How to Wear and Care for a Pearl Ring?

There are gemstones more beautiful. Shinier. More expensive. Durable. Bigger. Harder to find. Why is it then that pearls are celebrated so widely in song, poetry, and legend? Every fashion idol worth their salt has vouched for this. Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly flaunted highly precious real pearls and left no stone unturned to tell the world how they felt.

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy went so far as to say, ‘Pearls are always appropriate,’ and she was right. The thing about pearls is that they don’t go in and out of style. They’re timeless in the truest sense. Pearls are June’s birthstone, and famous June-born women like Marylin Monroe and Angelina Jolie sported them often. But while they are precious, pearls need to be treated and worn slightly differently from other gemstones.

How Do I Clean My Pearl Ring?

Your hands come into contact with dirt, grime, oils, and chemicals throughout the day. It is important to clean your pearl rings regularly to make sure these things don’t damage them. While your ring may have gold and diamonds too, that are much harder, let the pearl dictate how gently you need to handle it. Don’t immerse it in water or harsh chemical cleaning agents. Instead, use a soft cloth that doesn’t shed lint and gently wipe it down. If your pearl has a small stain or smudge, dampen a tiny edge of your cloth and use it to wipe the stained bit. Then pat the pearl dry. Don’t use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to clean your ring; they can damage the delicate structure of the pearl. Remember, your pearl ring should be the last accessory on and the first off. Always slide it on after applying your makeup, hairspray, sunscreen, and perfume.

Can I Wear My Pearl Ring in The Shower?

No. A hundred times over, no. Don’t get your pearl ring wet under any circumstances. Always remove it before you shower, swim, do the dishes, or water the plants. Else, you may damage the adhesive between the pearl and the shank. The pearl may also get chipped and stripped of its natural luster. While you’re at it, don’t cook wearing your pearl ring. The extremes of acids and alkalines, heat and cold can get to it.

How Should I Store My Pearl Ring?

Pearls need moisture to keep them from drying out and getting brittle. So don’t store a pearl ring in an airtight packet, which will surely damage it over the long run. Instead, use a jewelry box or pouch lined with fabric. Do not put your pearl ring along with other jewelry that could rub against it and damage or scratch it. Lastly, do not keep your pearl ring in storage for too long. Bring it out and wear it, allowing it to breathe.  

This contemporary ring has not one but two gorgeous pearls to take care of. The bypass beaded shank is crafted in 18k yellow gold, perfect for a corporate woman to make a statement at work. There is a lustrous white pearl at either end, flanked by a delicate row of pave diamonds set in 14k white gold.  

This ring in 14k white gold is dainty and feminine. The band is studded with diamonds measuring 0.29 carats, while the leaves lend a botanical inspiration. This ring requires you to take care of the diamond-studded shank and the delicate pearl center stone.

Can a Pearl Ring Be Worn Every Day?

Pearl rings are supposed to be worn and not tucked in at the back of your jewelry wardrobe forever. But pearls are occasional wear. They are the best accessory to accentuate formal and fine looks. They add an air of elegance of sophistication to any of your looks. No matter how tempted, do not wear your pearl rings daily. Being soft, they are prone to chipping and damage. You do not want to be cautious of your pearl ring all the time while working in the office or just going about the hustle of daily life. Preserve your precious pearl rings for special occasions and moments when you dress up to impress and make a statement with that shining pearl ring flashing on your finger.

How Long Do Pearls Last?

With adequate care and precaution, pearl rings can last a lifetime and be passed down generations. Durability also depends on the quality of pearl nacre. Each pearl is made up of layers of nacre, which are formed when an irritant enters the oyster shell. The oyster then protects itself by coating this irritant in layers of nacre. Once this process (which could take up to three years!) is complete, a pearl is formed. The thicker and more lustrous the nacre, the stronger the pearl in your ring.  

What Do Yellowing Pearls Signify?

Yellow pearls and yellowing pearls are two different things. Yellow pearls have a naturally golden hue when they’re found. Yellowing pearls are silvery white pearls that have started taking on a yellow tint with age. It doesn’t mean your pearls are fake – on the contrary, it indicates that the pearls are genuine. Pearls start yellowing if you do not take care of them. They’re drying out, and there is a greater chance of breakage and cracking. Can you reverse the yellowing of pearls? If you catch them initially, a jeweler might help you reverse the damage, but sometimes the best you can do is ensure it doesn’t progress further.

