White Gold Chains for Men – Six Bestselling Designs

White Gold Chains for Men - Bestselling Designs

Over the years, men’s jewelry has become increasingly diverse and trending. Today, men stylishly accessorize their attires with bracelets and rings to different necklaces and chains. Celebrities like Jay-Z, ASAP Rocky, and Brad Pitt have often proven that one men’s jewelry trend is here to stay- White Gold Chains!

This chain’s beauty lies in its brilliantly showcasing men’s sophisticated style and refined class. Unlike the flashy yellow gold chains, white gold chains embody unparalleled grace. They are stylish, chic, classy, and elegant- all notable features to consider while making a lifelong investment. Read on to understand why white gold chains are so popular amongst contemporary men.

What Makes White Gold Chains a Noteworthy Style?

Let’s learn more about this metal to understand the reason behind the white gold chain’s popularity. White Gold is an alloy made of 8, 14, or 18 karat gold with nickel, silver, or palladium. If it is 18k gold, then the alloy contains 75% gold and the rest 25% other metals. This combination whitens the bright yellow, giving the metal its characteristic color. It is further plated with rhodium for a shiny silver-white finish. Moreover, rhodium enhances its shine.

White gold enjoys high durability and endurance. The metal is quite affordable, promising top quality and splendor due to its soothing hues.

An extremely versatile jewelry piece, white gold chains look stunning in all designs. You can hardly go wrong with white gold chains, from adorning a minimalistic single chain to layering them for a bolder style statement. A timeless jewelry piece, they look equally classy with a wedding tuxedo or a casual t-shirt. These chains embody a man possessing exquisite taste and courage to stand by what he passionately believes in.

White gold chains come in multiple types like rope chains, cable chains, Franco chains, herringbone chains, box chains, and pendant chains, catering to diverse personalities. As they redefine the ideals of power-dressing, white gold chains have become synonymous with millions of men expressing their individuality through style.

So, are you ready for all the glam and bling? Discover Gabriel & Co.’s best-selling six White Gold Chain designs, and pick a favorite one for you, or maybe two!

Top Six White Gold Chain Designs for Men

A stylish gold chain is an accent piece for a well-groomed man and speaks volumes about his strength of character and confidence. The suitable gold chain amplifies your outfit by adding personality and an aesthetic nuance to it. Here are our bestselling designs to transform you into a style virtuoso effortlessly.

This 22 Inch 14K Yellow Gold Men’s Rosary Chain Necklace is a clean-cut, understated and classic choice for a timeless gift to surprise your partner. It consists of tiny links joined together to recreate the shape of a rope. Flaunt your effortless style by wearing it with or without a pendant.

A must-have everyday accessory, this 22-inch 14k White Gold Chain radiates a thoughtful touch that accommodates different style sensibilities. Transform its minimal appeal into a statement vibe by adding a pendant. Wheat grain white gold chains always look ravishing whenever and wherever you wear them.

White Gold Chains for Men - Bestselling Designs

This delicate and elegant 22 inch 14k White Gold Men’s Link Chain Necklace adds a finishing touch to your daily look. Also known as cable chains, they consist of an oval-linked row placed at ninety degrees from one another.

Are you looking for a classic, multipurpose white-gold chain to wear to work, on casual outings, or weekends? Well, look no further! This 22-inch sleek, White Gold Oval-Link Chain is a signature necklace to own, exuding dapper grace.

This enduring Wheat Chain Necklace in 14k White Gold is a versatile jewelry piece. The thickness of the chain makes it prominent. Layer it with another white gold chain, or wear it with a pendant for a new look every time.

White Gold Chains for Men - Bestselling Designs

As the name suggests, this White Gold 3mm Shotbead Necklace is trendy. Exuding a more casual vibe, wear it as a stand-alone piece or stack it with longer chains to let its circular silhouette stand out.

If this jewelry has caught your fancy, keep reading as we share more information about white gold chains ahead.

Is White Gold Better Than Platinum and Silver?

White Gold is a worthy metal in every aspect. While platinum is almost identical to white gold in appearance, it costs nearly double for its purity and density. A combination of gold, rhodium, and nickel, white gold is shinier, stronger, and more durable. Platinum scratches more easily than 18K or 14K white gold, therefore requiring frequent upkeeps to maintain its smooth appearance. White gold, on the other hand, needs maintenance only once every few years. This makes it a perfect everyday-wear option.

Silver, too, requires frequent polishing. The rhodium plating makes white gold more enduring and scratch-resistant. While it is easier to retain the bright white luster of white gold, silver eventually tarnishes and becomes dull, losing its shape with daily wear. Silver costs lesser, but white gold is more valuable due to its durability and low maintenance.

Does White Gold Turn Yellow with Time?

Since white gold has yellow gold in it, it turns yellow over time due to several factors such as oxidation or exposure to pollutants, chlorine, and laundry detergents. Following simple practices such as removing your chain during shower or swimming and getting rhodium re-plated or polished after a few years helps extend its shelf-life.

With more pros on its side, white gold jewelry has emerged as a popular choice for jewelry lovers over recent years.

What’s The Normal Size for Men’s White Gold Chain?

Before you purchase the fashionable white gold chains, let’s delve into understanding their different sizes. The shortest length ranges from 14-18 inches. More form-fitting, this length is perfect if you want your chain to be visible over the shirt. The most common chain length is 20 inches, which falls between the first two buttons of your shirt, and can be worn inside or outside. Choose between 22-24 inches for a longer appearance, primarily pairing it with pendants or other jewels. Lastly, flaunting your love for bling, a 26–30-inch chain will surely draw everyone’s attention.

What Does a White Gold Chain Say About Your Personality?

An eternal favorite, white gold chains represent men who emanate an air of refined demeanor and high status. Cool, calm, and collected, they possess a luxurious taste and love finer things in life. Loyal and trustworthy, the ardent white gold lover is a self-assured and dependable gentleman who believes in empowering others.

White Gold Chains for Men - Bestselling Designs

Factors to Consider While Buying a White Gold Chain

Paying tribute to your classy side, here are a few tips to help you choose your perfect white gold chain:

Chain Styles: Understanding your style, invest in a chain that speaks of you! Whether you want to go bold or minimal, choose from the various white gold chains available.

Face shapes: Balancing all factors, go for a sleeker design if you have a round face. On the contrary, bigger and more prominent designs look greater on a slim face.

Proportions: Pre-decide the style of necklace you want and ensure that its length and width suit your frame.

Styling Requisites: There are a few cardinal rules to remember. Always match your metals with the varying chain lengths, and cleverly layer them to look unique. To rock a solo look, add a simple pendant. While a formal occasion demands a simplistic look, don’t be afraid to go bold with casual attire.

Are you tempted to buy one now? If you’re looking for a white gold chain for yourself or to gift, head to Gabriel & Co. collection and choose from our wide range of options.

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