A Gabriel & Co. butterfly necklace has the power to revamp an entire look, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. Embellish your neckline with one or more of our infinite options, all of which are crafted from the finest gemstones and precious metals. Browse through an array of styles from classic lockets to trendy chokers and stylish lariats.

  • $ 90
  • TDW - 0.08ct
    $ 395
  • TDW - 0.13ct
    $ 540
  • TDW - 0.05ct
    $ 395
  • TDW - 0.226ct
    $ 705
  • TDW - 0.164ct
    $ 675
  • TDW - 0.22ct
    $ 790
  • TDW - 0.019ct
    $ 365
  • TDW - 0.015ct
    $ 130

Trendy Fashion Butterfly Earrings from Gabriel & Co.

Enchanting butterfly necklaces possess a joyful spirit sure to bring a smile to her face. We've incorporated this symbolic shape in a range of designs from simple butterfly pendants to chic butterfly drop necklaces. Precious metals, diamonds and other gemstones add to these necklaces' undeniable allure.

Each Gabriel & Co. necklace is carefully tracked from design to production to store delivery with a unique identifying serial number. After purchase, simply register your serial number through our warranty process to protect against accidents and loss.