Kavar Jewelers
St. Catharines , ON

The Kavar Jewellers family is bound by giving exceptional quality, selection and service. We are the longest standing jewelry store within our community shopping center. We're proud to have over 25 years of servicing our neighboring St. Catharine's communities of Brampton, Newmarket and Hamilton over the years. Kavar Jewellers is run by The Konialian Family, which consists of four brothers all of whom run their own branch of Kavar Jewellers in the area. They each offer a unique selection of jewelry and no showroom is exactly the same, but this gives our customers the variety to shop from different brands, styles and designers. One thing does remain uniform: they all value their customers and share strong family values, which directly connects to our customer service and merchandise quality. All of Kavar Jewellers offer beautiful designer engagement rings, fashion jewelry collections, designer lines and luxury watches. We hope you enjoy your Kavar Jewellers family experience.


221 Glendale Avenue, Pen Center, St. Catharines, ON, L2T2K9 (905) 704 0632 kavarjewellers@gmail.com
  • Free Consultation
  • Identification Number
  • Warranty Program
  • Shop confidently
  • Free Cleaning
Warranty Program

We take immeasurable pride in the quality and
precision of our jewelry:our free limited lifetime
warranty covers any necessry repairs or replacements.

Identification Number

A certification number is laser-
inscribed on the ring to ensure
authenticity and ownership.

Shop confidently

If you are not fully satisfied within 30
day, may exchange your registered item
at the original purchase location for
another ring of equal or higher value.
Service valid for one year from
purchase date.

Free Consultation

Get to know your ring before you buy it,
by shopping with one of our experienced,
family-owned and operated retail partners.

Free Cleaning

Don’t forget to have your jewelry
inspected every six months. We’re
proud to offer FREE jewelry cleaning
and inspection for any piece of jewelry.

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