Who Should Buy a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Being a favorite with modern, independent women, rose gold engagement rings are not a transient trend, but a mainstay. The blush-colored jewelry metal is for women with a graceful personality that speaks for itself. Such women mark their distinct impression wherever they go, even without much effort.

The dazzling rosy shade of the metal gives these rings the quality to complement every skin tone. The color’s warmth beautifully accentuates the lighter to darker skin tones with warm and cool undertones. This unbiased compatibility makes rose gold engagement rings a universal favorite. If you were unaware of its composition, rose gold metal is achieved by alloying yellow gold with copper; this lends the metal its specific color and the delicate and feminine aura.

If you are reading this, you must have thought about the type of engagement ring you wish to buy. Let us help you there. If your preference is a ring with a modern design but with a vintage appeal, then rose gold rings are a fantastic choice. They are gorgeous, statement, and bear a decent appearance that most women look for in their engagement rings.

What Does a Rose Gold Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Love so strong that it blinds you! Love, not only for your partner but also for the ring you’re going to wear, treasure, and value for the rest of your life, should be absolutely blinding. Rose gold engagement rings give somewhat the same blinding feeling as you get when you look at your better half.

Rose Gold is a contemporary metal variety that numerous women across the world adore for its blush color that signifies romance and profound affection for your partner. However, there is more to the meaning of this attractive metal. While white gold is said to stand for friendship, and yellow gold for loyalty, rose gold is considered a symbol of fondness. It’s perfect for a “non-traditional”, “non-conformist” recipient as most people view rose gold as a break free from the monotony of yellow and white gold. Others believe rose gold is ideal for the most feminine wearer.

Rose Gold is a contemporary metal variety that numerous women across the world adore for its blush color that signifies romance and profound affection for your partner. However, there is more to the meaning of this attractive metal. While white gold is said to stand for friendship, and yellow gold for loyalty, rose gold is considered a symbol of fondness. It’s perfect for a “non-traditional”, “non-conformist” recipient as most people view rose gold as a break free from the monotony of yellow and white gold. Others believe rose gold is ideal for the most feminine wearer.

To delve further into the history of rose gold jewelry, let us look at how it came into existence. Rose gold, also known as Russian gold, was first introduced in early 19th century Russia by renowned jeweler Carl Faberge in his infamous Faberge Eggs. Later, during the opulent and feminine 1920 era, rose gold gained prominence in the United States and was used for crafting exquisite engagement rings and luxurious jewelry pieces. Its popularity rose when high-end jewelry designs in luscious rose gold, embellished with priceless gems and diamonds, were flaunted and turned heads among the elites.

The rose gold engagement rings became popular among the younger generation due to their stunning and singular appeal. As worthy as the rich gold metal and exuding an opulent, vintage appeal, rose gold metal conveys richness and extravagance. Rose gold would always be synonymous with flair, and luxury as its main constituent, gold, is an eternal symbol of prosperity and would remain so for generations to come.

Yellow Gold vs. Rose Gold Engagement Rings – Which are More Valuable?

Both yellow gold and rose gold are variations of gold metal with a difference in their alloy compositions; hence, to put it straight – both metals are equally valuable and worthy. Yellow gold is a classic and would never lose its worth, while rose gold is a gorgeous deviation for jewelry enthusiasts and is only growing in popularity with time. Gold in its natural 24k version is too soft to be wounded in jewelry. It is, therefore, reduced in density per carat by amalgamating it with other metals like zinc, silver, copper, and nickel.

Jewelry designs are mostly curated in 18k or 14k gold, be it yellow, white, or rose gold. An 18k gold composition, irrespective of the variant, is composed of 18 parts of pure gold (75% gold), and the rest of the six parts are alloy. Similarly, 14k gold jewelry has 14 parts pure gold (58% gold) and eight parts of an alloy. While making rose gold jewelry, the pure yellow gold is alloyed with copper in the respective ratio of the desired result – 18k or 14k rose gold.

Since copper is relatively cheaper than other alloys, rose gold jewelry is slightly (very marginally) less expensive than yellow or white gold. If you are looking to make a choice between yellow or rose gold, the price point is not a determining criterion; both the metals are equally priced and offer equivalent worth for your money.

