History and Meaning Behind the December Birthstones

Blue Topaz Stone

Resembling the brisk blue skies, the charming December birthstone Blue Topaz showcases such soothing hues of blue that touch the depths of one’s soul. Its crisp cold blue coloration gives the wearer a sense of an extended tropical vacation. All you ladies born in December, consider yourself lucky for the topaz gemstone comes in dreamy variations of shades such as orange, pink, red, yellow, green, and of course, blue. Among all these pristine shades, blue topaz is the one that is believed to be the most desirable stone for the December born.

Blue Topaz was the gemstone of choice amongst the European aristocracy and royalty. If you are wondering what made the gemstone so desirable, then its fascination among celebrities like Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and Cate Blanchett is testimony enough. The gorgeous blue topaz jewelry designed and crafted at Gabriel & Co. can leave anyone bewitched with its magnificent looks. Before we give you a sneak peek of the gorgeous December birthstone jewelry collection, let’s get you acquainted with the gemstone’s history, significance, and meaning.

The Origin & Significance of The Richly Hued Blue Topaz

The December birthstone has a distinct symbolism. While it was once associated with protection in the ancient era, its meaning in modern times has changed. Blue topaz is now connected with love and is frequently offered as a token of affection. Blue topaz is the perfect anniversary gift for married couples celebrating their four or nineteen years of marital bliss. Topaz gets its phonetic meaning from the Greek word topazion, which means ‘fire.’ Many people believe the term topaz comes from the Egyptian island of topazos, known today as St. Johns.

In many ancient cultures, topaz was a classic stone, assumed to bring security. From the Aztecs to the ancient Egyptians, there was a global understanding that this stone was absolutely unique that was passed down from generation to generation.

Aside from the obvious beauty of this gemstone, it has deeper meaning and benefits that the wearer can draw advantage from. Topaz has a plethora of therapeutic effects. Recharging and balancing the body and relaxing the soul and mind are some of the many healing abilities. Furthermore, the stone promotes abundance, health, and joy, which is beneficial to anyone who wears it, not just for the ones born in December.

Topaz is pyroelectric, which means that it may hold an electrical charge when scratched forcefully. Topaz’s intrinsic magnetism could explain why it’s so good at replenishing the aura, rejuvenating the physical body, and inspiring the mind. Topaz brings joy and prosperity into your life and brings you closer to your soul’s genuine brightness. Natural blue topaz encourages you to live your life according to your own desires rather than those of others. It allows you to let go of life scripts you didn’t write, enabling you to live your truth, according to Hall’s book 101 Power Crystals.

December Birthstone

The Discovery of Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is found throughout the world, but the best specimens are found in Southeast Asia. Topaz stones can also be found in the mountains of Australia, central Europe, southern Africa, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. Cool blue topaz, which is mostly mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and China, has been known worldwide as a powerful symbol of love and fidelity.

London Blue Topaz is a variation of the December birthstone that is almost never found in nature and is exclusively created by gemological techniques. Blue Topaz symbolizes love and devotion, making it a wonderful romantic gift as well as the ideal present for a friend or family born in December.

Now that we took you on time travel to find the origin, history, and meaning of the December birthstone blue topaz, it is time to unveil some of the bestselling topaz jewelry at Gabriel & Co.

Blue Topaz Jewelry at Gabriel & Co.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that deserves to be a part of your worthy jewelry treasure trove, then look no further. Fetching its shades of blue from the robin’s egg, the magnificent Blue Topaz jewelry collection by Gabriel & Co. will light up your word just like a clear Christmas morning.

This elegant bangle deserves a place in your precious closet. The 14K Yellow Gold Diamond and Blue Topaz Bujukan Open Bangle can be worn daily to work or on a first date; it sure is meant to turn heads. Crafted in a yellow gold setting, the beaded structure of the bangle lends it a traditional vibe, while the cool blue Topaz stones facing each other at the center add a bright modern touch.

Who said minimalist jewelry is boring? These tear-drop Blue are very much in trend, ladies! So, be a trend-setter by getting your hands on these supremely gorgeous 14K White Gold Diamond & Blue Topaz Earrings. Surrounded by a string of scintillating diamonds, these beauties will indeed sweep your partner off her feet. Gift the swoon-worthy pair on your anniversary or as a birthday gift, and she will love them with all her heart.

December Birthstone
December Birthstone

They say a woman’s neck should never be left unadorned, so why not flaunt this dreamy 14K White Gold Round Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace? The diamonds surrounding the blue crystal stone in a halo unanimously portray true love. Show that your partner means the world to you by gifting this classic necklace on your anniversary or as a December birthday present.

Blue Topaz Stone
December Birthstone

Gabriel & Co. takes pride in bringing you something as unique as you, and this ring will not disappoint. Crafted in a yellow gold beaded setting, this 14K Round Blue Topaz Ring is an impressive piece of jewelry to wear on a romantic date. A cool-toned outfit will surely be the right choice to bring out the baby-blue color of this clear-cut topaz.

