Ring Jackets and Ring Enhancers Explained

Perhaps you’ve heard the word before and were totally confused as to how a jacket had anything to do with jewelry at all or you know a little and want to know more. Either way you are in the right place; by the end of this blog you will know all there is to know about this unique and amazing piece of jewelry sure to elevate your beloved engagement ring to amazing new heights.

What Are They?

Ring Jackets are sometimes also referred to as ring enhancers. If you haven’t figured it out yet, they are not meant to be worn alone but with another ring, mainly your engagement ring. Their reason for existence? To add some major newness and freshness to your existing engagement ring. The large space inside is meant for sliding in your engagement ring into, the end result is the look of 2 bands that flank the sides of it. These are not typically used as wedding rings but make great anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion gifts as well as great self-purchase gifts. Consider them a gorgeous ring upgrade as the end result is a totally different, much more impactful ring. In fact once they are together it is hard to tell that they are indeed two separate rings.

How To Choose?

There are many beautiful options available in the market today. Depending on your engagement ring it is best to try these on at your local jeweler because not all ring jackets work well with certain types of rings. For example some work better with halo styles, some fit only with solitaire type styles. Split shank engagement rings will need a wider style ring jacket and if your center stone is an elongated shape such as a marquise, oval, pear or emerald cut, you will want to try different options to see which works best and doesn’t take away from or cover up any part of either ring. If you have a cathedral style engagement ring (one that sits high) you will definitely need to try it on to make sure it can slide in easily.

Stone Options

A ring jacket can be all diamond, a combination of diamonds and gemstones or just gemstone. Sapphire and diamond looks gorgeous against a white gold or platinum background. They can also be custom made to use your birth stone or some other stone meaningful to you.

Metal Options

If your engagement ring is a one tone metal, a ring jacket is a great way to introduce a secondary metal color to achieve a two tone look. Yellow and white gold or white and rose gold look stunning together.

Shape Options

Mixing stone shapes is also a great way to add extra bling and perhaps even tie in the center stone shape of the engagement ring with the same shape in the jacket. I love how the marquise shaped stones on this enhancer tie in the marquise center stone of this classic engagement ring. It’s as if they were meant to be together creating a much more unique, impactful ring.


Ring enhancers add a considerable amount of extra width to your bridal set.  It is recommended to go a 1/4 to 1/2 size larger. Your jeweler can help you make sure you have the perfect fit.

When To Wear

What I love about these ring enhancers is that they can be pulled out for special days (or nights) out or worn every day depending on your life style. When you’re in a low key mood you can wear just your engagement ring and wedding band, but when you are feeling like the more the better you can wear your ring jacket and move your wedding band to the right hand.

Ring enhancers are designed to seamlessly work with your existing engagement ring; together, they’ll look like one single, stunning ring. If your engagement ring feels a little lonely these days and you want to give it an upgrade, the ring enhancer or jacket is a great option.

Browse our selection of beautiful enhancers or contact our customer service team and see how they can help you customize your very own.

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