Jewelry – Should One Invest in Classics or Dabble in Trending Styles?

Trending Jewelry Styles

Many of us find ourselves in an internal dilemma of choices while buying jewelry? Shopping for jewelry is an emotional and financial decision, and often, it is just one piece of jewelry we buy at a time. So, it’s not unusual to be torn between the desire to own a classic or vintage jewelry style and the craving to pick something trendier. We get fascinated by what’s popular at the moment, but the charisma of traditional designs is not lost on us, either.

To combat this indecisiveness, we must understand that there are times when investing in classic pieces translates into retail wisdom and occasions when a trendy design pleases the soul.

Is It Worth Investing in Classic Jewelry?

What makes classic jewelry a favorite among jewelry connoisseurs is the timeless appeal that never fails to impress. The cuts, twists, and chiseling of these designs were just as striking 50 years ago as they are now. Wearing a classic ornament adds an air of aristocracy to the persona of its bearer that the sparkle of no trend can match. Remember, classic designs always bear a certain price tag that may seem expensive to some, but in the long term, these ornaments double up as investments that you will never rue.

Your wedding, birth of your first child, your silver jubilee anniversary, or the first jewelry bought with your first paycheque are the special moments that you will never live in again. They should be etched in time with a classic adornment that will never go out of style. Celebrating the “once in a lifetime” moments of your life with these time-hone ornaments thus becomes even worthier.  

Classic Jewelry Designs at Gabriel & Co.

We have curated a list of best-selling classic designs that have been unequivocally applauded. It is time to pick your favorite and make it your own, and even pass it to your future generations as a precious family heirloom. They would love wearing it as much.  

We are a strong advocate of going the classic route for wedding jewelry. Whether you pick a solitaire held by a diamond-encrusted shank or a three-stone marvel that’s beyond beautiful, a classic wedding ring will make you look regal. You can never go wrong with a classic design. These diamond rings are an eternal joy as they symbolize the perfect symphony of your relationship’s past, present, and future. 

With an elegantly curved diamond-studded bar, an ornate white gold necklace is a sophisticated work accessory. The color of the metal and the calm sparkle of the dainty diamonds are the perfect fusion of commanding and feminine characteristics. Its versatility finds an ideal match in the white gold tennis bracelet, which can also be styled as a single piece for lunch with your date or a movie with your friends.

This dynamic fashion ring, complete with sparkling 0.77ct stones studded on 14k white gold polished to a dazzling luster, is a collector’s dream. This stunning ring can be your perfect companion for lavish cocktail parties in the city, exuberant family gatherings, or some luxurious fine dining with your date.  

With their wear-it-anyway ease, contemporary jewelry has revolutionized the youth’s approach to jewelry. These designs’ casual and lively vibe turns them into ideal gifts for graduation day, 16th birthday, anniversary gift, or any other special day.

And who says you must only buy a gift for others? Get your hands on one of these to celebrate your dream job or a degree you slogged to earn. Or, pamper yourself with a piece of trendy jewelry for no reason at all.

 Allow us to take you through some exquisite pieces on the cutting edge of the latest trends from our expansive collection.

Contemporary Jewelry Designs at Gabriel & Co.

A young bride who follows all that’s latest in the fashion arena may pick from a choice of a mesmerizing free-form ring molded intricately with two-toned metal. Even the magnificent diamond ring crafted in 14K White Gold with a bypass setting is a great choice. Both these bridal rings boast extravagantly bejeweled shanks. These items harbor an old Hollywood glamour while staying true to their contemporary flavor in style and appearance.

The Dog Tag Necklace molded in yellow gold and the Diamond Medallion Necklace with Diamond Star are the kinds of contemporary jewelry you’d love to use as regular wear. The chains and the pendants come together, making them a complete piece each. These gorgeous necklaces can be styled in numerous ways and experimented with at leisure.

A well-rounded jewelry collection is accomplished by striking a balance between classic and trendy pieces. The classic selections will turn all heads at you on a holiday dinner, and a trendy one will bring you the spotlight during a casual get-together. To create an impactful entry to both the occasions, keep making thoughtful decisions and picking worthy pieces – both classic and contemporary. The size of your jewelry collection isn’t as significant as its versatility.

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