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Bella Hadid. Selena Gomez. Jennifer Lopez! What do these megastars have in common? While they are known for their incredible star power, they’re also influential fashion icons. One trend that they all swear by is adorning hoop earrings. 

Transforming your look from day to night, casual to formal, hoop earrings have the power to elevate any outfit through their statement-making appeal. Hoop earrings are lightweight circular jewelry pieces primarily designed from metals. They feature a wire closure that passes through your ear piercing. From super delicate and thick to tube-like or gemstone-encrusted pieces, hoop earrings come in various styles and sizes that scream girl power like no other jewel. They are available in different shapes, such as the classic round, oval, and triangle. Are you interested to learn more about these gorgeous earrings? Let’s deep-dive into the details.

History and Symbolism of Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings originated in 2500 BC in Nubia, Africa, where Sumerian women wore gold, silver, and bronze jewelry. Over time, this trend spread to other civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Asia.

Hoop earrings became a symbol of diverse cultural values over the centuries. They became emblems of enhanced beauty, royalty, wealth, and power. In the 1600s, the craze of hoop earrings went down due to the surge in newer styles such as elaborate hairdos, accessories, collared shirts, and delicate jewels.

The 1900s, however, saw the revival of the hoop earrings, as the Latin and the Black community wore them as modern symbols of power-resilience and a voice against discrimination.

Alternatively, the circular shape of the hoops represents unity, infinity, and completion, denoting a powerful woman’s strength of character, identity, and empowerment. A timeless jewel, no wonder, hoops are very popular in international fashion circles.

Women find hoop earrings liberating as they can express their individuality fashionably through them. Furthermore, the influence of pop culture and celebrity role models have etched a special place for hoop earrings amongst today’s youth.

From rocking the chic denim look to looking sophisticated on a date, hoop earrings are highly versatile pieces. They come in an array of creative designs for various occasions, ranging from simplistic and minimal to bold and daring. 

Huggies have a soft yet classy appeal and are ideal for wearing on a romantic dinner or at work. 

Pearl hoops are eternally iconic and as graceful as they can get. They look stunning and very lady-like while lending a formal air to your attire. Geometric and stacked hoops are extremely fashion-forward, which makes heads turn. As for diamond hoops, they firmly prove that diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. Nothing beats their shiny glory.

How Hoop Earrings Complement Your Face Shape?

Hoops are also known to draw attention to your face directly. Their round shape compliments your jaw and cheekbones, thereby defining your features. Bigger hoops frame your face better, making you look sharper. (More on this ahead)

Hoop earrings are an evergreen style statement that looks good with almost everything. They remind us of the legendary designer’s quote, “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

Best Selling Hoop Earring Designs by Gabriel & Co.

Who is ready to ‘stay in the loop’ with putting their best stylistic foot forward? Whether you want to go minimalistic, grand, or in between, hoops suit almost every style. While being a jewelry staple in every woman’s wardrobe, they cater to both classic and statement sensibilities. We’ve rounded up the best-selling hoop earring designs by Gabriel & Co., making it easy to pick your favorites.

These 14K Yellow Gold 40mm Bujukan Diamond Classic Hoop Earrings are immensely sophisticated. These hoops are anything but ordinary, with the contrasting effect of yellow gold and sparkling bright diamonds in full play. The design reflects superior craftsmanship as the diamonds’ finesse merges well with the rawness of the beaded silhouette. Adding texture to your earring collection, don’t these hoops make a powerful fashion statement without being too loud?

Yellow gold and diamond in a hoop setting is an impactful combination; it can never cease to look stylish. With the shining quad clusters and the glossy 14k yellow gold metal wire, these delicate 40mm earrings are perfect for a special occasion, maybe a wedding or a family dinner. The pair can also add further refinement to a casual outfit, such as a pretty floral dress.  

Need some edginess and glamour in your look? These 14K Yellow-White Gold Split Diamond Bujukan Classic Hoops represent just that. Stacked hoop earrings add a fun, playful touch to your outfit. While the radiant yellow gold caters to one’s traditional and classic side, the beaded hoop adds another layer of texture. The diamonds set in white gold lend a touch of chic style, elegance, and romance. Put on bold lipstick, some layered necklaces, or sunglasses, and you’re ready to rock that casual lunch date. Keep your overall look minimal for a high-end evening soiree, and let these beautiful earrings do all the talking. Tie up your hair to let these beauties hog all the spotlight.

