Full Cut Diamonds Vs. Single Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are formed in conditions of intense heat and pressure deep with the Earth’s surface over billions of years. When found, around a 100 miles deep, they are just lumpy pieces that look like glass, often have an oily appearance and don’t sparkle, very different from the cut diamonds that we know in fine jewelry. The luster and refraction of light in a cut diamond distinguishes it from any other gemstone, which is carefully designed by a craftsman from a rough diamond for optimum use in fine jewelry.

Thus, the cut of a diamond greatly impacts the sparkle, brilliance, and beauty of a diamond, making it one of the biggest factors in determining the price of a diamond. Round diamonds are usually cut single or full. Diamonds that are not round, come in a variety of different shapes called ‘fancy cuts’ and have a varying number of facets. The single cut and full cut in round diamonds refer to the faceting of the diamond, especially in smaller sizes that are most often used as accents in engagement rings or in fine fashion jewelry that do not have center stones. The different characteristics of each cut affect the price of the diamond jewelry you are looking to purchase.


What are single cut diamonds?

Single cut diamonds are round diamonds that have 16 or 17 facets. They feature what is called an 8/8 arrangement which is 8 facets along with the crown and 8 facets on the pavilion of the diamond plus a table facet for a total of 17 facets. They were commonly used in jewelry through the 1800s and up to 1950 when it became possible to cut smaller diamonds with a larger number of facets and also into full cut diamonds due to technological advancements.

16facets_1 16facets_2

What are full cut diamonds?

Full cut diamonds are round diamonds that have 58 facets. Most rough diamonds are shaped into single cuts first, and then additional facets are introduced to make it a full-cut. Any number of facets below 58 is not considered a true full cut diamond.

58facets_(1) 58facets_(1) 58facets_(1)

What is the difference between single cut diamonds and full cut diamonds?

In small diamonds the visual differences between single cut and full cut are subtle, but the refraction of light is far greater in full cut diamonds owing to the larger number of facets. Single cut diamonds have a subdued sparkle and reflect the larger fewer facets for less brilliance. The 57 facets of a full cut diamond have a ‘fiery’ appearance from reflections of light and color from smaller facets. Imagine the facets as mirrors that reflect light, if the
number of mirrors is larger there is more reflection and thus higher brilliance. Additionally, when smaller diamonds are cut it is more labor-intensive to cut a larger number of facets, adding to the cost of the diamonds. Since cutting fewer facets takes less work, time and resources are saved by using lower quality diamonds. Thus many jewelers take the easy route by using single cut diamonds in their jewelry. Single_cut_Vs._Full_Cut

 In engagement rings or jewelry with a focal center stone, smaller full cut diamonds beautifully accent the modern brilliant faceted center diamonds in shapes such as round brilliant, oval shapes, radiant cuts or modern cushion cuts. In jewelry without center stones, usually fine fashion jewelry, full cut diamonds shine brighter owing to their brilliance.  Diamonds are valued for their luster and brilliance and have always been the epitome of love. We believe that diamonds should be brilliant and choose not to compromise on our values.

We would never sell anything that we would not give a loved one. Thus use only full cut diamonds in all our jewelry.

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