Should You Buy a 2-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you still mulling over whether or not to buy a 2-carat diamond ring to propose your love? Well, the ring was good enough for Keira Knightly! Her husband, James Righton, presented her with a two-carat diamond sparkler set in platinum. The classic and elegant design cost him $40,000; that does say something about its brilliance and supremacy! 

The average weight for an engagement ring’s center stone is one carat, at least in the United States. A two-carat diamond is a substantial upgrade if you want to notch it up. Not only does this add a little more volume to the ring, but it also retains an understated, low-key charm. Let’s find out what you need to know about buying a two-carat ring for your significant other. 

What is a Two-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

First, it is essential to differentiate between buying a two-carat diamond ring and a ring with a Total Diamond Weight (TDW) of two carats. The first features a single diamond center stone that weighs two carats. The second contains a mix of small and big diamonds, adding up to two carats. You may potentially have ten small diamonds, which are of 0.2-carat weight each. The aesthetic and pricing between both these options are quite different. When we refer to a two-carat diamond engagement ring, we’re talking about a single stone that weighs two carats. A carat has nothing to do with size. It is a unit of weight for jewelry that amounts to 200mg. So, a two-carat diamond would weigh 400mg, roughly the weight of half of a raisin.

Is a Two-Carat Engagement Ring Big Enough?

A two-carat diamond ring isn’t massive, but the apparent size depends on the diamond’s cut and shape – which we’ll get into later. Oval or marquise cut diamonds look larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight because of their elongated shape. If you want to quantify the size of a two-carat diamond, a round cut diamond of this weight usually measures 8.1-8.2mm in diameter. Compare this to a 1-carat diamond, which is typically 6.5mm wide. This difference may not seem significant to you when you read it as text, but trust us – it definitely shows up on your finger! On the other hand, a two-carat oval-cut diamond is 10.5mm long and 7mm wide on average. A two-carat Asscher cut diamond also weighs similarly.

Diamond Carat Size

How Much Does a Two-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

One may presume that a two-carat diamond costs double the price of a one-carat diamond, but that is far from the truth. Smaller stones measuring around one carat are more readily available in the desired cut, color, and clarity than the bigger two-carat ones. Since the larger diamonds are rarer, it is a key factor that impacts pricing. As the carat weight goes up, the price increases exponentially. A two-carat diamond ring typically sets you back by $5,000 to as much as Keira Knightley’s ring and even more sometimes!

Since the ring price significantly increases when you touch the two-carat mark, some people prefer to buy diamonds that are just about close to it. Something like 1.90 carats is great if you’re trying to be budget-conscious. Please note that this doesn’t always mean you’ll save a lot. Consider the price difference and check if it’s worth downgrading before you decide on a piece.

Here are some affordable options for engagement ring settings: these gorgeous jewelry pieces cost below $3,500 each. Please consider that all our prices are for the setting only; center stones are purchased independently at an additional cost.

For many couples, nothing is prettier than a round-cut diamond engagement ring. The above design is perfect for the classic bride who wants her ring to match her sparkling personality. The diamond is held in place by an intricately-carved basket dotted with diamonds. This is fitted with a halo on top that peeps and twinkles from behind the center stone. Set in 14k gold, the shank also features smaller round accent diamonds for that extra bit of glitter. The beautiful ring setting costs $3450, exclusive of the center stone.

What favors an oval-cut diamond (apart from its drop-dead appearance!) is that it looks much bigger in size for the same carat weight. The halo setting featuring baguette and round diamonds in the above design further accentuates the length. The slim band is set in 14k white gold and features a row of diamonds, exuding a vintage allure. This engagement ring is perfect for the bride with an old-world charm who leads a 21st-century life. Priced accessibly at $3150, each diamond in this stunner is worth its sparkle.

What Should You Look for in a Two-Carat Engagement Ring?

The other three Cs – clarity, color, and cut are equally crucial when shopping for a two-carat diamond engagement ring. Since your diamond is bigger than usual, inclusions or flaws will be more clearly visible. Therefore, consider the stone’s clarity very carefully before finalizing your option. Choose a diamond clarity grade of VS2 or above. This stands for Very Slightly Included and indicates that tiny inclusions (invisible to the naked eye) are passable. 

Color is another consequential aspect. Color grades start from D (colorless) and go all the way downwards, with Z being almost light yellow or brown. As the diamond size increases, the color becomes more visible. For a 1-carat diamond ring, one may even look at I, J, or K color, but for 2 carat and above, do not consider beyond G or H color. The ring’s metal also works to enhance or camouflage the diamond color. White Gold and Platinum highlight the yellow hues of the color, if there are any. In contrast, the yellow and rose gold metals hide the diamond color and bring its dazzle to the fore.

