His and Hers Matching Wedding Bands

Found the love of your life? Check! Magical proposal? Check! Wedding date set? Check check! It’s time to pick out your wedding bands, together! If you’re set on getting complementing wedding bands but not sure about your options read below to learn more.

Most women in the US prefer wedding bands that sit perfectly flush with their engagement ring. Very often the band has diamonds on it to complement the diamonds on the band of the engagement ring. Platinum and white gold have been most popular but in the past few years yellow gold, rose gold and even two tone have definitely made a comeback.

Men’s wedding bands are usually much simpler in appearance. Since the rings are worn alone and most men have wider and longer fingers compared to women, the bands are usually wider with cleaner, masculine angles. Men’s bands also don’t typically have diamonds, though some men do like a touch, and while plain smooth metal is most preferred, there are definitely more exciting and unique options available.

The idea of having complimenting wedding band designs is both romantic and meaningful. Choosing plain smooth gold bands is a common but certainly not the only option. Here are some considerations when choosing wedding rings that will complement each other beautifully.


Coordinating your metal colors to match is one way to have a complimenting wedding band set. Whether you both choose white gold, platinum or yellow gold or a mix.

The touch of gold on the engagement ring and the men’s band ties these two together as a lovely complimenting set.

Style: WB10300W44JJ
Two tone styles are also a nice way to have a matching set. For example if your bridal set is rose and white gold, the matching men’s band can also pull in both colors or your wedding band can be rose and white while your partners all white.


Satin, hammered, brushed, millgrain and engraved are beautiful elements in design. I love how the satin finish of this wide men’s band compliments the satin finish on the women’s engagement ring. Together it makes for a cohesive, complimentary his and hers bridal set. Pulling together similar finishes helps to make wedding sets look like a perfect match.
The millgrain edge on both the engagement ring and wedding band of the women’s set is repeated in two rows on the complimenting men’s band.

Design Element

Another way to coordinate your wedding bands is by choosing a similar design element for both. For example the diamond shaped stations on this men’s band perfectly match the diamond shaped stations on both the engagement ring and wedding band.

Engraving is a metal technique that adds a unique design to any ring. The intricate engraving on all three of these rings looks really beautiful together and gives off old world charm.

Where to buy

While many things for your wedding such as the favors can be purchased online, wedding bands should be tried on in person, at an actual brick and mortar store. A ring could look enticing online but once you try it on it can be all wrong on your finger and even look bad or not fit together with your engagement ring. Your local jeweler is key here. There is nothing like speaking to a person face to face when spending such a large sum of money. Since you’ll be wearing them every day, wedding bands are a pretty important part of getting married.

When to buy

Choosing your wedding bands should be fun and exciting. I recommend starting browsing 3 months before the wedding and having them in your possession at least 1 month before. Anything beyond that is just too stressful. You want to have ample enough time for getting your size as well as give the jeweler time to do any inscription engraving that you may want.
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