Anniversary Ring Ideas for Her

Whether you’ve been married for a short time or about to celebrate your golden anniversary, a new sparkler for your left or right hand, makes for an amazing and memorable gift that can be cherished always.  Depending on how you plan to wear the ring makes a difference in what type of style is best for you. Women’s preferences run the gamut, so I’ve rounded up some of the best rings to mark that momentous occasion.

There are plenty of ways to stack your engagement ring and celebrate your anniversary.

Option 1: An anniversary band you can wear together with your engagement ring.

If you’re looking for an anniversary ring to stack with your engagement ring you should carefully consider the design and width of your current engagement ring.  If your engagement ring is already wide and if you’re also wearing your wedding band together with it, then the comfort level in adding a third ring to your stack should be a consideration.  If you have a solitaire and a thin wedding band then your options are plentiful.  A simple diamond band is very versatile and looks great with all solitaires.  The width can be the same as your engagement ring, thinner or wider, there really are no rules.  If your wedding band already has diamonds then a new band to flank the other side is a great addition.  Bands that feature baguettes give off an art deco feel while millgrain edging conjures the much beloved Victorian era.  If why not introduce a new texture like a twisted rope design or gold beads to really make each row pop?

Style: AN15371W4JJJ

Option 2: Add a unique element to your engagement ring.

The lines between fashion and bridal are slowly being blurred so adding a unique band to your engagement ring stack is quite en vogue these days. For example a floral band adds a sweet romantic touch to a classic solitaire. Depending on your mood you may choose to wear it every day or for certain occasions.  A Victorian or geometric-inspired band will bring a touch of old world charm to your set.  And a twisted open diamond band will look modern and contemporary.

Option 3: Add some color.

A new band featuring her birth stone makes a wonderful and sentimental addition to a bridal stack.  When mixed with diamonds they complement the engagement ring beautifully.  Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and even semi-precious birth stones work perfectly.  A pop of color brings joie de vivre to the bridal stack and really makes it stand out.

14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Anniversary Band
Style: AN15367W44SA
14K Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Anniversary Band
Style: LR5136Y44EA
14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Anniversary Band
Style: LR4572W44RA

Option 4: Consider a curved band for the other side of your engagement ring.

A curved band looks great with solitaires and halo styles. The part of the band that sits under the center stone is not hidden in a curved band so all the diamonds are always exposed.  Curved rings also work great with halo engagement rings when a straight band does not allow for the two rings to sit flush against each other.   

Option 5:  Consider an enhancer.

Consider an enhancer or ring jacket to accent your engagement ring.  Once super popular in the 80s, ring jackets, also called enhancers, have come back in vogue and today’s brides are embracing them once again.  The final look is of two bands that flank your engagement ring from top to bottom. 

Option 6:  Consider an eternity band.

Eternity bands carry with them a great deal of symbolism and meaning. Without an end point in sight, these rings create a clear symbol of eternal devotion. This symbolism is further reinforced in diamond eternity rings as diamonds signify love, faithfulness, and endurance; after all a diamond is forever.

Option 7: Consider wearing an anniversary ring on your right hand.

If you’re looking for something that can stand alone, then a fancy anniversary band is right for you.  Bigger anniversary rings really cement how far you’ve come together in life and as a couple.

Option 8: Go for the WOW factor.

If you’re set on wearing an anniversary band on its own then why not get something that’s a serious statement maker?  Packed with intense sparkle, these rings are meant to be worn on their own apart from your bridal set.

No matter what ring you choose for your bride if you’ve chosen from the heart she will treasure it for always.   You can view these and other anniversary rings by browsing our website.