The Unfailing Charm of Diamond Eternity Bands

You are not alone if you confess to being fascinated by a diamond eternity band. Women across age groups, geographies, and style preferences love an elegant eternity band embellished with glistening diamonds. But have you ever wondered about the history of these graceful jewelry pieces? Why are they called “eternity bands,” and what is the best way to wear a diamond eternity band? We are here to share all the exciting details about these sparkling jewelry pieces while also acquainting you with the exquisite eternity bands collection at Gabriel & Co.

What is An Eternity Band?

As the name suggests, the diamond-encrusted bands are a celebration of “eternity.” The precious stones arranged in an endless circle embracing the finger symbolize a love that refuses to wane. This design of ring showcasing a string of diamonds in a circle is referred to by different names, such as an eternity ring, celebration ring, infinity ring, and full diamond band. Some couples also appreciate an exquisite diamond eternity band as the wedding ring.

The exciting concept of the eternity bands owes its origin to the culture of ancient Egypt, dating back to some 4000 years. Though the Egyptians didn’t exchange eternity diamond rings while taking their wedding vows, they had their version of a ring in the pattern of a snake biting its tail, symbolizing their eternal love.

What is An Eternity Ring Given For?

A diamond eternity band is popularly gifted on the first wedding anniversary or commemorating any special milestone for the couple. As they symbolize boundless love and an everlasting commitment, these rings are perfect as anniversary bands. They are also gifted at the occasion of a child’s birth to bless the couple and the child with new beginnings and an eternity of good fortune. Many young couples stay committed in live-in relationships suggesting that love can be celebrated beyond marriage. An eternity band becomes the testimony to their love in such scenarios.

Again, the significance of the eternal bands is not limited to a romantic relationship only. They are ideal gifts to surprise your best friend, sibling, or mom with a scintillating string of diamonds set in an eternity ring. It is always a good idea to show love, isn’t it? These bands also prove to be a perfect investment in the most crucial person in your life – yourself. Why not pamper yourself with something just as precious as you are?

How Do You Wear Diamond Eternity Band?

Look for a complementing eternity ring if you wish to wear it on the left hand, stacking it with your wedding band and engagement ring. Though fashion has never had any rules, the general practice is to wear the wedding ring first at the bottom, which makes it closest to the heart. Then the engagement ring in the middle, topped with an eternal band, making it a team of three. If your wedding and engagement rings have diamonds, you may want to pick an eternity band with some colored jewels to add a little color to the arrangement. If your wedding or engagement rings already have a color scheme, keep the eternity band simple and go for an all-diamond circle.

Which Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Ring On?

If stacking is not your style, sport the eternity ring on the finger next to the ring finger on your left hand. Wearing it on the ring finger of the right hand is also a good idea if there are no rings on that hand yet.

And, if you have no wedding or engagement rings yet, wear the eternity band on the ring finger of your left hand and let it take the spotlight.

Diamond Eternity Bands at Gabriel & Co.

Eyeing a diamond eternity band to add to your jewelry collection? Pick from these awe-striking designs of sparkling diamond bands we have laid out for you. All the three rings above are in 14K white gold. They are designed with profound creative ideation, meticulous craftsmanship, and carefully chosen high-quality diamonds. Each ring has a distinct flair and appeal; the designs are classics yet reflect a contemporary touch. While the first ring has a vintage-inspired look, the second one boasts an artistic symmetry of the round and marquise-cut rocks. With its French pave setting, the final ring has a more contemporary vibe that speaks instantly to a young diva.

Diamond Eternity Bands Featuring Colored Stones – Double the Glamour

While a diamond band is an ageless classic, colored stones add further persona to the rings. They lend a captivating charm that instantly elevates the wearer’s spirit. If you have a penchant for colored stones, choose any of these splendid diamond eternity bands punctuated with luxurious sapphire crystals. Sapphire gemstone is a befitting match to the diamond in grandiose; the blue stone holds an air of royalty and opulence that makes them so special.

The first ring is a fantastic choice for a woman who gravitates to classic, dainty jewelry. The French pave of the white gold secures round cut diamond and sapphires placed alternatively. The second ring showcases rectangular sapphire stones encrusted in between round-cut diamonds. The interplay of geometric shapes makes this ring a powerful and commanding jewelry piece. Knowing the wearer’s personality, one can easily make out which band will light up her eyes at the very sight of it.

Do Diamonds Ever Fall Out of an Eternity Band?

As a jewelry brand and retailer, we encounter this question sometimes. Diamonds in an eternity band are firmly secured with prongs. In some designs, the walls of the channel in which the diamond is placed grip and hold the stone tightly. It is equally important to get your band periodically checked by the retailer so that any weakening in the grasp can be fixed.    

A beautiful eternity band is a total show-stopper in one’s jewelry collection. Diamond Eternity bands are classy in appearance and interest women who like minimal yet singular jewelry. Transitional jewelry, you can wear the band any hour of the day for any mood and occasion. Discover your perfect design from the wide collection of diamond eternity bands at Gabriel & Co.

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