6 Diamond Necklaces That Steal the Spotlight

Diamonds speak louder than words.” And why not? Diamonds stand out for their extraordinary sparkle and brightness. When you want to captivate everyone’s gaze, nothing seems to shine brighter than diamond jewelry, and a diamond necklace tops the list. 

At the Met Gala 2022, the event that amply demonstrated the value of diamonds, we witnessed Hollywood’s most well-known celebrities gleaming in dazzling diamond necklaces. From Simone Ashley to Maude Apatow, the ladies looked a million bucks sporting vivacious diamond necklaces in different styles and patterns. 

Undoubtedly, “diamonds are divine,” and it is rather unfair to limit ourselves to just six diamond necklace styles that steal the spotlight. But given the little virtual space available, we have narrowed our selection to the top six diamond necklaces that turn heads every time they are worn.

Is a Diamond Necklace Worth It?

While looking for an investment option, buying gold jewelry is always preferred. 22k gold jewelry is considered the most precious. But, we cannot say the same for diamond jewelry, though. Jewelry with diamond accents, such as necklaces, rings, earrings, etc., is typically constructed of lower-carat gold, 18kt or 14kt. Therefore, it does not lure the attention of savvy investors much.

However, buying a diamond necklace goes beyond just investing your money. It is fascinating if you enjoy wearing diamond jewelry. It is a highly prized accessory that adds to your appearance and speaks of your tastes. An exquisite diamond necklace carries a high sentimental value. You can wear and enjoy it to your heart’s content and then pass it down as a family heirloom (or gift on a special milestone!). It is an aesthetic possession that gets carried forward to future generations. So, in that sense, a diamond necklace is totally worth investing in. Also, high-quality diamonds do have a fairly decent return value. If your diamond or solitaires hold a credible certification of authenticity, they can fetch you the exact worth when selling. Industry analysts predict ‌diamond prices will continue to rise in the coming years after experiencing a good price increase in the recent past.

How Much Does a Real Diamond Necklace Cost?

We are frequently asked about the cost of a genuine diamond necklace. The honest answer is that prices vary considerably subject to various factors. A sleek, delicate diamond necklace with pave diamonds costs around $1,000- $2,500, while the prices for an extravagant solitaire diamond necklace may go as high as $40k. A diamond necklace featuring rare and extraordinary precious gemstones may cost even higher.

Several variables, including the diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat, determine your price. Apart from these, factors like the number of diamonds, purity of the base metal, diamond settings, and craftsmanship are also crucial. Considering all, the typical price range for a high-quality yet modest necklace is around $1,000 and $5,000.

Different Styles of Diamond Necklace

Whatever your taste is, there is a diamond necklace style to suit your preference. Here are the top 5 different diamond necklace styles to choose from. These are all super-stylish, and for a true fashionista, it is hard to resist their appeal. We say, better to have all in your jewelry wardrobe!

● Choker Necklace

Diamond choker necklaces are an excellent choice for people who like neck-hugging jewelry. They come in various styles, from elegant, single-line diamond chokers to the broader ones with elaborate designs. With their sheer brilliance, these diamond choker necklaces instantly uplift any outfit’s appeal. Wear them with your satin dress on a date night or as bridal jewelry at your wedding.

● Bib Necklace

A bib necklace has a spread-out front design that covers most of the chest area. They have a circular or triangular shape that hangs below the collarbone and resembles a baby’s bib. Diamond bib necklaces are an excellent option for those who enjoy wearing statement neckpieces. While styling a bib diamond necklace, remember to keep the rest of the look subtle. Pair them with an outfit that isn’t garish and has few to no embellishments. Also, avoid wearing more jewelry (maybe, a diamond tennis bracelet is fine) and let the necklace shine out with its sparkle.

● Pendant Necklace

Diamond pendant necklaces are a must-have for all classic jewelry enthusiasts. They come in a range of stone settings and designs. For instance, a solitaire diamond necklace with a double or single bail looks spectacular. Another exciting option is a necklace design with a bezel setting with or without pave diamonds. Diamond pendant necklaces are great for stacking with other necklace styles like chokers, tennis necklaces, or even initial or cross necklaces. Suiting individual preferences, one can customize the chain length.

● Cross Necklace

Consider a cross-shaped diamond necklace if your beliefs influence your sense of style. While being edgy and stylish, they hold meaning and reflect an aspect of your personality you probably do not want to say out loud. Sideways cross necklaces, too, are gaining much popularity. Aligning with your tastes, choose from various base metals like yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and white gold for your cross necklace.

