Polished, Assured, Knowing & Precise.

She’s polished but effortlessly ready for anything. She’s always right on time. She’s
everyone’s go-to girl.

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the fresh&

Direct, Independent, Singular & of course Free-Spirited.

She takes ten minutes to look her best. She has no use for trends and she knows
exactly what she likes.

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Warm, Nurturing, Hopeful, Happy & Supportive.

Shes’s permanently in a good mood. She loves getting dressed up and happy endings.
She never forgets to tell those who matter that they're loved.

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the casual
cool girl

Carefree, Comfort-seeking, Level-headed, Calm & Bright-eyed.

To her, all problems are merely situations. Her clothes are comfortable, So is her
furniture. She’s funny and she always seems to be walking in a breeze.

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the new horizon

Adventurous, Eclectic, Open-minded, Curious & Unpredictable.

Ever ready for an adventure. Her look is a mix unexpected and pieces she's adored
forever. She believes chances are meant to be taken.

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