Heart Rings – The Best Gift for Self and For a Loved One

Heart Ring Designs

There are many ways to express your boundless love to your partner, but the most symbolic is the heart ring! Heart rings are stylish, dainty, and profoundly romantic. They come in different designs, but their impressive heart-shaped center remains a common factor. Let’s look further into the idyllic, heart-warming world of heart rings!

What Does a Heart-Shaped Ring Mean?

As is explicit from the name, a heart-shaped ring means – love. The heart shape, which came into existence back in the 7th century, is singularly unique. It represents matters of the heart. The heart-shaped ring, therefore, is everything love is all about. It symbolizes adoration, care, protectiveness, comfort, and respect.

A heart-shaped ring also reminds us of the classic image of two kissing swans with their necks bent down. The emotion it evokes is one of humility, grace, and warmth!

Most Stylish Heart Ring Designs

At Gabriel & Co., each heart ring is crafted with precision, utmost care, and love. As “Artisans of love”, we firmly believe that love in any form conquers all. There is at least one perfect heart ring design for any mood or occasion you want to celebrate. Take a look at some of our gorgeous collection –

This simple signet ring is anything but boring! Forged in 14k yellow gold, the center features a gold heart, where the two sides dip to meet in the middle. If you’re a minimalist at heart – pun intended – this ring is for you.

Why wear a normal-cut diamond when you have a much better pretzel shape? Yes, this 14K White Gold ring comes with a Pretzel Love Knot in the middle, studded with glimmering pavé diamonds. The pretzel shape makes a beautiful heart silhouette, giving the piece a subtle romantic vibe.

Adding to the minimalist cue is this stunning love ring. The 14K Yellow Gold Ring features a twisted heart pretzel in the middle. It is a perfect jewelry piece to elevate your work attire and make a subtle but noteworthy statement.

Stop your search for gifts for your partner – we have the perfect one for you! This 14K Yellow Gold Ring features two puffed hearts stacked on each other. The design is simple yet striking and makes for a snug fit on your finger.

With a golden luster, subtle design, and elegant heart, this 14K Yellow Gold Ring is enough to make you swoon. The shining diamonds form an open heart in the middle, encased in gold beads. This heart ring is perfect for both an occasional celebration and everyday wear.

Silver enthusiasts, it’s your time to shine! This Sterling Silver Signet Ring is from Gabriel & Co.’s Bujukan Collection – and is an absolute heartthrob. A diamond-studded heart sits amidst the frame of silver beads. The ring is a proud (and gorgeous) declaration of love.

How Do You Wear a Heart Ring?

There are different ways people wear a heart ring. Traditionally, people choose the classic way – wearing the ring with the pointed edge at the knuckles. The perspective of wearing the ring like that looks perfect, but only when the wearer sees it. But if you put your hand down, everyone sees it upside down – it isn’t a very flattering way of putting your heart out! As a solution, either wear your ring with the pointed side outwards or flaunt your ring with your palm up so that everyone sees the heart ring the way you do.

There is also a traditional Irish connotation of wearing a heart ring in a certain way. Wearing the ring with its point towards the wrist means that you are in a loving, committed relationship. It means that you – and your heart – is already taken. However, when you wear the heart ring upside down, it indicates the opposite. Wearing it upside down – with the point of the heart towards your fingernail – shows interested people that you’re single and are more than ready to open your heart to others.

Whatever interpretations heart rings come with, the bottom line remains – Wear your heart ring the way you want!

Are Heart Rings Considered Tacky?

Everyone knows that a heart shape equals love – whether it’s a motif on a summer dress, a heart bracelet, or heart pendant, or a heart ring. Heart-shaped rings, therefore, are literal symbols of love. However, everyone’s perception is different; not all women like such a glaring declaration of love. These women prefer more subtle and non-symbolic jewelry, including their rings. Furthermore, heart shape jewelry has a niche set of its lovers. It is not a constant in trending styles; it gains popularity intermittently. Nevertheless, if you are an ardent fan of the style, nothing should stop you from wearing your heart on your sleeve (literally)!

Admittedly, heart-shaped rings are not everyone’s cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean heart rings are tacky. It depends on your personality and how you like to wear and flaunt your jewelry. Heart rings are extremely stylish if you wear them with panache and grace.

Heart Ring Designs

Can a Heart Ring Be an Engagement Ring?

Yes, a thousand times, yes! A heart ring is an exquisite great choice for an engagement ring. Admittedly, heart-shaped rings aren’t popular as engagement rings. But if having a heart-shaped ring will make your partner happy, who cares what the world thinks? A cherry on top is how heart-shaped rings boldly state your feelings and becomes a delicate, heartfelt symbol of your love.

If you’re too unsure, take inspiration from Avril Lavigne and her fiancé, Mod Sun. Her engagement ring features a beautiful 5-carat heart-shaped diamond on a simple pavé diamond band. It has “Hi Icon” written inside the shank – Mod Sun’s first ever words to Lavigne. To add more to the sweetness, Lavigne claims they both wore heart-shaped rings when they met – and that’s why she wanted a heart-shaped engagement ring.

Need more convincing still? Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and Nicki Minaj have been spotted wearing heart-shaped engagement rings. What are you waiting for? Join the celebs’ ranks and get your heart-shaped ring!

Heart Ring Designs

What is a Self-Love Ring?

Before we enunciate how a heart ring is a perfect self-love ring, let’s understand what exactly the latter is. A self-love ring is like a promise to yourself – that you will love, cherish, and treat yourself right. This ring can be of any shape, size, and color, and its only goal is to remind you of loving yourself. For many, it is easier said than done, isn’t it? Well, wearing a heart ring definitely works to keep you aligned to this goal. A heart ring is the epitome of a self-love symbol. It subtly shows you that you have complete control over your heart (or so we would like to believe) and it needs to be loved and cared for.

Since, they say the most profound relationship is the one you have with yourself, a self-love ring is a proclamation of this commitment. You don’t need anyone else to gift you this meaningful ring. Find the most perfect and fitting heart-shaped ring for you and gift it to yourself. As a head start, browse through the gorgeous collection of heart rings at Gabriel & Co. We make your jewelry shopping easier and much more fun!

Can a Heart Ring be Given as a Promise Ring?

A little more serious than dating, but not there yet for proposal, promise rings are significant for a couple. They let you announce that, even if not married, you’re together and much in love. What says this better, loud and clear, than a heart-shaped promise ring? In fact, a heart ring is the most befitting symbolic manifestation of a promise related to love.

How Much Does a Heart Ring Cost?

As with other jewelry, the cost of a heart ring varies with the design intricacy, craftsmanship, diamond quality, and the inclusion of any other gemstones. Still, relatively compared to other fancier ring designs, heart rings are reasonably priced. An elegant design at Gabriel & Co. ranges between $200 to $700. If you are planning to get one of these designs for yourself or as a promise ring, be assured they are quite affordable and worth every penny they cost.


With endearing simplicity, a heart-y design, and boundless love, heart rings are a steal for any jewelry lover. Browse Gabriel & Co.’s unique and fun heart rings collection and add a little piece of love to your ensemble.

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