How Do I Maintain the Shine of My Pearl Ring?

Unlike diamonds, which have a dazzling shine, pearls have a more calming and subtle luster. Clean, and shining white pearls look graceful and beautiful. Follow the below best practices to maintain the brilliance of your pearls forever:

– After every wear, clean your pearl ring with a soft cloth. Use a damp cloth only if the pearl looks dirty or has some stain.

– Let the pearl jewelry air dry itself completely before you put it back in storage.

– Dedicate a separate place to store your pearl jewelry. Pearls are extremely soft; never store them with harder stones like diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire.

– Lay your pearl jewelry flat while storing. Do not hand your pearl necklace or bracelet.

– Keep your pearl jewelry away while spraying perfumes or body mists. Apply moisturizers and lotions before wearing the pearl jewelry.

– While wearing pearl rings and bracelets, do not stamp your hand hard on anything or do any rigorous chores. Soft as they are, the pearls can get scratched and scuffed.

– Finally, take your precious pearl jewelry to your jeweler once in a while for an occasional cleaning and routine check. This enhances their life, keeping their glorious beauty intact.

How Do I Style My Pearl Ring?

Pearls go with most outfits. Cocktail and evening dresses, androgynous suits, or even a summer day dress looks great with a pearl ring. Even wearing jeans, pair them with a chic cardigan rather than a sweatshirt. Try to avoid abrasive clothing to keep your pearl intact. When it comes to jewelry, loud pieces clash with the softness of a pearl ring. Mix it with white diamonds and plain metals in classic or clean aesthetics. Lastly, a pearl ring looks fabulous with a good manicure. No scruffy nails, please!

How avant-garde is this little offering? For the millennial woman or Gen Z-er who wants the classic pearl with an edgy aesthetic. This perfectly round pearl, set in a 14k yellow gold open silhouette, is reminiscent of a comet’s tail. At the other end are seven sparkling diamonds weighing 0.04 carats.

This is how it feels to be wrapped in love! Stay elegant but up-to-date with this 14k white gold ring. A curved diamond halo enwraps a gorgeous pearl.

Do Pearl Rings Make Good Engagement Rings?

Well, it seems to work for Emma Stone and Michelle Williams, both of whom got engaged with a pearl ring. Does it fit in with your personal lifestyle and preference, though? On the one hand, pearls are among the rarest gems. When you commit to looking after a pearl engagement ring, it’s symbolic of how much it means to you.

If you’re looking for a pearl engagement ring, go with something that’s reasonably low-maintenance in other aspects. What better metal than yellow gold? Set in 14k gold, this beaded shank is flanked by 0.04ct of diamonds and contains a single white pearl.

Let’s get practical, though. On the Mohs scale, pearls are just 2.5-3. Compare this to diamonds, which are at 10. Even if you try very hard, it isn’t easy to chip a diamond. But one good accidental knock at your pearl ring, and chances are very high that you’ve got a damaged pearl on your hands! While we love pearl rings as a precious accessory to wear for other special occasions, they aren’t the most practical choice for an engagement ring. Not unless you’re willing to put in the extra effort towards maintaining them. If you don’t want a diamond ring and are looking for something offbeat, look into the vast pool of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other more durable gemstones.

When Should I Not Wear My Pearl Ring?

Natural pearls, also called Oriental pearls, are formed when a foreign particle enters an oyster and acts as an irritant. To protect itself, the oyster releases a fluid called nacre (also called the oyster’s tears) to cover the particle. Over time, these layers keep building on the particle, resulting in the formation of beautiful pearls. For this reference to tears, it is often suggested not to wear pearls on your wedding day. It is considered inauspicious for your happy and harmonious married life ahead.

While other precious gemstones are mostly mined, pearls form naturally within a living creature. Each pearl in its purest form is one-of-its-kind – from the rounder, silvery white freshwater pearls of lakes and rivers to Tahitian south sea pearls that boast iridescent hues like blue, black, and deep purple. The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing your pearl ring. Head to Gabriel & Co. to pick from our fine selection of this gemstone.

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