An advantage that rose gold engagement rings have in their favor is their durability and strength. Copper is a comparatively more robust metal than the other metals that yellow gold is alloyed with, like nickel, zinc, and silver, to achieve its 14k and 18k variants. This makes rose gold engagement rings sturdy and hardwearing enough to resist everyday scratches, wear and tear, or undesired bending out of shape.

If you were wondering what gives rose gold its pinkish color and if the metal is really worth it to invest in for an engagement ring – we got you sorted on both aspects. There is no compromise on quality, and selection between the two metals is only a matter of individual preference and aesthetic inclination. Rose Gold is just as valuable as yellow gold, albeit slightly more charming and flamboyant than the latter.

Our Bestselling Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Like in a movie, do you envision yourself standing on a bridge, under the night sky, with twinkling city lights as a backdrop while your potential partner proposes to you? If yes, then you deserve your dream to be a reality! What would be more romantic than a luxe rose gold engagement ring boasting sparkling diamonds in a magnificent setting!

Now come out of your dream as we walk you through the very classy rose gold ring collection by Gabriel & Co. It’s time to pin your favorite from the below list that features the five best rose gold engagement rings of this season.

This delicate 14K Rose Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring is a piece every bride envisions to have to start their forever together. The ring features shimmering diamonds on the rose gold shank, adding to the power of the regal center diamond. Most noticeably are the rose gold prongs holding the center diamond. Their contrasting appeal adds further to the beauty.

Again, the prominent rose gold prongs capture attention in this 14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring, making it both stylish and chic. The partially hidden diamond halo framing the dazzling 2-carat emerald center stone is the highlight of this ring. The petite band setting keeps the overall vibe subtle yet sparkling. This design is becoming increasingly popular as women desire their engagement rings to be simple but a statement.

If you envision a fairytale wedding, this 14K White-Rose Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring is perfect for you. Nestled in between an intricate rose gold detailing, this Victorian-style ring is a sight to behold. The milgrain petals encasing the stunning diamond look romantic and can enlighten your whole being.

This vintage-inspired 14K Rose Gold Round Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring comes in a truly dreamy setting. The blushing beauty dusted with diamonds leaves mesmerized. The unique design is something every girl desires. The antique flare surrounding the pretty rose gold piece is truly flaunt-worthy.

Ever seen something that leaves you speechless with its beauty? Well, this 14K Rose Gold Floral Round Diamond Engagement Ring is one piece that makes you gasp. The intricately carved floral motif pattern comes with polished twisting vines accentuated with blazing diamonds. The delicate cathedral-style shank gives it a unique look that compliments your partner’s personality.

Is Rose Gold Too Soft for An Engagement Ring?

Rose gold engagement rings are quite durable, better than white or yellow gold, but lesser than platinum. Yellow gold on its own is extremely soft, whereas white gold is only significantly stronger. White gold needs a rhodium plating that needs frequent repolishing to keep its exterior resilient. Rose gold, on the other hand, requires no metal plating; the inclusion of copper in the alloy makes it inherently heavier and tougher. Simply put, other gold designs might need an external plating to have the same level of durability as rose gold.

Which Is Better for an Engagement Ring – 14K or 18K Rose Gold?

Both variants differ in their constituency. While 18k rose gold has six parts of other alloys (majorly copper with some silver), 14k rose gold has eight. There is a dichotomy of sorts in choosing between these two metals. While 18k rose gold is a purer form of metal gold, consisting of 18 parts gold, the 14k rose gold is more durable and blush in its appearance because of the higher percentage of copper alloy. So, while making the selection, if you prefer a more pinkish feminine hue, opt for the 14k rose gold ring, and for a more subtle, neutral appearance, not inclining too much to a feminine vibe, choose the 18 rose gold variant.

Can a Rose Gold Engagement Ring be Worn Every Day?

Rose gold metal is only delicate in its appearance; it is quite tough otherwise. Just like women – elegant in their demeanor but pretty resilient and strong-willed on the inside. Rose Gold engagement rings are perfect to be worn daily. They are strong enough because of their composition and need no additional plating. The metal does not corrode with time, and jewelry lovers adore its distinctive tone that can be styled with almost any look.