● Tennis Necklace

A diamond tennis necklace is a timeless jewelry accessory that shows no signs of fading. If you like sophisticated jewelry that makes its presence felt, diamond tennis necklaces are a good option. Choose from a single, double, or even triple-tiered diamond necklace and settings like solitaire or chevron. Select a base metal of your choice and the diamonds’ size as per your budget.

Are Diamond Necklaces Good to be Worn Every Day?

Wear your diamond necklace every day, depending on the style. We are talking about petite, modest pendant diamond neckpieces that complement every outfit and add a tinge of glamour to your everyday style. The good news is – diamond necklaces are simple to maintain and retain their allure. However, do not pick overly edgy and grand styles if you plan to wear a diamond necklace daily. Prioritize functionality without compromising on the style. Just like a ball gown is inappropriate for the workplace, a diamond choker necklace is best suited for soirees and formal dinners.

Diamond Necklace: Style Them to Steal the Spotlight

Diamonds can’t be missed. Of course, they dazzle and mesmerize, but styling diamond jewelry the wrong way misses the impact. Below is a rundown on styling a diamond necklace like a virtuoso and elevating your looks to perfection.

● For a Casual Day Out

Consider wearing a delicate diamond necklace for your casual daytime looks. Stack a few pendant necklaces, or wear a sleek diamond tennis necklace with a pendant necklace for a more amplified dazzle. If you love mixed metals, style your diamond necklace with gold neck chains of varying lengths. There are numerous ways of amping a jeans-tee look or a summer dress with a diamond necklace. Carry it as a staple accessory for your beach vacation.

● For a Traditional and Formal Look

A necklace with sizable, uncut diamonds gives you a more conventional appearance. Use any base metal, including platinum or variations of gold. A diamond choker or sleek tennis necklace elegantly and stylishly rounds off a formal ensemble.

● Layering Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklace layering has a certain allure. If a single diamond string isn’t enough for you, go for a layered necklace with multi-rows of diamonds instead.

Construct your own layers by adding two to three tiny pendant necklaces. Keep a balance of the aesthetic. Remember that using garish pieces makes your neck look crowded. Also, leave a 1-2″ gap between each necklace so that the pendants are properly visible.

● Making a Statement with Diamond Necklace

Statement diamond necklaces are a stylish option to wear to galas or even to a wedding. As they capture the spotlight, wear diamond studs or little drop earrings with them for a balance. Additionally, prefer to pair these necklaces with unadorned low-cut dresses.

6 Bestselling Diamond Necklace Designs

Here are some of our favorite diamond necklaces that will have you making a grand entrance at your next event.

1. Classic With a Twist

This is a classic choker necklace with a twist of spiked edginess. Wear it with an evening pantsuit to create a modern yet elegant look. Pair it with a little black dress if you want to stand out. Choose a broad neckline to make your jewelry the hero and rock your look. The choker is lightweight and flexible to your movements, making it perfect for those special evenings with your loved one. 

2. Architectural Artwork

The bib necklace is given an architectural overhaul in this stunning diamond necklace. This one-of-a-kind necklace is the highlight of your look when paired with a solid column gown or when worn sitting on your bare collarbones with a strapless taffeta drape. Let it frame your face by wearing your hair swept up in a soft chignon for an elegant style.

3. One World Glamour

The graduating fan-like wisps on this necklace take one back in time to the Jazz age. The necklace is best worn with an open neckline beaded dress, hair tied up, and a powerful lip to relive the mystery of the prohibition era.

4. Versatile Fringes

A pendant necklace for the day and night; wear this long station necklace with a cascading waterfall pendant with a floral dress for a Sunday brunch or a plunging neckline for an evening out. A luxurious take on a long pendant necklace, wear it layered with other station necklaces for a luxurious look. Match the organic flow of the pendant with your hair in soft waves.

5. Asymmetric Sophistication

A stylish open choker necklace with an asymmetrical diamond cascade is the ideal style to be paired with an elegant draped off-shoulder dress for a romantic night on the town. Whether going to a gala or an evening opera, it moves with you in harmony because of its flexible and lightweight nature.

6. Fancy Embrace

This necklace hugs your neck like the warmth of a friendly hug and the luxurious feel of dripping in diamonds, literally. The band around the neckline is crafted in intricate links to create spring-like flexibility for effortless wear. The delicate pendant of this style cascades down the neckline for a dreamy flourish, making it an ideal choice to be worn with a plunging neckline, an updo, and a shimmering lip to reflect its shine.

A diamond necklace can accommodate any aesthetic taste you have. For example, a traditional diamond pendant necklace is perfect if you want something understated yet elegant. On the other hand, there are gorgeous chokers and statement necklaces for an attention-grabbing appearance. Look through the extensive selection of diamond necklaces at Gabriel & Co.

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