The Sharp Beauty of a Marquise Diamond

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Getting engaged with your beloved is the best feeling in the world. To commemorate this exciting moment, you need a sparkling ring to go down on one knee and ask your lady love to marry you. While you commit to a “forever” of togetherness, surprise her with a  dazzling marquise diamond ring as she says the most important “Yes” of her life.

The Marquise cut is a unique 18th-century vintage ring that redefines the idea of traditional, old-school love. It has emerged as a favorite amongst many celebrities. Mega stars like Catherine Zeta-JonesAshlee SimpsonJennifer Lopez, and Victoria Beckham opted for this diamond ring shape, elevating its stature further. Seeped in deep meaning, let’s learn more about this special diamond.

What Does a Marquise Diamond Mean?

The marquise cut is a boat-shaped diamond featuring an elongated, elliptical shape, pointed in opposite directions. Also known as the ‘football-shaped cut’, the ‘eye-shaped cut’ or ‘the navette’ (meaning little ship in French), the marquise diamond is made of 58 facets. It, therefore, radiates a brilliant sparkle. 

The marquise diamond cut was first created in 1745 when King Louis XV of France requested a diamond that bore semblance to the lips of his lover, the Marquise of Pompadour. Furthermore, since the term ‘marquise’ referred to the hereditary rank between the Count and the Duke, this cut soon became associated with royalty, Old-Age aristocracy, and affluence. 

With its vintage flair, the marquise cut has made its fashionable mark in different eras due to its unique, timeless charm. Whether it’s floral Victorian engagement rings, geometric design rings with Art Deco influences, or mid-century modern styles, the navette cut is here to stay. Since the 1980s, it has been a favorite amongst most brides. The marquise diamond cut also has romance glittering through it. Originating first in Paris, France, many couples prefer this diamond cut for its reference to the city of love and light.

Unparalleled for its elegance and beauty, read on to know why this diamond-cut enjoys such immense popularity.

What is Special About a Marquise Diamond?

In today’s times, it is common for yesteryear fashion trends to resurge. And so is the case with the marquise cut diamond engagement rings.

If you’re a fan of the oval-cut engagement rings but love a tinge of drama to it, then the marquise cut is for you. Due to its defining shape, a marquise-cut diamond ring makes your fingers look slender, delicate, and highly feminine. They look mesmerizing as their elongated frame sparkles away to glory on your fingers. Their longer shape gives an illusion of higher carat weight, sparkle, and fire, making the diamond appear larger than it is. The marquise diamond rightly gives you more bling at an affordable price.

The marquise cut is also known for its balanced symmetry. While the outer points are sharp, the curves have a gentler silhouette. The beauty of a marquise diamond lies in its classic simplicity. Whether you wear it as an individual stone or as part of a more elaborate design, the marquise cut looks undeniably gorgeous.

An exclusive choice, marquise cut diamonds befit those modern brides who are adventurous and edgy, just like a marquise shape. Jewelry designers are reinventing the marquise cut and adding a contemporary twist to this traditional stone. From changing the orientation to the east-west setting to opting for different metals, accent diamonds, or gemstones, this vintage stone is dynamically used in various engagement ring settings. Be it ye classic solitaire, the six-prong setting, the halo setting, or the bezel setting.

Still a rare choice in today’s times, marquise-cut pays a special ode to your relationship with your soulmate, celebrating all those endearing moments of togetherness. Read on to discover some jaw-dropping, best-selling designs by Gabriel & Co.

Top Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Designs by Gabriel & Co.

Are you and your partner looking for a diamond as unique as your true love? With a touch of drama and glamour, the marquise diamond engagement ring might be what you’re looking for. Check out our best-selling designs, which are beautiful statements to carry forward to your happily ever after.

This 14K White Gold Marquise Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is simply stunning. The thin, intertwining diamond strands beautifully accentuate the marquise stone as it sparkles in the center. A statement piece, wear it as a sole accessory or pair with other jewels, the ring draws attention for its sharp aesthetic.

This scintillating 1-ct marquise diamond effortlessly glimmers through the surrounding halo and the diamond-embellished split shank while maintaining its vintage charm. Representing a woman of effortless grace and taste, it looks splendid with casual and formal looks.

Depicting a ‘less is more’, minimalistic vibe, this Victorian 14k White Gold Engagement Ring features pave diamonds set on a refined straight silhouette. Secured by a six-prong setting, the sparkling center stone radiates a dazzling aura, making you shine like a bonafide showstopper.

Replete with bright diamonds, the 14K White Gold Hidden Halo Marquise Shape Diamond Engagement Ring is beautiful to express your love to your bride-to-be (if she says a yes!). The sleek diamond-encrusted band enhances the 1.5 ct center stone. The surrounding halo protects and highlights the marquise diamond- all qualities that embody a happy marriage.  

This 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring exudes a larger-than-life appeal through its sleek appearance. The intricate leaf-like diamond artistry on the shank merges age-old Victorian influences with a more modern setting. Uplift your wedding ensemble with this sparkler, and pair it with pearl drop earrings and a tennis bracelet to complete the look.