Women love Huggies or huggy hoops for their easy compatibility with all looks. The above pair of 14K White Gold Diamond Twisted Huggies sparkle with timeless elegance. As the name suggests, they perfectly embrace your earlobes. Small hoop earrings or Huggies are understated but also very fancy and eye-catching. A neutral option to wear to work or as an everyday staple, these earrings will never let your style quotient down. Either tie your hair in a messy bun or side sweep them for an ultra-feminine look with these Huggies. Or be a style virtuoso and let your lustrous hair down, adding a tinge of glamour. Looking for a bridesmaids’ gift? These earrings are a wonderful option to gift to a loved one or self. 

With immense scope of dressing up or dressing down, the secret lies in styling this gorgeous pair innovatively. These 14k scalloped White Gold Hoop Earrings are a classic. While the larger size looks bold, the uncomplicated design makes these earrings a minimalistic lover’s dream pair. To create a more dramatic effect, tie your hair up in a sleek updo and wear a dainty necklace to match the hoops. Wear it with subtle or bold makeup, a cute date outfit, or a formal gown; you will create a noticeable impression with your look.

A variation of the regular gold hoops, these beaded hoop earrings offer a unique option. The 14K Yellow Gold 40mm Beaded Round pair adds a modern twist to the lightweight hoop design. Testifying the idea that beauty lies in simplicity, the gorgeous pair fits comfortably. Pair it with your casual tee and jeans for a concert, and you’re ready to relive the retro’90s vibe. To look more sophisticated, wear it with a beautiful, silky-soft fitted or flowing satin dress and complete it with a statement bracelet. With a push-back clasp, this easy-to-wear beaded hoop oozes the right amount of glamour and charm.    

These hexagonal 14K Yellow Gold 30mm Classic Hoop Earrings radiate a playful vibe. Geometric hoops are a millennial favorite for their modern and futuristic designs. With sharper edges of the shape, the glossy yellow gold metal achieves a more finished and exuberant look. These trendy earrings elevate your style quotient instantly. They are meant for a modern woman- who is confident, ambitious, and knows how to have fun. We can totally imagine adorning this pair at a music festival like Coachella with sneakers and funky accessories. Do you agree? All you’ve got to do is tie your hair up or braid it vibrantly to give it a youthful zest.  

While hoop earrings are worthy jewelry to uplift your looks, two other powerful accessories work like magic and set a true style diva apart! And they are your dazzling smile and an outpour of confidence. Nothing lights up the room like a self-assured, confident woman with a pleasing personality; they make you a force to reckon with.

Which Face Structure is Best Suited for Hoop Earrings?

Wearing jewelry has no definitive rules. However, certain earrings highlight different face shapes, flatter specific features, and enhance one’s beauty. From various designs, choose the one that complements your features and makes you look terrific.

Round hoop earrings look seamless with a square-shaped face. Since such a facial structure is defined by strong angles, a broad forehead, and a chiseled jawline, a classic pair of hoops balances the sharp features with their simplicity. If you have a square face, choose medium to large-sized round or oval-shaped earrings. They will make you look drop-dead gorgeous! Refrain from square or hexagonal hoops as they would not be very flattering to your face cut.

Huggies specifically look charming on an oval face. Most earring designs are compatible with an oval face; the softer facial structure balances out the sharpness of the earrings, seamlessly flattering your cheekbones and face length. 

Our style experts have curated a few pointers to keep in mind while shopping for hoop earrings. Though every pair may look tempting, running through this checklist will help you make the best choice.

So, are you tempted to choose your stylish pair of hoop earrings? Read on to know a few helpful tips.

What Aspects Should You Keep in Mind While Buying Hoop Earrings?

Hoop Earrings have the power to define your individuality, as they are worn very often and on many occasions. The below aspects will help you with clarity on which pair to pick.

1. Metal: As the defining base, the metal can make or break your look. A 14K Yellow Gold is ideal for classic, everyday wear, while White Gold or Rose Gold extends a more fancy, luxurious touch.

2. Frequency of Wear: If you wear your hoop earrings daily, then opt for a simplistic, subtle option such as Huggies or classic gold or diamond hoop earrings. If you are looking for statement pieces to wear occasionally, then geometric or split Bujukan earrings are a superb choice for your jewelry collection.

3. Style and Personality: Understand your style preferences and invest in a pair you will love to wear often. Are you someone who loves dainty, simple accessories, or do you love to experiment and stand out? Accordingly, choose a pair of hoop earrings that strikes a chord with your style.

We hope you are already enticed to shop for these stunning pairs of hoop earrings. Browse through the Gabriel & Co.’s website, and choose from our vast selection of stylish, best-selling hoop earrings.

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