Men’s Wedding Bands to Watch Out for in 2022

Mens Wedding Bands

We all know women have a wide variety of wedding bands to choose from. Then why should men not be spoilt for choice? There is no need for men’s wedding bands to be conventional (read boring!) or one-dimensional anymore. It’s time they matched their partners’ eclectic and experimental counterparts and found something different and exciting to wear. Every relationship is unique, and the two people involved in it should ideally express this uniqueness through their wedding bands. Not to mention, their own individualities.

With an increasing number of early Gen-Zers getting married now, the sky’s the limit. They’re not afraid to experiment with colors and textures, finishes and styles, materials and design elements, as long as the end product is exciting and personifies the wearer. So how do we shop for unique men’s wedding bands in 2022?

Does the Man Buy His Own Wedding Band?

Let’s get this loaded question out of the way first. There is no correct answer. Tradition dictates that the bride’s family buys the groom’s ring. But this is something most modern-day couples don’t necessarily adhere to. The bride and groom purchase wedding bands for each other or split the cost of both bands equally. Again, since the bride and/or her family pays for most other expenses, some grooms have begun the tradition of purchasing both wedding bands. There is no single universal approach to who buys the wedding bands. The couple should talk, assess their combined finances, and take a mutual call.

Mens Wedding Bands

How Much Should You Spend on a Men's Wedding Band?

The average cost of a plain men’s wedding band is around $600. But if you’re looking to purchase a unique ring, one with precious metals, an exciting blend of materials, and exquisite craftsmanship, then be prepared to spend anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500, roughly the same price as a woman’s wedding band. Thickness also plays a role in determining the price of a men’s wedding band – the thicker and signature ones being more expensive, obviously! Here are some stylish men’s wedding bands: they are well-priced, high on design, and of exquisite taste.

This diamond-cut men’s wedding band is great to break the monotony with some geometry around the middle. Set in 14k white gold and measuring 6 mm, it is ideal for a man who is young, fun, contemporary, and unafraid to experiment.

Another piece to consider is Oliver, the 14k-yellow gold band from the Exclusive collection, with criss-cross engravings all around. The ring is a twist on the classic gold band, with the pattern allowing for a little peek-a-boo. Perfect for the man who wants to make a statement without overshadowing his partner’s ring! Doesn’t it bring to mind the image of a woven basket? Carrying all your love, if we may?

Which is the Best Wedding Band Type for a Man?

It honestly depends on the personality attributes of your man. If your fiancé hasn’t worn any jewelry or accessories before (other than perhaps a watch!), it’s probably better to start with something subtle. Instead of shiny, go with a matte polish or a brushed soft finish. Choose a textured band, or maybe play around with polishes. If your partner is open to experimenting, go a step further and try out different shapes – such as a knife-edged or beveled ring. Pick any striking element like a hammered texture, engravings, mixed materials, or diamond inlays that help his wedding ring stand out.

Is your man charming and romantic? This two-tone ring carries a rose gold hue for the rope-textured center – delicate and soft. The edge is polished and in white gold.

Here’s another two-tone ring you might want to consider. Buy your groom this unconventional ring with a white gold hammered band in the center, lined by beaded yellow gold strings on either side.

How Do You Make a Men's Wedding Band Special?

Let’s admit it – every girl wants her engagement ring and wedding band to be perfect. Isn’t it befitting that your man also has an equally unique wedding ring? One way to do this is to add gemstones such as diamonds to the ring. Will this increase the price considerably? Definitely! But we know it’s totally worth it. Also, affordable and durable metals like tungsten are in the running now. But there’s nothing as alluring as precious metals like platinum or gold. So, put that extra effort in choosing your man’s wedding band and show him that you care.

Don’t you almost want to hold onto this exquisite piece yourself? Crafted from 14k white gold, a blend of textures and shapes come seamlessly together to create this design. The pricing of the ring ($4,100) is totally worth it, when you consider the sparkling inlaid diamonds that measure 0.33 carats.

What Is the Material of a Men’s Wedding Band?

Conventionally, wedding bands for men have been in gold or sterling silver. Over the last few decades, platinum has become the poster metal for wedding bands, thanks to its durability and the premium place it occupies in the jewelry industry. However, at the other end of the spectrum, a host of other materials have now flooded the market. Tungsten is one option that is durable and affordable. Black cobalt is also a popular material now, as are palladium and even ceramic!

Fresh from the Exclusive  collection is Brad, this black ceramic-meets-yellow gold visual aesthetic. The center cubes are almost reminiscent of a dark chocolate bar running around the band in an endless loop! With its beveled edge, it is sure to be a stunner – especially if you’re looking for a ring that instantly pops out and appeals.

If your nuptials are coming up, look through our exclusive range of men’s wedding bands, which reflect the styles of 2022 – from two-toned beauties to quirky textures and diamond-studded designs. Gabriel & Co. has the most extensive collection of wedding jewelry; while you are choosing his band, do not forget to browse through our women’s wedding band collection too! When holding hands, rings on both of your hands should dazzle.

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