making it a glamorous yet sophisticated option, thereby defining luxury at its best.

ZAIRA – 14K White-Rose Gold Round Free Form Diamond Engagement Ring

CLARISE – Unique 14K White-Rose Gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A mixed metal engagement ring, accented with sparkling diamonds, the dual-tone outshines the pronged, round stone in between while highlighting it wondrously through its free-form setting. Spreading its gleaming brightness, ‘Zaira’ is meant for the contemporary bride, a realist who still desires her dreamlike, fairy-tale wedding.

Inspired by the notion of a majestic goddess, the ‘Clarise’ represents your deep, undying love for your partner. Connoting an ethereal proclamation of true love, the center round stones, combined with the surrounding intricately crafted halo, further accentuate the entire design, bringing out the opulence of the white gold metal. The straight, slim rose gold shank beguilingly captures the devotional beauty of the sparkling diamond.

Diamond Encrusted Engagement Rings in a White-Yellow Gold Finish

VETTA – 14K White – Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Representing the confluence of old and new, conventional and unconventional values, the Vetta proves to be a stand-alone choice for a woman who unabashedly voices her opinions and stands by her beliefs. The slim, straight yellow gold shank is a glorious ode to the past while establishing its resonance with the idea of inner beauty. The invincible halo accents the exuberant, glistening round stone in a fascinating display of love.

SANNA – Vintage Inspired 14K White – Yellow Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Traversing us back to the vaunted Victorian Era, this vintage-inspired milgrain ring, Sanna is a unique choice to celebrate your romance. While it has hints from the prosperous, bygone era, the differential octagonal backdrop and the quirky triangular clustered diamonds enveloping the center stone make it a bold and fierce choice to possess. Moreover, the detailed yellow slim gold shank complements the sparkler gorgeously.

KINGSTON – Art Deco 14K White – Yellow Gold Hexagonal Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Exuding fierce and bold maximalism as apparent during the French Art Deco period, the Kingston epitomizes the spectacular strength of character that today’s women possess. The luminescent hexagonal halo along with its innately carved milgrain borders lend a scintillating gaze to the round center stone in this two-toned engagement ring.

CLARISE – Unique 14K White – Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring

Similar to the statement piece in a rose gold finish, the Clarise manifests the vision of your lady love’s inherent beauty, reminding you of the countless reasons you fell truly, madly, and deeply in love with her. The yellow gold straight, slim shank perfectly offsets against the white gold pronged round center stone along with its bordering halo, giving it its prepossessing look in totality.

Did any of these sparkling rings echo with your heartstrings, reminding you of your partner’s individuality? We are sure these beautiful rings have hit the right notes.

Aspects to Consider While Scouting for the Mixed Metal Engagement Ring

Ashlee Simpson. Nicola Peltz. Meghan Markle. Is there anything common between these megastars? Yes, apart from being talented stalwarts, they are powerful women who have made a mark in their respective careers. And their diverse, mixed metal engagement rings are a testament to their robust personalities and Herculean bond with their better halves.

While a mixed metal engagement ring honors the versatile personalities of women and deviates from the traditional, we advise you to consider the metal type, style, and band that you plan to incorporate.

Not all metals can be married together, as they bring their strengths and features. A popular option is to combine yellow gold and platinum because of their long-lasting durability. Similarly, you need to pick a harmonious band that would look aesthetic in its entirety. Reverberating this fact lastly, the ring design you choose will depend on the underlying style. Being coherent with your soulmate’s nature, do you prefer a more dramatic or low-key depiction, a vintage or quintessential ring type?

A significant decision at hand, you must make it after giving it careful thought and consideration, since this is a lifelong investment. To kickstart this process, we suggest that you go through our vast collection of engagement rings that will take you one step closer to your ‘happily ever after’.  

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