Baguette Wedding Bands – Classy, Stylish, and Unique

Baguette Wedding Bands

When it comes to bridal jewelry, an engagement ring has the most special sentiment to it that no other jewelry can replace. It is, after all, the proposal ring; when he went down on one knee (we hope so!) and confessed his love for you, proposing to get married. Having said that, a wedding band is equally significant, too. It is when the relationship graduates to a marriage. The ring you both exchanged while saying “I do” while committing to a lifelong of blissful togetherness.  

If you love a tinge of vintage aesthetic to a contemporary design, then the baguette-cut diamond is a fantastic choice for you. These diamonds are reminiscent of the Art Deco period with their geometric shapes and sharp cuts. With their minimal appearance, these diamonds have firmly positioned their place in the hearts of modern brides. Since they exude subdued glamor with the right amount of luster, baguette diamonds are the most fitting accents for a shining centerpiece.  

FUN FACT: Did you know that this diamond shape gets its name from the French word, baguette, which means a loaf of bread? Interesting, right? Let’s delve deeper and understand more about this sparkling diamond.

Know Your Sparkle: What Is a Baguette Diamond?

A baguette or step-cut diamond is a thin, elongated, rectangular-shaped stone that is proportionate to a 5-to-1 ratio in length to width. These stones consist of 14 large, straight facets, which exude beautiful clarity and lustre.

Baguettes come in two types- straight and tapered baguettes. Straight baguettes are perfectly rectangular, while tapered baguettes have a trapezoid shape because of their narrow appearance.

Often used as an accent or side stones, these subtly shining diamonds give out a soft, sophisticated aura. This vintage sparkler, which emerged in the 1900s, creates a multi-colored illusion.

Baguette diamonds are for a minimalist lover who is graceful, elegant, glamorous, yet carries her persona with an understated panache.

Trend Alert – Styling Baguette Wedding Bands

We’ve always heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Ever wondered why? This is because they accommodate every bride’s taste and are a worthy expression of their personality. Unlike popular opinion, the classic simplicity of a baguette diamond hugely appeals to contemporary brides, who want something prominent and lavish yet not gaudy.      

Baguette diamonds have an everlasting, Victorian appeal to them. Their raw appearance lends a modern charm, while the cut, purity, and color complement each other well. Highly versatile and budget-friendly, baguette wedding bands can easily be styled with your other jewelry pieces. The lightweight, slim-shaped rings can be incorporated into daily wear styling or stacked for a more luxurious look for a romantic dinner.

Baguette diamonds embody a refined grace that elevates when embedded in different settings or paired with other precious gemstones like an emerald. Whether it is the trilogy, channel, or vintage settings, a baguette-cut diamond looks timeless.

Baguette diamonds show the power of less being more as they twinkle splendidly. Its transparent, adaptable and authentic demeanor represents the qualities of a fulfilling marriage- honesty, trust, and integrity. The perfect heirloom to pass on to future generations, it superbly envelopes the idea of infinite love.


Baguette Wedding Bands at Gabriel & Co.

For all those who subtly love to stand out, we’re here to help you with some expert advice on choosing your perfect baguette wedding band! Transcending from a day-to-night; casual-to-formal attire, these multi-purpose stones boast smaller, precise, and clear cuts, which reduce flaws in their overall quality. And what’s more, stacking different styles can enable you to dress up or dress down as per the occasion and mood.

With myriad designs, check out Gabriel & Co.’s baguette rings collection, perfect jewelry to affirm your wedding vows.

The stunning understated design showcased in this 14K White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band shows how simple, yet magical true love can be. Your wedding ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and this sophisticated ring will always be a shimmering reminder of your exciting journey together.

Portraying a sophisticated flavor, this Victorian-inspired, intricate, 14K White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band definitely says a lot about the wearer’s superlative tastes. As the round diamonds are placed between baguettes, the design speaks of modern artistry. Wear it alone or pair it with other sparklers, it looks classy anyway.  

Spread your shine wherever you go! This 14K White Gold Baguette and Round Diamond Anniversary Band draws attention with its modern, stylish design.

This majestic Baguette Diamond Ring set in 14k White Gold splendidly showcases precise handiwork, representing a bride who celebrates every big and small win and learns from the losses. You can style this in numerous ways on casual and formal outfits.

This minimal design dazzles just the right amount! Set against the classic silhouette, the presence of the baguette diamonds makes it a one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry piece. You can style it in numerous ways given the immense versatility of the design. Wear it alone or stack it with your engagement or colored stone rings to make a spectacular style.

This 14K White Gold Baguette and Round 13 Stone Diamond Anniversary Band showcases a balancing act. The brilliance of the round stone coupled with the geometric shape of the baguettes lends a lot of elegance to the ring.

This 14K White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band is perfect and heartwarming to commemorate the new chapter of your life. It looks equally ravishing when worn with your favorite little black dress or a pretty summer floral dress on a sunny afternoon. But its winning, stylistic streak comes from the fact that you can stack or wear it simultaneously with other rings or jewels.

In conclusion, baguette rings are meant for the modern woman, who is a force to be reckoned with. As they rank high on elegance and class, this style resonates with a lot of brides-to-be today who love all things sophisticated.

If you are getting married soon, browse through our Baguette Wedding Rings collection at Gabriel & Co. to find your perfect ring. A wedding ring is a lifelong companion, something you would wear daily; make sure it resonates well with your preferences.  

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