Art Deco Engagement Rings

A stunning and impressive throwback to the movement first popularized in France in the 1920s, art deco engagement rings offer a significant and eye-catching centerpiece on the wearer's finger that will turn heads and spark conversations. Striking, unique, and vintage to a T, these antique-style rings are commonly crafted with silver-toned metals like white gold or platinum and feature matching stones

  • ER14440R4W44JJ
  • ER14451R4W44JJ
  • ER14492R4W44JJ
  • Gabriel & Co
  • ER14493R4W44JJ
  • ER14411R4W44JJ
  • ER14445R4W44JJ
  • ER14452R4W44JJ
    • 14k White-Gold
    • 14k Yellow-Gold