A bride has to sparkle, and so does her diamond. With a bigger carat diamond, do not compromise on the cut since it makes all the difference. The way your diamond is cut and faceted influences its interaction with light. The surface area of a 2-carat diamond is large enough to reflect and disperse light magnificently, enhancing its sparkle. Only consider using an ‘Excellent’ or ‘Ideal’ cut. Always prioritize the cut if you have to choose between the cut and any of the other two factors. Lastly, don’t forget to check your certification. Purchase two-carat diamonds graded by top-tier international laboratories like GIA and settle for nothing less.

On average, be willing to spend between $4,500 and $5,000 for a two-carat engagement ring setting. Here are some of the most stunning pieces you can purchase.

2-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful emerald cut diamond is set in 14k white gold, with a glistening halo of smaller diamonds encircling it. A three-stone design, this one is sure to enhance your style quotient because of its clean contemporary lines and extra sparkle. The setting is priced at $4950 without the center stone.

This design transcends trends and flickering style statements. It is a true classic, with a promise to be an heirloom piece you can pass on to your children. A round two-carat center stone fits effortlessly into the prong setting. Crafted from 14k white gold, the ring also features 1.03 carats of round accent diamonds along the shank. The unique scallop design on the shank helps each of these diamonds to stand out rather than blending in as a twinkling line. A hidden line of pave stones plays peekaboo beneath the round center stone. The ring is priced at $4500.

Which Diamond Shape Looks Best for a Two-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

The shape reflects the bride’s personality and is always a matter of individual choice. The round cut is a universal favorite no matter what the carat weight is because of its simplicity and ability to sparkle. But having spent significantly more on your two-carat ring, some couples like to deviate from the conventional choices. They prefer other shapes that highlight the bigger size of the diamond even better. We’d suggest oval cut or marquise cut designs in that case. The oval is a twist on the more conventional round cut diamond, so it strikes a balance between sparkle and size. Marquise cut diamonds look larger than average for their carat weight and make your finger look slender and delicate. Princess cut diamonds are ideal for the contemporary sophisticate. They have a larger table size, which makes them look very different from other diamond shapes. Lastly, an emerald-cut diamond of this size is ideal for a classic and glamorous bride. Pay attention to the clarity grade of your two-carat emerald cut ring. Since the cut differs from the other shapes we’ve recommended, inclusions are more easily spotted.

Which Ring Setting Looks Best for a Two-Carat Diamond?

Most settings are sure to suit your sparkling two-carat diamond engagement ring. But for the sake of durability, avoid tension settings. These make the diamond look like it is suspended in the air and are quite breath-taking. But for stones as weighty as two carats, choose a more secure and long-lasting option.

A solitaire or prong setting is always a favorite since it shows off your center stone splendidly. Make sure you choose wisely between a four-prong and six-prong setting. The former highlights the sparkle in your stone better, but the latter keeps it more secure. Another good idea for a two-carat engagement ring is to use a halo, especially if you’re trying to add more volume to your ring. The halo features a row of sparkling diamonds around the two-carat center stone for that extra shine. Speaking of shine, try pave ring settings as well – tiny diamonds placed closely in a row give the impression that the ring setting is sparkly instead of metallic. A bezel setting is very secure but may not show off the stone to its best advantage.

Which is the Best Metal for a Two-Carat Engagement Ring?

The metals used in a two-carat diamond engagement ring depend entirely on the design and look of the ring. Platinum, 14k, and 18k gold are the most durable options to support this extra weight. White metals have become the color of choice for most brides because they add that extra brilliance and sparkle to a diamond. Go for colored metals like yellow and rose gold if you’d like a slightly traditional look, with warmer and more muted tones. 

Ultimately, the setting and metal impact the price of your ring as much as the center stone. These fabulous ring settings cost between $5,000 and $10,000 for the bride who wants to spare no expense! If you wish to feature more elements and details in the setting and a costlier metal, be prepared to spend more than $5,000.

Channel some ‘50s Hollywood glamor with this emerald-cut two carat diamond engagement ring. The 18k white gold metal offsets the three-stone design beautifully. Smaller diamonds encrust the shank. If you’re a bride who wants to pull out all the stops and get your celebrity vibe on, this two-carat diamond engagement ring is simply perfect for you. Priced at $9,400, it is a reflection of great taste and sophistication.

Naming this jewelry piece – Aphrodite, is only apt. You’re sure to feel like the Greek Goddess of beauty when you wear this stunning ring. This ring, with a prima donna – a princess-cut two-carat diamond, also boasts other beautiful elements and detailing. The split shank is encrusted with pave diamonds. The diamond halo is unconventional and sparkly, enveloping the center stone to instantly create a silhouette that grabs your attention. If you truly want to bring out your inner Goddess, there’s no better engagement ring than this one. The intricate setting is priced at $5500, perfect to fit your princess-cut stone.

A two-carat engagement ring can be the perfect purchase for someone looking to up the ante just a little without being too flashy. Head to Gabriel & Co. for a fine selection of two-carat engagement rings in many shapes, settings, and metals.

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