What Are the Different Bracelet Designs for Women?

Bracelet designs for women

“A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever,” said actor-writer Anita Loos. Of all the jewelry pieces that women (and men, but we won’t go there today!) own and wear, bracelets are probably the most universal and popularly loved too! 

So, there are varied opinions about the origin of the word bracelet. Some say it comes from the Greek word ‘brachile’, which means ‘of the arm’. Others believe it originates from the Latin word ‘brachium‘, which just means ‘arm’. Irrespective of the name’s history, bracelets have been worn for a few thousand years now – from the Egyptian civilization to the Indus Valley settlement. 

Today, they’re a significant sartorial accessory more than anything else. Whether you want your fun and quirky personality to shine through, or you’re looking to channel a classic and elegant vibe, there’s always a bracelet to help you achieve the desired style.

What Does a Bracelet Symbolize?

Where do we begin? There’s such a lot to say on this, since different cultures and generations have interpreted the symbolism of bracelets in various ways, but we’ll try to keep it short. A friendship or a love bracelet for instance, is self-explanatory; it cements the bond between two people – one who gifts it and the other who wears it. In some cultures, bracelets have come to be regarded as a sacred talisman for good luck. The ancient Greeks wore them in battle (go, Achilles!), to protect their wrists during war.

Then there are charm bracelets bearing the symbols that resonate with each wearer – right from the sign of their zodiac to the initials of their loved one or the objects and sentiments that hold special meaning in their lives. Indigenous tribes across countries still use bracelets with semi-precious stones as healing tools. In China, jade bracelets are gifted as a token of love and affection, while in India, they wear bracelets with black beads to ward off the evil eye.

Surprisingly, some slight part of the symbolism behind the bracelet is not that positive. Historically, it has also been indicative of and closely linked with slavery, while at the other end of the spectrum, women used to wear it to flaunt their social and financial status.

This is the perfect bracelet, whether you’re looking to cement your friendship, flaunt a charm, or convey positive and peaceful energy. It reflects your goals, visions, and overall pursuit of growth and happiness in life while being high on style. An adjustable twisted cable stainless steel roped bangle features a sterling silver angel wing charm. Choose this befitting bracelet for self-purchase or as a thoughtful gifting option.

This bracelet symbolizes deep love, crafted in 14k yellow gold with two entwined hearts – each with a distinctly different texture. Wear it to show your significant other how much you love them while at the same time retaining your own brand of individuality.

While all bracelet designs have their unique charm, the answer to this is a tie! Cuff bracelets and tennis bracelets constantly vie for the top spot with one another. The cuff generally tends to be more affordable than the tennis bracelet, but of course, there are exceptions. Cuffs are open bracelets, not unlike bangles – in a sense, they don’t have a clasp and are not fluid. However, they don’t form a full circle, and the ends stop short of each other. They’re worn by sliding your wrist through this opening. Although it is tempting to keep adjusting the cuff size and its opening, you should do this only once and then use it as it is, or they can get misshapen.

Pull out all the stops with this wide 14k white-yellow gold Bujukan bead cuff bracelet with diamond channels. You can also opt for a rose or white gold setting, and it comes in sizes ranging from 5.0 to 8.0, depending on your wrist style and the fit you’re looking for. Ideal for formal brunches, big days at work, and a bit of nightclub glamour.

Tennis bracelets, on the other hand, are made up of a row of diamonds set in and linked together by a metal – usually gold or platinum. Sometimes the diamonds are replaced by other precious gemstones. But why is this extravagant piece of jewelry, usually linked with celebrities, socialites, and country club members, called a ‘tennis bracelet’? Originally called a ‘diamond line bracelet’, it rose to prominence a century ago. The tennis player Chris Evert wore one while playing a 1987 US Open Championships match. The clasp of her bracelet suddenly broke and fell off her wrist. Panicked, she asked for a break in play to look for her ‘tennis bracelet’ before resuming the match. The name stuck and has become synonymous with this style of bracelet. 

This stunning 14k white gold diamond tennis bracelet is sure to be the cynosure of all eyes. With 3.85 ct diamonds, its elegance and sparkle are unmatched. Be the belle of the ball at your country club, or outshine every other woman in the room at a formal dinner party with this accessory.

What Wrist Do You Wear a Bracelet On?

You do you. There’s no right or wrong here and no set rules to follow. You can wear your bracelet on either your left or right wrist or both. If you have a preference, in terms of either style or practicality, go for it. However, if you’re a novice and have yet to uncover your comfort zone, there are a few thumb rules to remember when deciding which wrist to wear a bracelet on. One is to try and wear it on the dominant hand, usually the right. This works well, especially if you’re wearing a watch on the left hand. Then again, no one’s stopping you from wearing your bracelet – or a few – on your left hand along with the watch to add a chunky and layered look to your left arm.

