10 Beautiful Designs of Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop Earrings

Whether on the red carpet, in fashion magazines, or merely grabbing their coffee while the paparazzi chase them relentlessly, many celebs have been spotted wearing teardrop earrings recently. Zendaya, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Penelope Cruz, and many more Hollywood celebs seem to like the chic teardrop earrings. Seeing these amazing women adorning the quirky yet sophisticated piece of jewelry sparks a certain intrigue among us to follow the same trend. It urges you to wear something similar to the influencers, right? Don’t worry; we understand that the itch to follow every trend is hard to scratch! This is why we are here with some stunning teardrop earring designs that will surely make you get one for yourself or a close one. But before we dive further into the breathtaking and chic teardrop earrings by Gabriel & Co., let us first acquaint you with why teardrop earrings are simple yet impactful jewelry for urbane women.

Teardrop Earrings – A Fashion Statement

The beauty of teardrop earrings lies in their design and overall look. The way the perfect drop dangles from your ears gives you a sensuous and feminine look. For the fashion-forward women of today, who like to play around with a new look each day, a versatile pair of teardrop earrings is a must-have.

From classic to modern, teardrop earrings can be used to accessorize an entire ensemble of looks. A well-selected pair flawlessly complements all your styles and easily transitions from day to night. Experts believe that a fitting design of teardrop earrings frames your face beautifully and even makes your neck appear longer and slender! With these, you can add simple elegance or glitzy dazzle to your whole outfit in a jiffy, with equal ease!

1. EG12201W45JJ

The pavé 14K white gold diamond droplet earring set is a fine example of versatile jewelry that is great to wear to work and for those instant drinks plans for post-work! The white gold beauty exudes classy and stylish vibes in equal amounts. Pair it with a power pantsuit when you mean business and with a sexy satin dress when you mean all fun.

2. EG13802M45JJ

Accessories have the power to create or break a look. They divert attention away from areas you don’t like and highlight the features you love more. For instance, these 14k yellow-white gold diamond Huggies with proceeding teardrop-shaped rows give an illusion of a swanlike or elongated neck. The pavé diamonds meticulously placed around the middle row enhance the unique and opulent design. For someone who likes subtlety and sophistication amalgamated in equal parts, this pair is for you!

3. EG14557SVJJJ

Are you tired of finding yourself wearing the same old studs and calling it a day? We hear you if the answer is yes, and so do these classic teardrop or dangle earrings. These stunning pear-shaped sterling silver multi-row open lever back earrings are for the woman with a vibrant and playful personality. Take them from the weekend get-together-fun vibes to the Monday morning – all work, no distraction mood. Got a tough day ahead of you? Get your hands on these delightful earrings to make a pretty picture while you make it through the day like a boss woman, poised as a lady.

How to Style Teardrop Earrings?

The classic drop earrings have been a staple choice for women for ages. Invest some thought and effort in styling your earrings with the right outfit to bring their breathtaking beauty to the fore. Teardrop earrings can feature various gemstones brimming with brilliant colors, bright artwork, and gorgeous designs. If you want your earrings to be the point of attention, then do not wear any other jewelry piece like bracelets or necklaces. Tie your hair up to let your earrings be visible more prominently. With such a striking silhouette of these earrings, wear a bolder lip in red or any darker hue that makes the whole look stunning. Never go wrong with your style game with a teardrop earring at your disposal.

4. EG14693SVJJJ

Wear these sterling silver earrings with an off-shoulder dress or top for a vivacious, youthful vibe. Pose a graceful figure and let the feminine side of you outshine.

5. EG14474Y4JJJ

We love the summer shine and vibrance but equally look forward to the fall-winter romanticism and warmth. Not only with summer dresses, but these versatile yellow gold Bujukan fashion drop earrings are lovely to pair with neutral-colored coats and jumpers.

6. EG14617Y45JJ

What better way to embellish an elegant evening gown than a pair of diamond teardrop stud earrings? Statement earrings are again raging in trend as celebs are often seen adorning exquisite teardrop earrings on the red carpet and movie premiers. The delicate design of these yellow gold diamond Bujukan stud earrings seems minimal but is a complete head turner for its beauty, indeed!

7. EG14202W45JJ

If you are not into flashy accessories or anything that shouts “trying too hard”, then these classic teardrop earrings are for you! Pair them with the trending satin pleated skirts or turtlenecks to enhance the minimal exquisiteness of this piece.

8. EG14473Y4JJJ

Jazz up the ladylike grace and charm by adding these dainty yellow gold Bujukan drop earrings. Pair it with a deep V-neck dress as it will help emphasize your neck in the most sensuous way. 

9. EG13978M45JJ

Who says traditional stud earrings are not for cocktail parties or fun night outs? We are all for fusion dressing and wearing your individuality up your sleeve. These white gold beaded frame diamond teardrop studs are quite a statement piece for all the bold and unapologetic women out there. Pair them with a flowy dress for an effortless look or even with a power suit to pull off a contrasting aesthetic.

10. EG13645Y45JJ

Add an extra sparkle to your outfit with these intricate cluster teardrop leverback diamond earrings created in 14k yellow gold. The sharp design and diamond bling perfectly elevate your daily looks with glamour and style.

The minimalist look has more ardent followers now than ever before. Women like to dress up, albeit exuding a very “efforted” vibe. Teardrop earrings are great to add that elegance without being gaudy or over-the-top. Take inspiration from leading fashionistas, influencers, and celebrities alike, and include a pair of versatile teardrop earrings in your jewelry collection. Shop at Gabriel & Co. for stunning designs.

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