Cleaning and Care of the December Birthstone

The precious gemstones are required to be cleaned from time to time to maintain their shine and beauty. Blue topaz is a decently strong gemstone with an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The December birthstone can be cleaned using a soap and water solution. Dip it in lukewarm water and leave for around 20 to 30 minutes. Gently rub the jewelry with a toothbrush around the edges and rinse with clear water several times. Dry it off with a soft cloth.

Things not to do while cleaning blue topaz:

  • ·   Cleaning a topaz diamond ring using an ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaning is not recommended since it can damage the stone.

  • ·   Make sure your ring isn’t exposed to any harsh chemicals or sprays.

  • ·   It’s best not to wear it in the shower or the pool because chlorine can fade the stone’s color.

  • ·   If your ring has any precious accent stones, be sure to follow their cleaning instructions as well.

Ways to Style Your Blue Topaz Jewelry

How do you style Blue Topaz jewelry and make it work with your wardrobe? Sky blue is one of the most pleasing tones, and it goes well with practically every other color and attire. It can be visually pleasing in a wide range of color combinations. Yellow, orange, ochre, deep blue, green, and more are just a handful of the colors that go well with this. There is a plethora of more possibilities and combinations to be explored!

Before you start putting together any ensemble, you must first learn how to coordinate colors. This implies choosing colors that complement one another rather than clashing against the other’s tones. This is what will bring your complete outfit together and make you look impeccably dressed.

Navy blue, lavender, midnight blue, aubergine, peach, and dusty rose are the best hues to mix with light blue. Look for dresses in these colors, and there you have a perfect outfit that matches your blue topaz jewelry you can’t wait to show off!

Blue Topaz Drop Earrings can be worn in various ways and in a variety of contexts. There’s something for everyone, from a casual dark blue shirt and a black skirt to elegant ochre overalls. The blue color of these Blue Topaz Earrings is incredibly tranquil and pleasant to the eye, making them ideal for wearing at work.

Blue Topaz Stone

Blue topaz beaded bracelet is also highly versatile and transitional but needs to be styled with some caution. They’re a formal alternative that’s great for business, social functions, and dinners with coworkers. This sort of jewelry may be worn with practically any outfit, but it is important to choose the combinations properly according to the occasion. It is a show-stopper that will seamlessly complement your outfit if paired right.

Blue topaz pendant necklaces are a great choice for Autumn and the holiday season. Match the blue topaz pendant necklaces wisely since they are the epitome of style! Important business talks, weddings, and romantic dates in posh restaurants are all possibilities.

Blue topaz rings are ideal for celebrations and vacations. They are elegant, fashionable, and fun! They can bring out the fun side of any woman. Combine blue topaz rings with other rings from your assortment for maximum sparkle. Combine them with other richly colored stones such as garnets, emeralds, amethysts, and voila! There are no limits to the number of combinations you can make, and the fun never stops.

When buying jewelry with blue topaz gemstones, make sure the remainder of the piece matches the stone. While yellow or rose gold complements other stones well, the warmth of these colors may clash with the cool, calm undertones of blue topaz in some settings. Diamonds and white gold undoubtedly bring out the beauty of the topaz like no other.

Discover a meticulously crafted December birthstone collection at Gabriel & Co. for the most spectacular statement jewelry pieces.

Zodiac Sign & Astrological Beliefs Around Blue Topaz

In her book Love is in the Earth, metaphysical author Melody relates blue topaz birthstones to signs Sagittarius and Virgo and to the number three. “Blue topaz supports one in uniting the body, mind, and soul with the powers of the perfection of the universe,” she adds. She argues that the throat chakra’s connection aids in clear vocal communication. “It allows you to be free of ego and passion, allowing you to see everything as equally significant in the grand scheme of things.”

Saturn, the ruler of order, discipline, and hard work, is represented by the blue topaz gemstone. The stone, sometimes known as the gold lover, is a sign of love and affection.

The blue topaz gives you a clear glimpse of life’s hazards and shields you from them. It is also regarded as a curing stone and is prescribed by several healers.

The gem for the planet ‘Saturn’ only, the Blue Topaz, aids in the removal of Saturn’s malefic influences. As per certain beliefs, it is advised to seek consultation from an astrologer before wearing blue topaz.

Blue Topaz is a gorgeous semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the silicate family. Blue, orange, yellow, grey, and black are just a few colors available. Blue topaz stones are by far the most important in the world of jewelry and astrology. Most of the time, it is substituted for Blue Sapphire because of its economical pricing.

For the ones born in December or lovers of blue topaz, just skim through the exquisite Blue Topaz jewelry collection at Gabriel & Co. to get yourself stunning jewelry this season. 

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