Different Engravings and Polishes in a Men’s Wedding Band

Engravings in a Men's Wedding Band

Men want their wedding bands to be sleek, simple, and modest. But there’s no denying that they treasure it just as much as their partners do. The best men’s wedding bands are the personalized ones, the ones that reflect their interests and style. Something they can wear whenever, wherever and are also durable, so they don’t have to worry about them getting scratched. Contrary to popular belief, men’s wedding bands have limitless options for every man’s personality. And much more so when experimenting with various engravings and finishes. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your partner, here are seven men’s wedding bands with different engravings and polishes and the styling ideas that will help you make the best decision.

1. Men’s Wedding Band in Satin Finish

Like a man who could ease the heart like a satin gown! Why limit satin to brides when men can also enjoy this luxurious finish? A refined wedding band with modern elements is tough to look bad in. Match your charcoal suit and slender tie with this men’s band, which has a satin finish and two smooth, polished edges. Whether you’re sporting athleisure or are dressed for a hectic day at work, this 14K White Gold Ring has a rounded form that oozes a laidback attitude! The best part? This ring will go a long way, even as a family heirloom, to pass on.

2. Men’s Wedding Band with Milgrain Detailing

A ring must be comfortable to pass the “daily-wear” stage. However, finding something extravagant yet simple may be challenging. To your rescue, this 14K White Gold Ring with heritage milgrain detailing is great if your job requires a lot of typing and writing and you need a snug band. The cool-toned metal has a satin finish and is highlighted by two high polish edges. Combining this with a blue-toned ensemble will result in a rich but delicate look, unique yet subtle – allowing you to flaunt your newly committed status straightaway.

3. Men’s Wedding Band in Sandblast Texture

If a sleek formal metal band is what you’re after, then say no more. All you need is a textural sandblast finish that brings a modern sensibility to this men’s wedding band. Reflective beveled edges bring an appealing contrast to complete this 14K White Gold Ring. On the D-day, to complement the whole look and this ring, downplay the formal vibe a bit by losing the jacket and wearing a fitted vest. Sophisticated and easy-going, this ring will continue to dazzle through the ages.

4. Men’s Wedding Band with Diamond-cut Engraving

Mysterious, lover of black suits and appreciates witty humor? If this is you, then look no further. This is the perfect wedding band for you to balance your bold look and personality – a handsomely-detailed diamond-cut engraving on 14K White Gold. The interplay of smooth edges and engraved patterns creates a visual motion that allows you to show off your fun side. Wear snazzy cufflinks and maybe a bowtie to add that extra glitz.

5. Men’s Wedding Band with Hammered Center


Planning a summer wedding? White suits are currently trending, thanks to Shawn Mendes and Jake Gyllenhaal. Why not take the suit up a level higher and opt for a hammered, one-of-a-kind, eye-catching texture for not only your shoes but also your wedding band? This wedding ring for men stands out from the crowd. The 14K White Gold Ring has polished edges for a touch of shine and is ideal for summer weddings. In the long run, this ring will undoubtedly spark a conversation wherever you go.

6. Men’s Wedding Band in Sandblast Polish

Are you seeking matching sets to commemorate your unique love story and to share with your partner? Then this sparkling 14K Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Ring is ideal for you. This wedding ring is a marvel of textural balance, with a dramatic sandblast finish and polished edges. Style it with gold cufflinks and a bowtie, which will add to the harmony and fluidity of this design. Opt for unconventional shades like beige and patterned shirts to add to the celebration. Whether you choose matching rings or just one, the simple yet significant design will remind you of your relationship for a lifetime.

7. Men’s Wedding Band in Woven Engraving

Forget safe neutrals like gray, navy, and black, and instead go for brightly-colored wedding suits, especially if it’s a destination wedding. All you need now is a band to complement the dramatic extravagance. Choose this multifaceted woven design to fit the celebration and the purpose. This 14K Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Band features polished edges and a multi-dimensional woven pattern diamond cut along its width. It’s great for anybody looking for a stylish band that will withstand all your styling dilemmas and is apt for any occasion without any second thoughts.

Gabriel & Co. strives to meet every man’s expectation and desire by offering numerous engraving and polishing alternatives. Take the stylistic inspirations from above and explore the collection to find out what works best for you.

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