Eternity Bands: One Ring, Many Diamonds

The eternity band (also known as an infinity ring) symbolizes ever-lasting love and never-ending commitment through a continuous line of diamonds and/or gemstones around the circular band. Eternity rings are often given as a gift to commemorate a major milestone in a couple’s life such as a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, or simply as a reminder of a cherished moment in their relationship. Though they may represent a special occasion of the past or present, eternity bands have also been known to symbolize the promise of future celebrations and achievements. When words can no longer describe the deep emotions for a soulmate, a symbolization of forever is an ultimate statement.

Over the Years


The concept of a circular band as a representation of devotion and eternal love between two soulmates dates back to the ancient Egyptians who utilized materials like braided reeds, carved bone, metal and gemstones to craft such rings. Decades later, these rings served as inspiration for the design of the diamond eternity band

It wasn’t until the mid-1940s when the De Beers Mining Company, encouraged the use of small diamonds in jewelry which ultimately led to the popularity of diamond engagement rings and eternity bands. A witty ad campaign was launched with the famous slogan, “A diamond is forever” which added a special sentiment to the purchase of a diamond ring. The subtle elegance of a diamond eternity band became popular and ideal for most women when the much-adored  Marilyn Monroe was gifted an utterly stunning diamond eternity band by Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio on their wedding day in 1954.


Since eternity bands signify momentous occasions in a couple’s relationship, it is imperative to have knowledge of the different types of bands, a sense of the wearer’s style and the confidence to present a ring that truly speaks to the heart.


Eternity bands are available in two styles – the full eternity band and the half eternity band. The only feature that differentiates them is the way the diamonds are set.

On the full eternity band, the diamonds are set tightly in a row and carefully set all the way around the circular band. Many brides prefer the full eternity because of its eye-catching, all-over sparkle, and classic style. The grandeur of the full diamond eternity ring makes it a special occasion piece when paired with the engagement ring. When styled with other rings, it proves to be a symbol of status providing a luxurious statement look. Since the underside of a full eternity ring is regularly exposed to daily wear and tear, it is recommended to polish the diamonds regularly to maintain their sparkle, as well as its upkeep by checking for any loose prongs.

AN11264-4W44JJ, $4,785 AN14863W44JJ, $3,190

The half eternity ring consists of a row of diamonds that begin and end at the halfway point of the ring. A half eternity ring is a great option for one who prefers comfort as it allows for a smooth fit on the sides of the finger and is more sympathetic to daily wear and tear. Another added benefit of half eternity bands is that they can be easily resized, while a full eternity band cannot be resized.


Matching Diamond Cuts

Classic round cut diamonds are often the preference because of their timeless appearance and versatility in pairing with other rings. However fancy shapes create a dramatic statement and add glamour to any look. These shapes look especially great when paired with an engagement ring of the same cut.  The princess, oval and emerald cuts are most popular.

AN11211W44JJ, $3,905 AN14954W44JJ $7,315 AN12385W44JJ, $12,665

Color Gemstones

AN11360-6W44SA, $3,280


Picking a style with colored gemstones is a thoughtful way to personalize a ring. The colored gemstones may represent you, the bride and/or your child’s birthstone or it could simply represent a favorite color. Colored gemstones can be combined with diamonds or other gemstones for a bold and breathtaking style.

Mixed Diamond Cuts

Many styles mix various diamond cuts in one band creating unique patterns, ideal for the adventurous and free-spirited personalities. Some examples are baguettes alternating with rounds, princess surrounded with rounds or diamonds paired with colored gemstones to create a truly one of a kind look, personalized to the wearer.

AN5285-6W44JJ, $4,885 AN12427W44JJ, $12,890 AN15367W44SA, $1,225

Band Width Options

Eternity and Half Eternity bands can come in various band widths as well. Some women go by the motto “when it comes to diamonds it’s never enough sparkle” and prefer rings with 2 or 5 row bands. These make great statement pieces and truly stand out even when worn singularly.

AN7784-6W44JJ, $7,590 AN15038W44JJ, $5,985

Metal Options

The band is equally important to an eternity ring, as is the gemstone that makes it sparkle. Gold is the most popular metal for wedding jewelry for its timeless feel. It is naturally yellow in color, although when mixed with different alloys it changes color, the most popular being white gold and rose gold. Bands are also made in platinum, which is more rare than gold making it more expensive.

AN3082W44JJ, $1,375 AN3082Y44JJ, $1,375 AN3082K44JJ, $1,375

The exceptional quality of Gabriel & Co.’s eternity rings and bands ensures that they may be passed on to future generations, immortalizing your love and commitment. And with our chic elegant designs, your eternity band will never go out of style.

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