7 Different Shank Styles in Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Band

We understand that it’s easy for one to feel overwhelmed when selecting an engagement ring. For most of us, the two things that hold paramount consideration when we think of an outstanding engagement ring are the diamonds and the ring’s metal. Those who don’t share the widespread fondness for the sparkling diamond would invest their effort in exploring other precious colored stones to mount at the center. Seldom do we spare a thought about the shanks of the engagement ring. However, the shank is just as significant in the whole process of designing and craftsmanship and can make a drastic difference in elevating the final appeal of the ring.

What is a Shank, you ask?

The shank is the band of the ring. The shank, if picked thoughtfully, can give a ring a unique appeal. There are several variations to a shank’s design. Though an uninitiated buyer may overlook the shank pattern, its significance in enhancing the engagement ring is universally recognized in the bridal industry. The shank impacts both the appearance of the engagement ring and how it shapes the style quotient of the wearer.

Read on as we delve deeper into the subject and give you a sneak peek into the most versatile shank styles for engagement rings at Gabriel & Co. Styles that shall leave you astounded with the beauty and style that they add to the rings. We hope you have decided upon the engagement ring to pick for your special one by the end of this read. 

Engagement Rings at Gabriel & Co., Featuring Different Shank Styles


The most common shank used abundantly in rings made for any occasion is the archetypal straight shank. It has stood the test of time for its universal suitability and simple charm. But who said simple has to be boring? Go for a ring that boasts a diamond-studded shank that meets the single prong center stone from both ends.


Twisted shanks are a minimalist way to add an exciting edge to the engagement ring. Also known as braided shanks, they feature two sleeker bands that twist around each other. The playful interweaving of the narrow rows gives a ring its dainty glamor. For instance, this 14K White Gold has a 0.75 ct proud diamond mounted at the center. But its shank, crafted from a plain metal band entwined with a stream of dazzling diamonds, splendidly rounds up the frame.


A plain shank is a time-honored classic that ceases to lose its charm amidst any transient trends. Its bands are neither bedecked with diamonds nor any other precious stones. It does not flaunt any engravings either. But, it culminates into a crowing centerpiece, mostly a solitaire grabbing the spotlight. One can never go wrong with a solitaire setting that holds an arresting diamond on a sturdy yellow gold band. Due to its remarkable versatility, a plain-shank solitaire effortlessly blends in with a wedding ring of almost any style. It goes with all kinds of outfit choices and is suitable to be worn to any occasion.


Our recommendation for someone who leans toward extravagant jewelry will be this one-of-a-kind 14K White Gold Engagement Ring, complete with a lavish cushion halo surrounding the round diamond. The split shank is a rather complex design and bears a stark contrast to the simpler frames discussed earlier. Here, the shank splits into two halves before reaching the center stone at the top of the ring. However, it is the subtle split of the shank that glues an onlooker’s attention to this magnificent ring. Wrapped in an abundance of starry diamonds, it creates the perfect blend of conventional and classic.


As a witness to the whirlwind romance of two souls, this 18K white gold engagement ring showcases swirling ribbons encrusted with scintillating 0.37ct pavé diamonds, warmly embracing the center stone. In a bypass shank, the ends of the band are designed to meet the stone in a stylish, unconventional pattern. One end curves around the top of the stone in this ring while the other runs around the bottom, giving it a fascinating asymmetrical appearance. Crafted for those who wish to make a statement with their rings, these shanks break the monotony of a straight shank with superior artistic brilliance.


This glorious engagement ring is the epitome of exquisiteness in jewelry. The main attraction of this ring is undoubtedly its splendid shank that boasts a skyful of sparkling accent diamonds. The wide shank rings are reminiscent of modern-day royalty. The proud owner of such ornaments usually harbors a penchant for grand and regal jewelry designs. If you are also looking for such a luxurious ring to pop the question to your sweetheart, look no further. With this engagement ring on her finger, she would probably need no other jewelry piece to style her look; maybe a matching wedding band would do the rest of the honors.


Like a bypass shank, a free-form shank also bears an asymmetrical cast. Just that it is not limited to two, but expands into multiple rows, in a free form. It is ideal for the lady who fancies an extraordinarily unique engagement ring. The plush shank of this ring, laden with shining diamonds, makes it a stately affair befitting your bride-to-be. The shanks of these opulent rings look best when mixed in different metal colors, as exhibited in the perfect blend of white and rose gold of this Pear Shaped ring, boasting a magnificent 1.5-carat center stone. 

Whether you settle for a straight shank engagement ring or indulge in a more flamboyant one, make sure that the ring speaks to you when you lay your eyes on it. Each ring is designed to connect straight to the heart, and the one that relates to you is undoubtedly your unique ring.

Explore a vast collection of engagement rings at Gabriel & Co. All the rings are available in both 14k and 18k metal variations of yellow, white, rose gold, and platinum. For a few designs, the center stone shapes and carat weight can be customized as per advance order.

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