This 14k White Gold Halo Engagement Ring is a brilliant choice for a woman who loves glitz and drama. This design showcases a balancing act as the lean, accented diamond shank and the glittering halo boost the beauty of the 1-ct center marquise diamond. Wear it on a casual date or a formal soiree, and this ring will captivate one and all. 

Buying an engagement ring is a lifelong investment, both of money and emotions. You must be sure the ring complements your partner’s personal preferences and excites her. Let us share a few more insights to help you purchase the perfect marquise-shaped diamond.

What Does a Marquise Diamond Say About Its Wearer?

Marquise cut diamond is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The pointed edges of the cut represent sharpness, best suited for a bride-to-be who is opinionated, commanding, and has a strong sense of style. A woman wearing this shape is a high-spirited personality, who loves luxury, is innately creative, and appreciates a layer of drama to her style. Her vibrant and outgoing personality makes her the life of every party, as she believes in living life to the fullest! Striking a chord with your authentic, courageous heart, if you love a marquise diamond, then you embody someone unafraid to break the rules and live on the edge.

Are Marquise Diamonds More Expensive?

Marquise diamonds are pocket-friendly options that offer more than their money’s worth. They cost almost a quarter less than round-cut diamonds for similar scintillation and clarity. This is because the cutter loses lesser rough diamond wastage while cutting a marquise shape. A greater percentage of it is used to create the classic elongated structure. Therefore, they cost less per carat compared to the round and oval cut diamond shapes.

Do Marquise Diamonds Look Bigger?

Marquise Diamonds are one of the bigger looking ones than all other diamond shapes. This means that a 1-carat marquise diamond has a larger crown surface area than a round or oval cut diamond. Due to its spread out and elongated shape, the carat weight gets well distributed to the edges and wings, not just staying concentrated in the middle. So, if you want to spend less money on a bigger diamond, then a marquise shape is the most fantastic option, even better than pear or princess cut diamonds.

What is the Ideal Shape Ratio of a Marquise Cut Diamond?

There are typically three main elements in a marquise cut – the center, the edges, and the area between these two, called the wings. Yes, marquise diamonds have wings! Just another reason to desire them more, right? The center must be broad enough to look elegant but not too wide or thin. And the pointed edges should be graceful curves, not brisk angles that might taper or break. But the defining parameter of a marquise diamond’s beauty and perfect proportion is the wings. They are what lend the curvaceous silhouette to the diamond. Too curvy wings make the shape look fluffy and clumsy, while flat wings take away from the elegance of the stone. Look for a perfect marquise diamond, neither too broad nor too sharp. In terms of the “ratio” to seek, it is length divided by its width. However, there are no standard guidelines for the ideal ratio. A few industry experts suggest looking for something between 1.7 to 2.2, from the plumper to leaner trend, but still do not conform to any numbers. Look for what pleases the eye and seems the one to you!

It is like saying if marquise diamond engagement rings were ever out of style! This diamond shape is almost like the quintessential choker necklaces or cuff bracelets in demand and popularity. They might not be flashing all over the fashion magazines or touted as the biggest bridal jewelry trend to chase, but they are almost always in fashion. While round and oval cut diamonds are a classic choice and rank fair for almost everyone, the other unique diamond shapes like pear, princess, emerald, and marquise have their own niche pool of ardent lovers. Couples who do not tread the conventional paths or want to make an edgy statement with their engagement ring find the marquise diamond shape the most wonderful choice.

Why Is It Called a Marquise Diamond?

Ever wondered why it is called the marquise diamond or marquise shape? What is the significance behind the name Marquise? Well, in the eighteenth century, King Louis XV ordered that a diamond be cut in the shape of his lover, Marquise de Pompadour’s lips. It is from there that the diamond picked its name. Also, Marquis is the hereditary rank above the Count and below a Duke in nobility circles. In those times, the courtiers would specifically wear this diamond shape to establish their rank and show off their aristocratic statures. Resembling the lips, the name Marquise stuck with the diamond shape, which has only polished and refined further in its appearance over the following centuries.

What Should You Look Out for In a Marquise Diamond?

Marquise diamonds are fairly easy to gauge for the holy grail 4C’s of the diamonds. As stated earlier, these diamonds look apparently bigger than their carat weight (thank God for that). Owing to their shape, the color is not concentrated at just one point, so one can relax on that aspect and choose any decent color (not particularly D-F) for their engagement ring. Again, the multi-faceted structure and the brilliant sparkle of the diamond camouflage most of the inclusions. A mid-range clarity of the diamond is good to go. What is paramount, though, while selecting a marquise diamond is the bowtie effect. Due to an incorrect faceting pattern, a reverse effect takes place, wherein the diamond looks dark in the center and light on the tips. Losing its contrasting brilliance, the marquise cut no longer enjoys its characteristic appearance. To avoid this, you must get the diamond thoroughly inspected by the jeweler and ask for details.

The marquise-cut diamond is back in style due to a revival of antique trends, enjoying its flaming popularity amidst modern-day couples with a panache for uniqueness. The shape retains the essence of the ancient traditions while being incorporated into modern designs beautifully If you are looking for an engagement ring and find the marquise diamond shape much appealing, head to Gabriel & Co.’s website and get enthralled by our wide selection.  

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