While wearing a rose gold ring, ensure not to pair it with other harder metal rings like platinum, titanium, tungsten carbide, or palladium. All of these are more rigid than rose gold and may cause scratches on the soft metal.

Rose gold can be a nice alternative to more dramatic hues because of its delicate dusky pink shade and less shiny exterior than yellow gold. Many now view rose gold as a neutral color, and the stunning rose gold engagement rings go well with almost all outfits.

Rose gold engagement rings can be crafted with diamonds of any shape and size. Rose gold rings come in gorgeous and delicate designs ranging from high to medium prices. Whether it’s a solitaire, three-stone, pavé, or any other setting, rose gold will look magnificent with everything. Skim through the finest collection of rose gold jewelry at Gabriel & Co. to get your hands on a classic masterpiece.

The rose gold trend is here to stay! Most people view rose gold as a fresh, neutral tone, still retaining an old-school vintage charm. The beauty of the metal highlights even more with sparkling diamonds and colorful gemstones, and different ring settings bring out the striking exuberance of the metal even further. Many celebrities and popular icons are seen wearing rose gold rings, which makes it the town’s talk. The lovely and stunning Blake Lively, Alison Brie, Taraji P. Henson, and Leighton Meester are among the few celebrity brides with blush-gold engagement rings on their left ring fingers.

Another reason rose gold jewelry is a trend is that it goes with almost everything. From a little black dress to a floral summer print, styling gold jewelry with any outfit from your wardrobe is never a challenging task. You can also wear your previous collection of yellow and white gold rings with rose gold as they all complement each other so brilliantly.

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Timeless?

Rose gold rings have become more and more sought after with time. There’s something unbeatable about rose gold jewelry, from its warm flair to its everlasting glitter, which makes it timeless.

It requires special skill and passion to design a ring that symbolizes someone’s love. The jewelry designers and craftsmen at Gabriel & Co. work meticulously to offer you the best. Discover a glaring variety of awe-striking rose gold engagement ring designs at Gabriel & Co.’s website and the retail stores. If you like a particular engagement ring design in yellow or white gold, we can customize it in rose gold metal. Well, we love spoiling you for choice!

As people’s confidence has risen, rose gold has gained steadily in popularity and is now a renowned competitor to platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. The craze for the metal is only soaring upwards from here.

What Skin Tone Looks Best with Rose Gold?

Rose Gold is one of the warmest metal hues that are still neutral and subtle without overpowering the wearer. The shade looks good on all skin tones, from lighter to the darker spectrum; rather, it enhances the warmth of your color. Whether you have a pinkish, pale, or blue undertone, rose gold jewelry looks equally ravishing on all. While yellow has a slightly overwhelming appeal, and the color registers its own presence, white gold is pretty understated. If you want your jewelry to add a tinge of its own hue, prominently grab attention, yet merge well with your skin color, then rose gold is a wonderful choice. Rose Gold engagement rings stand out for their gorgeous, romantic color but do not take away from your natural skin’s glow.

Does Rose Gold Fade Quickly?

Rose Gold is a classy and superior metal in every respect. Made of pure metals (gold and copper), rose gold jewelry does not tarnish with time at all. Neither does it fade nor lose its luster. Even with everyday wear, the beauty of rose gold engagement rings does not diminish or remains intact.

While white gold bears a rhodium plating that needs to be re-done after a time interval, rose gold jewelry calls for no such hassle. However, as with all other jewelry pieces, it is suggested to clean and wipe the dirt off the metal occasionally. This keeps its sparkling brilliance intact. You may do it at home with a clean cloth or give it to a jewelry retailer for professional cleaning.


Rose gold skillfully treads the line between classic and contemporary; it has a certain “off-beat” vibe that makes it unconventional yet retains that old-world charm that makes it so desirable. It is the perfect engagement ring for people who stand out with their choices without going too far or being too brave. Gabriel & Co. believes in the profoundness of romance and the meaning of forever, and every ring design here reflects that ethos. If you are looking for a ring to wear and cherish for your lifetime and then pass it down as a family heirloom, look no further. Gabriel & Co’s selection of rose gold engagement rings has a design to suit every preference. Discover your favorite ring that appeals the most to you. Well, don’t they say, “What you are seeking, is already also seeking you!”

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