If you’re wearing a single bracelet on your right hand, it’s unlikely you’ll go wrong with this showstopper. A 10mm-wide piece, this Cuban tennis bracelet is an avant-garde take on the usual, crafted from 14k yellow gold with pave diamonds and plain links that measure 7 inches.

Do You Wear Bracelets with Your Watch?

Yes, absolutely. If you’re looking to wear your watch and are conflicted about adding a bracelet or two on the same wrist, we’ve got you covered. A safe way to do it is to choose a dainty bracelet that grabs attention without outshining your watch. Try looking for a minimal pattern in similar colors and materials, to begin with, and then slowly experiment with contrasts to complement your watch. If you’ve got a smartwatch, the ideal thing to do is choose straps for them that offset your bracelet.

This 14k yellow gold chain bracelet with flat rhombus stations is a sure-shot bet. It is sleek and contemporary while still retaining a conventional sophistication. Not to mention that it would look great even with leather watch straps.

How Many Bracelets Should You Wear at a Time?

Again, this is a highly individual choice. If you’ve got the personality and styling prowess to carry off ten bracelets stacked in a row, go for it! Our styling experts concur that seven is a good number to stop with, even for the most flamboyant of women. The ideal number, though, without risking going overboard, is 3-4. Mix up the bracelet widths and sizes. Another thing – ensure that both wrists don’t have the same number of bracelets. If you’re going all out with one hand, keep the other one minimalistic. If you’re unsure of how much is too much, two bracelets is a good number. Also, keep the occasion, venue, and context in mind while deciding on the number of bracelets. It might not be a great idea to wear too many bracelets to your workplace and have them clanging together, but you could probably grab a lot of eyeballs (in a good way!) at a nightclub.

This classy 14k white gold chain bracelet with a horizontal east-west cross topped with sparkling diamonds is a great addition to your bracelet stack. The cross sits in the center of the bracelet for a respectful show of fashion and faith, ideal for the woman who wears her beliefs proudly. A chain of 14k rose gold links suspends the cross for a contemporary update to a classic style. Opt for this piece in rose or yellow gold, depending on how the rest of your stack is looking.

How Do You Style a Bracelet?

For starters, consider sleeve length when styling your bracelet. This aspect is often overlooked, but we can’t tell you how important it is! Yes, you might be able to pull off a stack or a chunky bracelet over a full-sleeved outfit, but ideally, choose sleeves that end well above your bracelet so that you show it off against your skin. On that note, take a look at your outfit as well. Sure, you may have found a few pieces or a combination of pieces that always work for you. But try to play around to curate an exciting and innovative stack for each outfit.

 It is also important to consider the occasion before you style your bracelet. Let’s say you’re getting married. You can wear a fun, chunky bracelet or an eclectic stack at your bachelorette party, but the wedding ceremony may demand a more classic piece like a tennis bracelet.

Make sure you don’t choose your bracelet in isolation. It should go with your earrings, chain, or anything else you might be wearing. This doesn’t necessitate it to be an exact match or part of a set. Just ensure that the various pieces complement and offset each other really well.

Experiment with textures – a pearl-encrusted bracelet for a daytime soiree, a beaded cuff for a workplace meeting, a smooth, shiny metal bangle for a casual evening of drinks, or a diamond-studded tennis bracelet for a party. Don’t stick to just one style or aesthetic.

We can’t get enough of this 14k yellow-white twisted rope and diamond bangle bracelet. It combines two different textures and hues and can also be effortlessly styled with just about anything, from a pair of jeans to a formal evening dress.

Does One Need to Take Wrist Size into Account While Choosing Bracelets?

Yes, a hundred times over! Do not compromise on fit just because the style or price is right. If your bracelet is too big, it is a hassle, falling or sliding off and constantly needing attention. Then again, if it’s a tighter fit than meant to be, your wrists do not look great – and it isn’t very comfortable either. If you have small wrists, delicate pieces might be more suitable. On the other hand, people with broader and larger wrists can go with chunkier pieces. Always measure your wrist, and choose the right size for you while picking up a bracelet. One rule to keep in mind is that for a bracelet to be comfortable, it can be one inch longer than the circumference of your wrist.

For the woman with dainty wrists, this 14k yellow gold round C initial diamond Bujukan cuff bracelet is an exquisite addition to your jewelry collection. You can wear it round-the-clock, and the cuff style offers the added advantage of adjusting it for wrist size.

Decoding the right bracelet design and selecting the one for you might seem tricky and overwhelming initially, given the numerous options at your disposal. But if you approach the task with a mix of instinct and choice, you’ll find yourself choosing the most exquisite one. Gabriel & Co has a fabulous and vast collection of bracelets to suit every occasion and budget, so do not think and discover your favorite picks.  

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