How Ring Jackets Change a Ring Instantly

Celebrate your loved one or treat yourself to a timeless ring accessory: the ring jacket. What makes an engagement ring even more of an intriguing conversation piece is accessorizing it. Ring jackets, also known as ring wraps or ring enhancers, are a unique way to accentuate your ring finger. They offer two decorated bands that reside below and above your engagement ring, spotlighting your center stone. Whether you’re wearing a modest engagement ring or a more decorated design, ring jackets allow you the opportunity to freshen up your jewelry styling.  Most ring jackets add a considerable amount of width to your ring band radiating an allure of luxury and outstanding sparkle. They make perfect gifts for your anniversary, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any other reason to celebrate love and commitment. 

Ring jackets come in many designs, metal types, and often contain diamonds or other precious gemstones. Shopping for a ring enhancer takes time and consideration of what you’re currently wearing as your engagement ring. Maybe you want to coordinate your engagement ring with a ring jacket that showcases a different metal type or different colored gemstone.

There are endless ways to accessorize an engagement ring with ring jackets or ring enhancers. Some ring jacket designs are made to fit specific center stone shapes and others are more versatile. If your ring band is wide or leads into a split shank, you most likely want a ring jacket that can host the wider shank. Perhaps you have a minimal solitaire engagement ring and want to accentuate it. A ring enhancer with ornate designs can complement even the most modest of engagement ring styles, which will add a luxurious feature. 

Minimal Ring Enhancers

These classic ring enhancer designs are composed of either linear diamond bands or bands that widen in the center making room for a detailed engagement ring head and center stone. These delicate styles are perfect starters for those curious to change the overall look of your engagement ring.

Contemporary Ring Enhancers 

Some ring enhancers are more versatile. A contemporary ring enhancer like this overlapping style offers plenty of space for a wider engagement ring style or a larger center stone shape, such as a round or oval halo style.

Another way to enhance the overall impact of an engagement ring is by showcasing the center stone. This contemporary ring enhancer is designed with weaving patterns of diamonds that open up to present the center stone. This particular style allows enough room for elongated diamond cuts such as emerald and marquise shapes making it an enticing and more impactful accessory.

Extravagant Ring Enhancers

Ring enhancers fit for a queen or the diva in your life, there are plenty of dazzling styles that can instantly change the overall look of your engagement ring. For a more royal look, this particular design showcases pavé diamond bands with a crown of prong-set diamonds. This style is perfect for an oval or round engagement ring making it a luxurious statement.

An ornate design fit for a smaller engagement band, this style does not disappoint. This vintage-inspired ring enhancer showcases a center fanning design of teardrop diamond shapes. A perfect fit for a round or square center stone, this Victorian collection ring enhancer melds seamlessly with engagement rings making it a more impactful statement piece. 

With endless possibilities of ring enhancer designs, it all starts with what kind of engagement ring you want to accessorize. They are also a reason to celebrate love or are a fun way to treat yourself. Allow plenty of time to explore your style: are you bold with accessories? A minimalist? Love a versatile and modern look? Gabriel & Co. carries so many radiant designs fit for every personality.

Find an array of designs by checking out our full range of ring enhancers.

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