Women’s Day – Jewelry Gifts to Celebrate the Special Women in Our Life

On February 28th, 1909, the first National Woman’s Day was celebrated in the United States more than a century ago. Marked as an honor to the 1908 strike by women workers in the garment industry who protested against the inhumanly harsh working conditions met out to them. Since 1911, every year on March 8th, the entire world continues to observe International Women’s Day, honoring women’s unique spirit and importance in our lives. Women – the most giving soul in the universe, epitomizing grace, goodness, selfless love yet sparkling with individual strength. This International Women’s Day, celebrate the women you adore with timeless tokens of love – and what better and lasting gesture of this than jewelry? With this year’s worthy theme – “Break the Bias”, it is time to stand together and lift each other. Jewelry, known to reflect and enhance a woman’s magnificent persona and unique characteristics, perfectly embodies the occasion.

Each piece of jewelry has a story to tell. From signifying a romantic gesture, it could be a cherished inheritance from one’s mother, a gift to mark a personal milestone, a holiday gift, or a treasured heirloom passed on to family generations. Precious jewelry is symbolically embedded with trust, pride, and clasped with compassion, qualities that hold semblance to a woman’s personality. While there is no limited time to salute a woman’s indomitable strength and nurturing warmth, International Women’s Day is an excellent opportunity to raise a toast to her and express love and gratitude. While shopping jewelry for those special women in our lives, it is only befitting to choose designs that complement their aura and resonate with their personal attributes.

Women’s Day Jewelry for your Mother

Powerful, compassionate, forgiving, and supportive – a few qualities that make mothers our biggest cheerleaders and support systems. Take Women’s Day as an opportunity to express how much you appreciate her having your back through everything. The sentiment is your cue: pick an ethereally beautiful design, just like her soul, and luxuriously classic, something that she wouldn’t splurge on for herself. Classic diamond studs, thought to be a woman’s talisman in everyday life, should be a good selection. One may opt for statement yet elegant bracelets that give an opulent embrace to her wrist or magnificently crafted rings that make her fingers seem regal! While considering pendants, understand your mother’s personality, and choose between designs that she can royally flaunt while accentuating her dressing style. We have selected a few of our best-selling jewelry designs for your mother; time-honored and traditional styles that would make her feel dazzling and bright, exactly as she is! Here are a few to consider:

Women's Day Jewelry

14K Yellow Gold Rectangular ID Pendant Necklace with Twisted Rope Frame 


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White-Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Stations


Women's Day Jewelry

Classic Diamond Stud Earrings with a Floral Setting

Women's Day Jewelry

14K White Gold Pave Diamond Flower Stud Earrings


Women's Day Jewelry

18 Inch 14K White Gold Diamond Pave Curved Bar Necklace


Women’s Day Jewelry for your Partner

It is no secret that women love diamonds and gold, and let your sparkling jewelry gift bedazzle her with its beauty. The woman at your side who inspires, supports, and loves you, enriching your life in a way only a true soulmate can, deserves all the pampering. While you don’t need a special day to appreciate her, get going and adore her to the fullest this Women’s Day. From Gabriel & Co.’s inimitable selection, choose a jewelry style that she can wear in many ways! Let her personality shine through her jewelry, whether an intricate pendant or diamond earrings that she can seamlessly transition from work to date night with you or standout rings for a casual day shopping with her girlfriends. Jewelry designs that she can effortlessly style with workwear, or a little black dress, looking flawless and powerful at all times. For some extra oomph, sleek hair and minimal eyes, and bold lips can accentuate these statement pieces for all the red carpet feels. We are happy to share some of our in-house stylists suggested designs:

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead Cuff Bracelet with Inner Diamond Cluster and Gold Pyramid Connectors


Women's Day Jewelry

17 Inch 14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Ball and Paperclip Link Chain Necklace


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White Gold Abstract Diamond Pendant Necklace


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White Gold 20 mm Diamond Bypass Burst Hoops


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White – Yellow Gold Five Row Bujukan Ball and Diamond Station Ring


Women's Day Jewelry

Women’s Day Jewelry for your Sister

While you delve into childhood nostalgia – think of all the times you fought, hugged, laughed, wept, and have been there for each other. They are your childhood companions, the first to lend a shoulder, make you feel cared for, be your human shield, and your first female friends! This Woman’s Day, make your sister, older or younger, feel important, feel seen, feel special. Gift her pieces that stand the test of time with elegant designs, effortless beauty, and little bursts of joy! Go for diamond huggies, intricate pendants, flowy bracelets, and ornate rings that remind her of you and all the memories you shared. If thinking of buying more pieces than one, we recommend sticking to the uniformity of the stone throughout to secure the elegance and grace that your sister is all about. For the contemporary dressing, think of keeping the neck bare and go wild with earrings for the perfect high/low balance we all need! We are sure the below style would catch your fancy:

Women's Day Jewelry

14K White Gold Pave Diamond Bar Necklace


Women's Day Jewelry

14K Yellow Gold Plain and Bujukan Beaded Interlocking Circles Pendant Necklace


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White Gold Twisted Diamond Band


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White-Yellow Gold Bujukan Ball and Diamond Open Bypass Ring


Women’s Day Jewelry for Self

While you may be receiving gifts from loved ones, no rule hinders one from celebrating oneself and raising a toast. When jewelry is given as a gift, the free expression is sometimes lost – as is the thrill of purchasing something expensive that is truly yours. As they say, there is a sense of liberation in having the liberty to spoil yourself. These jewelry pieces take on much greater emotional value as testaments to your manifestations and trajectory of inner and worldly triumphs. So, showcase them to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished. Experiment with stackable rings, making one-of-a-kind sets that reflect you and what you stand for, whether it’s edgy geometric or chunkier rings, do you and be you! Pamper yourself with bespoke designs, such as trendy initial pendants studded with diamonds, or browse a selection of exotic jewels, such as birthstone jewelry or colored stones and let your energies flow as you bathe in the positivity. For this Women’s Day, we present you a few designs to get you started:

14K White Gold Diamond M Initial Pendant Necklace


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White Gold Round Halo Aquamarine and Diamond Stud Earrings


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White Gold Pearl Bujukan Open Bangle


Women's Day Jewelry

14K White Gold Diamond and Ruby Necklace


Women's Day Jewelry

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Bead and Diamond Stackable Ring


Women's Day Jewelry

A woman is far more than we can ever hope or fathom. Encourage and applaud the women in your life with gestures that they would treasure forever, whether it’s your mother, friend, wife, girlfriend, or sister.

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